Do you have an awesome talent in graphic designing? How about aspiring to make your online magazine? If your answer is yes, then this blog might be your answered prayer.

Graphic designing has become massive these past years. Many professionals have gained a satisfying career in graphic design, specifically when many businesses are going digital. Companies are looking for individuals with outstanding creativity and the potential to be a part of their team in conquering the world. With these, many graphic designers are eager to strengthen their online presence and showcase what they’ve got to get the job they want. One of the best ways they could do this is by creating your design magazines.

We listed below our top five best design magazines to help you get a better view of what the world's leading design magazines look like.


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1. Eye

2. Form

3. Slanted

4. Novum

5. Disegno

Take a good look and examine these best design magazines and use them as your inspiration in creating your own online. Who knows, you might be the next one in line to own the title of becoming among the world’s best design magazines. Sounds awesome, right?

Top Graphic Design Magazines to Inspire You


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1. Eye

Eye is among the top online design magazines notable for its intuitive and authoritative coverage of design content worldwide. They published quarterly in the UK. Eye is also an online magazine filled with helpful resources and inspirational features every online reader could enjoy. Their top graphic design magazines contain awesome pages filled with in-depth articles on design, writing, critiques, analysis, opinion sections, history, interviews with renowned personalities, and many more. Its 100th magazine issue featured a jaw-dropping snapshot of the modern-day visual culture, along with the contributions of respected designers like Jessica Walsh, Michael Beirut, Richard Turley, and Kate Moross. They are among the best graphic design magazines and have a reliable team that completed their final production stage during the lockdown brought by the ongoing pandemic.

2. Form

Form is among Germany-based design magazines known for being world-leading publications. It is among the best design magazines established in 1957 and includes a vast scope of topics dealing with different products, designs, and communication. Form design magazines have become popular internationally because of their exciting and inspirational article features for readers of all ages. This online magazine creates content and features for architects, designers, students, teachers, and more. Form magazine also features spectacular occasions, exhibits, lectures, trade fairs, conferences, festivals, competitions, and even workshops. They are also among the top graphic design magazines which publish their design magazines issue in multi-language, and in their case, German and English. Form design magazines also offer subscriptions for their online customers.

3. Slanted

Debuted in 2004, Slanted design magazine is one of the newest online design journals. But, despite being new in the world of online magazines, they have already established a good name. This best graphic design magazine has already gained over 300 pages for its issues published twice a year in Germany. They feature unique country-based themes which have the power to take their readers virtually to various countries like Prague, Tokyo, Dubai, and Rwanda, giving them a glimpse of the fascinating local life there. Slanted design magazines also feature bilingual content, boasting their upcoming online magazine issue filled with in-depth content features. They are also among the top graphic design magazines which operate a publishing house for their arts and design books and their design magazines blog website.

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4. Novum

Novum is considered among the oldest Germany-based online magazines, founded in 1924. They are known as one of the most influential graphic design magazines, popular in many countries around the globe. Novum has created its magazine signature approach–achieving diversity through devoting each design magazine to every unique theme from the design world. They have notably used specific design niches, color scheme, material groups, and even simple objects. Novum is known for having the best graphic design magazines style that aims to use anything which can provoke a designer’s imagination the moment they set their eyes on it. Some of their previous issues feature themes showcasing typographies, visual identities, creative papers, black and white, editorials, posters, handmade crafts, illustrations, gold, and so on. Novum design magazines also offer subscription plans to their online visitors if they wish to be regular readers.

5. Disegno

Disegno is among the well-known UK-based top graphic design magazines distributing copies worldwide. They are a virtual magazine that is dedicated to bringing extensive and independent reporting on topics like design, architecture, and fashion. Disegno design magazines publish their works in April, June, September, and November four times a year. They are among the top graphic design magazines which feature topics including fashion, architecture, design, graphics, urbanism, and modern technology. For every issue they release, they focus on a variety of extensive reports, reviews, critical discussions, profiles, commentaries, analyses, and other content related to design. Disegno also features an awesome design magazines event calendar and podcasts online supporters can follow on their website. This best graphic design magazine offers individual and annual subscription plans for its online readers globally in both digital and printed versions.

Create The Best Graphic Design Magazine With Us

Now that we’re done introducing you to some of the best design magazines in the world, it's now the right time for the highlight of this blog. In this section, we will share some awesome tips and tricks on how you can easily create your design magazines with the best website building partner you could have–our Strikingly team!


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1. Show it Off With Your Cover Designs

Cover image designs are one of the essential parts present among top graphic design magazines. It introduces what online readers could expect from your design magazines as they browse it. Creating your best graphic design magazines is crucial to making your cover page strikingly and eye-pleasing to make readers anticipate more. It must have that immediate impact the moment your audience lays their eyes on it. It must be able to get your visitors hooked and curious about what you can show them as one of the top graphic design websites ever existed. One important thing you need to understand about making your cover page is that its outcome can define how many readers you will gain. The more striking your cover page is, the higher the chance you’ll get an audience to read whatever is inside your design magazines.

Here at Strikingly, we ensure that our users can easily create a striking impression on their audience. With our awesome features, you can easily create your own design magazine website even without experience with website building. Aside from our awesome banner images option, you also get the freedom to customize your blog preview image and blog cover page with us. Our intuitive web editor also helps create more interesting design magazines by detecting faces on your image and making it fit your cover page. What a smart way to enhance a design magazine, right?

2. Pick Your Theme

After the cover page, your design magazines templates are another crucial part you should note. It may not seem like it, but many online visitors are observant of the themes and templates a website they visit possesses. Many instantly develop interest in design magazines with astonishing website themes. While if the website’s template is boring, they’ll tend to lose interest and immediately leave the website. You wouldn’t want to experience that, right? To save yourself from poor website layout, take your time in picking the right website building partner. Here at Strikingly, we ensure that we only create awesome and well-designed graphic design magazines. Our wide collection of designer-made templates enables our users to pick their most desired website themes. Each of our intuitive website themes is packed with elements and features you can set up no matter how you want it. The best thing about them? They’re free! You can customize how much you want and change its styles easily.

To help you better create an awesome website layout, you can use these checklists we made of the essential design magazines feature you should never miss.

  • Color palette

Best to choose one to three CMYK colors for your website layout and use them consistently as much as possible.

  • Typography

As much as you can, avoid using different typefaces, font line weights, and sizes.

  • Shapes and Graphic Designs

When using shapes and graphical elements on your design magazines, use the same shapes and image borders all throughout your website to keep it neat yet elegant.

  • Background Color

Background colors can be more interesting if you use an appropriate color scheme. You can use your own logo’s color scheme if you want to make it look more professional.

3. Continuously Improve Your Contents Page

Consistency is the most crucial part in making your design magazines. You might not know it but many online readers are fond of checking their favorite blog sites. They like to observe how much effort these websites put in to give their users the best performance. By creating your design magazines with us here in Strikingly, you can easily track how your website is performing online. You can use our built-in analytics and get a better view of how many visitors have explored your website. By understanding how website analytics work, you can easily spot which parts of your graphic design magazines gain the highest attention and which require more improvement. Aside from these, you can easily add more sections to your website page to make them more functional and exciting towards your customer’s eye.

Working on a website for your design magazines is much easier if you know who to work with. You don’t have to worry about anything as long as you have the best graphic design magazine idea, the perseverance and the right partner—just like Strikingly.

If you want to know more about website building, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.