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If you want to make a name for yourself, you have to step up your game in the digital world. It takes years of hard work to create a solid reputation in the world of virtual reality, but it only takes seconds for you to ruin it all. If you are an artist, you can build a tattoo website to showcase your progress.

If you are a tattoo specialist, you may need a website to showcase your sketches, drawings, and pictures to make the digital world know about your presence. Nowadays, there is a divide between artists with the way they want to show their work. Some people believe that face-to-face interaction is ideal to grow the audience. However, some people fancy the idea of an online portfolio in this regard.

Strategies for a High-quality Website for Tattoos

The artists of tattoos may have to do a lot of hard work to get their craft in order. They are the kind of artists that use their skin as canvas and utilize their skills to attract the audience. A talented artist will go a long way, but if he/she has a website to show his/her credentials, nothing is better than that. Strikingly enables you to identify the right set of tools to market your products online and make them public to the audience. Below, we have shared the key strategies for making a top-quality website for tattoos.

1. Make a Business Plan

A website is built based on the appropriate logo, objective, and branding. If you want effective content on your tattoo website, you must create an effective business plan for your platform. You must highlight your objectives for the website.

As a tattoo artist, there will be numerous questions going in your head. For example, Should I put all of my credentials in the gallery section? If I am making a business website, should I add proper descriptions to my website? What should be the call-to-action (CTA) for my visitors?

To answer all of those questions, you must map out your goals, which makes you able to create the best content regarding your business plan.

2. Recognize your Market

If you look into the best tattoo websites globally, all of them have an identified market. Its content creates a connection between them and their audience, making it easy to understand their audience’s demands. Therefore, they have healthy customer feedback.

For a tattoo artist portfolio, it is important to know about your audience, concepts, and whether you are part of advocacy to make a change. You can consider a group of individuals with whom you can divide your work tasks or share ideas. The network of your group becomes stronger once your website starts gaining attention.

3. Create your Portfolio Website

create portfolio website

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A website is an ideal way to showcase your online portfolio. Strikingly features templates for a tattoo website that enables you to create a gallery section to display your work. As an artist, you must work to ensure that your work gains spotlight all the time. Even though it is better to add all the tattoo projects you have done, we recommend you select the best ones that can generate the most clicks on your platform.

4. Make a Story in your Blog

When you build a tattoo website, not everything is about the gallery section. There should also be special attention paid to the blog section. You can update your audience about the new innovations you have added to your website. Moreover, you can also share hints with them about the images you are going to upload. By creating hype about your work, you can generate an audience on your platform.

story with blog

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Blogs are a powerful asset to interact with the audience. It will not just attract new visitors to your platform, but also help you retain the current ones. You can write articles on different topics, such as “First experience regarding tattoos”, “Tips and Tricks”, “How To Do”, etc.

5. Use Top-Quality Images

In a tattoo portfolio, it is all about having good website images in your gallery section. If your photographs aren’t great, not even the best blogs in the world can save your tattoo website. High-quality images enable the audience to understand your designs better and give a professional look to your website.

using great images

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You won’t be doing justice to your work or your audience if you add blurry images or poorly-defined images on your platform. If you cannot justify your work properly, it will result in you losing the audience’s trust.

Strikingly has done a lot of hard work to guide its users about the best image format regarding a tattoo platform. You don’t need to have a professional degree to create a website for tattoos. All you need to do is go through our beginner guides, which will allow you to build a website.

6. Integrate Social Media Pages

Nowadays, every platform with a high reputation has a great social media team as part of their working plans. If your tattoo website has social media integration, you can add social pages to generate effective traffic. Similarly, your social media handling team enables the users to become part of your social media network. Moreover, they will be aware of the daily happenings regarding your business.

social media pages

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Most tattoo artists update about their business on Instagram or Twitter. Strikingly enables you to create a social stream section that gives updates about your platform the same way as your social media pages do. Actually, this is the best way when it comes to promoting your tattoo platform. Nowadays, people spend more time on their social media accounts than they do on the front end.

7. Collaboration

When you build a tattoo website, it is important to respect your competitors and other website holders the same way you respect your work. Moreover, there are ways in which you can ensure collaboration with them. However, you must make sure not to limit your work tasks when collaborating with other websites.

When collaborating, you can look into the designs and crafts of other artists. This will give you a much clearer idea about the kind of work that you must do to improve your website. Furthermore, it will also enable you to effectively understand the content you must share with your audience. The tattoo illustrator platforms can work at the maximum capacity if you have experienced illustrators at your disposal, just as we see with the illustrator websites created on Strikingly.

8. Visualize your Website’s Performance

Once you have launched your tattoo website, it is important to take care of it. You cannot just create your website and feel like you are at the peak of your powers. The most difficult thing about a website is to maintain it properly. Therefore, you must be aware of your website’s performance and analytics.

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You consider the tips and tricks regarding website speed optimization to visualize your platform’s performance. Strikingly has an effective website analytics tool that makes you aware of the audience that is visiting on your platform. It also makes you aware of the visitors that you can retain.

However, if you want deep analysis about incoming visitors and the platforms that refer traffic to your website, you can set up Google Analytics. If your website performance isn’t sufficient enough, it also has an impact on your tattoo portfolio.

How to Create a Website for Tattoos with Strikingly?

Strikingly is a well-established website builder that enables you to create a tattoo website for yourself. First of all, you can get yourself registered on our platform. After that, you can have a look at some of our templates that match your requirements. Once you choose the template, you can customize it as per your required tattoo portfolio.

using great images

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You can consider the effective layout designs and the background color to make your website user-friendly for your respective customers. Then, you can head over to the gallery section, where you can upload your sketches, drawings, and photographs. The best thing about the gallery section is that you can easily zoom into the pictures when you click on the thumbnail. You can also highlight the section to ensure that your customers know about its importance.

Speaking of importance, a custom forum is another thing that is a priority for a tattoo website. With it, you can check out the responses in your Audience List. On the website editor, you click on ‘Custom Form’ enabling you to create your desired form. You must know that customers are a huge part of your website. Therefore, you must add a custom form. For example, you can write “Get in touch with us” on your customs form.

Strikingly has made it very easy for freelancers and artists around the world to create a portfolio website. It won’t take a long time to build a website, nor do you require a professional degree to be considered eligible in creating them. Therefore, you must realize that your preferred website is just a few clicks away.