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You don’t need all the time in the world to know the top TikTok trends these days because we have sorted them for you in this article. Also, you can get some tips on how to use these popular TikTok trends to promote your personal and business brand online. Because of the content creators’ creativity, we are introduced to a more diverse, entertaining, and informative way to use social media apps. The viral TikTok trends are just proof of how talented and resourceful people can be in presenting their ideas to the world. Most of these content creators are bold enough to experiment with new ideas. But, some simply pick up on what is trending on TikTok or other social media platforms. Whether you’ve got a fresh idea or you want to showcase your own version of the latest TikTok trends, all you need to do is do proper research on what is up these days. As we share with you the popular TikTok trends, you will discover new tricks and give you tips on how to execute these trends. There is no wonder why most people say it’s more fun and entertaining with TikTok compared to other social media platforms because you can do anything on the app – sing, dance, play, and even upload funny memes on your Zoom meeting. Let us see how it works and how these popular trends influence online users. These viral TikTok trends can help boost your creativity and show you how to get the attention of your target audience.

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10 Top TikTok Trends This 2022

  1. Picture Trend
  2. Longer Videos
  3. Episodic Contents
  4. Song & Music Covers
  5. Brand & Marketing Contents
  6. Online Tutorials
  7. Behind-the-Scenes Footages
  8. Celebrities’ TikTok Trends
  9. Hashtag Memes
  10. Make-Over or Transformation Content

1. Picture Trend

This is one of the popular TikTok trends commonly used and doesn’t get old. It is simple and easy to present a video trend in which you put a series of pictures of yourself. Sometimes, it can be about ‘before and after’ transformation, a mini make-over at home, and the likes. The most important thing about this kind of content is putting together high-resolution images. It doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer, but you get good-quality pictures. After all, you are showcasing your photographs and hope for your audience to love it. So there, some might show off some skin, a contagious smile, or you can have a picture of you walking away or appearing to be holding someone’s hand. It just gives a dramatic or romantic hint to your post. The younger generation has been very creative in taking their photos, so photography is still one of the top TikTok trends.

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2. Longer Video Contents

Even before the pandemic, TikTok has been getting its popularity and other social media platforms. However, during the pandemic, there was a dramatic increase in download and use of the application. It could be because people are stuck at home and have ample time to discover the app properly. Moreover, the viral TikTok trends have become more acceptable for all age groups. Young and old are posting longer videos about their daily life activities. Some share health and fitness tips, cook-off challenges, and anything worth sharing with their audiences. It could be because most people are stuck at home during a pandemic. Connecting with friends and relatives is by posting videos on TikTok. While many people are amazingly gaining popularity and trending on TikTok, others simply enjoy watching and following viral TikTok trends.

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3. Episodic Content

It’s not only on movie apps like Netflix that we encounter episodic content. Even a social media app can be a perfect platform to produce episodic content and become one of the top TikTok trends these days.
The most common video length on TikTok is limited to fifteen seconds. It has been maxed out to sixty. Given the limited time for video content, creators are using episodic content in which they make a series of videos that goes after the other. It has become one of the popular TikTok trends because people are eager to see what happens next. There is a combination of suspense and surprise emotion when creating episodic content. You must ensure that you have arranged each content in order so that it won't cause confusion.
This can be a great opportunity for business owners if you want to raise brand awareness. You can use episodic content to show the progress of a current project, launch a series of products, or showcase your creations if you are an artist. Indeed, these top TikTok trends are not only for fun but profitable, indeed.

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4. Song & Music Covers

If you have watched BTS or Coldplay song covers lately, song and album covers are popular TikTok trends these days. Not to mention that the TikTok app is known to give you a variety of choices when it comes to background music. The use of music has been creatively entertaining, from lip syncs to actual performances. If you loved the song Savage Love from early 2020 up to 2021, you could be one of the million users who have used it as a music background.

Song and music covers have been one of the most popular TikTok trends up until these days. The use of song and music covers can also be beneficial to business owners because they can catch the attention of their target customers with their chosen music. You must always give credit to the singer or composer of the music to avoid copyright infringement issues.

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5. Brand & Marketing Contents

UGC or User-generated content is one of the most popular TikTok trends in business brand and marketing ideas. It is any content that fans and customers create for a brand. Videos are a powerful way to promote your brand online. This is an organic way of increasing brand awareness where viewers or followers can be potential customers.

On the other hand, it is challenging for business owners to think of fresh ideas for their content. Collaboration with your customers can be a great and effective way to promote a particular product online. Users creating video content for the product can be brand advocates, too. They can encourage their followers to share content and even try the product for themselves. Collaborations and partnership have become among the top TikTok trends for small businesses and the eCommerce industry.

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6. Online Tutorials

One of the most informative TikTok trends is online tutorial content. It can be in episodes like what we have mentioned earlier. Online tutorials can tackle so many topics such as academic, culinary, gardening, home improvement, artworks, and even making handicrafts. As a content creator, you just need to be creative in executing these online tutorials to get your target audience’s attention on your posts. You can also create Q&A content that will best explain the process of making something. Online tutorials have been popular on YouTube or other social media platforms because everyone is eager to learn something new. If you have a talent that you want to share – go create one now, or you can start your own website with Strikingly.

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7. Behind-the-Scenes Footage

If you are a content creator, a videographer, an architect, or someone who’s making something great, try sharing behind-the-scenes footage of your work. Your audiences are dying to know the hows and whys of your projects. Popular TikTok trends are usually about a prominent person’s whereabouts. It could be about lifestyle, places, hangouts, or the project in progress itself. People want to know how you were able to build or create such fascinating work, and they also want to learn bits of information about the other side of you – whatever it is that they’re fond of about you.

8. Celebrities’ TikTok Trends

Celebrities are now heading and trending on TikTok. This is the best way to connect with their fans, especially if they are younger stars. Before fame, most of these celebrities have their social media or TikTok accounts set up. The more famous the celebrity becomes, the more followers they get. During the pandemic, most celebrities and film directors were unable to work on projects. The best way to update fans about the latest happenings in their life is to get on top of TikTok trends. It simply paves the way in terms of restrictions because celebrities can still entertain their fans virtually.

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9. Hashtag Memes

Hashtag memes are still one of the best and most popular TikTok trends these days. Ever since the word trending hits the online community, hashtag memes have made their way to the top as well. You can never go wrong with hashtag memes, from funny photo memes to short video clips called GIFs. Imagine some of the virtual meeting memes going viral? There is a meme about an officemate's reaction to the boss’s memo about productivity or attending a meeting with corporate attire on top but wearing pajamas instead of slacks. These things can make people laugh, while some may relate to the situation. One of the popular TikTok trends is the work-from-home arrangement. Content creators are simply amazing when it comes to entertainment and fresh ideas.

10. Hashtag Challenges

What on Earth with these hashtag challenges has become so viral? Remember the ice bucket challenge? If it gives you the chill, why not try the Vogue challenge or something? Accepting challenges has been one of the viral TikTok trends. People are absolutely so into it. Online users pick up the challenges to showcase their ability and strength, only proving their sense of responsibility and courage. Other content creators use hashtag challenges to raise money for their chosen charities. And this is actually an excellent opportunity to help the people in need while you give some entertainment.

Final Thoughts

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What are our takeaways about the popular TikTok trends these days? Well, you certainly have the best options or platforms online to showcase yourself or your business. When you create one of these top TikTok trends, the most important thing is that you are aware of your goals and ready for the outcomes. If you are a business owner or an individual wanting to share valuable insights on TikTok, make sure you do proper research about your target audiences. Most importantly, build a pillar for your brand, a website, that your followers can see more and know more about you and your business.