Creating websites has become much simpler with the help of website builders. With the use of website templates free download for apps and other features, it’s possible to create fully-functional and beautiful websites without learning how to write code. Many argue that using pre-designed site templates run the risk of ending up with a generic looking website.


As an internet company, Strikingly aims to empower individuals, small businesses and startups by providing a platform where they can build unique looking websites out of modern websites templates. With its regularly updated app store and through HTML editing features, users can also add more features to their selected website layout template.

Whether you’re building a business website or a personal portfolio, you want to add these features to your online space to attract and engage your target audience.

Informative homepage

Your homepage is where you make a first impression to your visitors so you want to make sure it is well built. We recommend that you start with a banner that gives users an overview of what your site is about. Business sites use this section to contain their elevator pitch and to encourage visitors to interact with the website through a call to action.

Edit your Strikingly website layout template banner and play around with different ways of arranging your content on this section. You can also add your own images and/or video backgrounds to make this section more engaging.


One of the best ways to update your website regularly is by starting a blog. Add the Simple Blog section to Strikingly’s web template HTML5 to extend the features of your single-page site and add more space for content. Strikingly’s blog section features an intuitive blog editor so you can focus on writing and less on coding and design. You can also add videos and images to your posts make your content easier to read.


Whether you’re selling anything through your website or you’re inviting people to subscribe to your newsletter, your site benefits a lot from having an SSL certificate. SSL encrypts communication between users and the website so that third-party apps will not be able to easily ‘listen in’ on this conversation. It puts your users at ease that their information is kept secure when transacting through your site. Building from the Strikingly website template free users from having to worry about obtaining separate security for their site. All websites built from the platform have the option to enable SSL for free.

Social media integration


Here at Strikingly, we understand how important it is for brands to have a cohesive online presence. To organize and keep your content easily accessible across all platforms, we provide ways for you to integrate your social media pages with your website. Add social media buttons to your websites templates so visitors can easily follow you and your social media content. Some brands even customize their social media buttons to have some level of control over which networks users can share their content.


Visitors tend to come in with a lot of questions about your business, products or services. Collating all these questions and devoting a section on your site to answering them will improve the user experience on your website. It makes common information more accessible to visitors, making everything they want to find out about your brand available on your site. FAQs can revolve around product usage, company history, sizing guide for apparel stores and cancellation policies.

What you don’t need

While it’s good that you want to build a positive user experience by putting lots of features on your website, adding way too much can also be bad. For instance, you don’t necessarily have to add music or flash to your website especially if your branding does not call for it. Autoplay features can also affect the user experience. Keeping things simple and lightweight would make your site load faster so stick to the features you are sure your users will appreciate.