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You need to step up to get noticed. Many tattoo artists are being known because of their clients. The word of mouth is a powerful way to grow their audience. But, many artists have discovered that creating an online portfolio is the best way to showcase their talents. Your own website is an open window to show and share your expertise with the world. It is a glimpse of your unique concepts that is most likely to get traffic on your gallery page. There are so many ways to create a website that will stand out among others, but it is important to know the basics first before you jump into more complex ideas. We’re talking about tattoo idea websites that will surely make a huge impact to your target audience.

Tattoo artists go through a good amount of training to perfect their craft. They are artists with skin as their canvas and capitalize on their skills and craftsmanship to attract customers. Raw talent can get you places but having a well-built good tattoo website never hurt. Strikingly equips you with the right kind of tools to market your talent online and make it well known to a wider audience. Here are a few tips on how to get started.

Palm tattoo design

1. Create a business plan

A website starts with the right logo, branding and objectives. Creating a business plan that provides a basis for your tattoo website’s content and design direction. Identify your objectives for creating your site. Is it going to be a gallery of your works? Is it going to be a business site, providing proper descriptions of your services? What do you want your visitors to do on your site? Clearly mapping out your goals for your website helps you create the right kind of content that supports your business goals.

2. Identify your market

The best tattoo websites have a clearly identified market. Its content is created to directly speak to this audience and cater to its needs. Who is your target market? Even the tattoo art industry is divided into smaller niches. Do you cater to a specific group of enthusiasts?

It is important, as a tattoo artist, that you know who your target audience is, what your ideal concepts are, and whether you are into some kind of advocacy to create change. Many artists are involved in social and environmental drives to use their skills as a way to influence other people. Choose a group of individuals whom you can work with or share with your ideas. Your network grows as your advocacy is getting noticed. For instance, you can participate with other tattoo artists who are supporting charity works, conducting workshops, and sharing their talents to aspiring tattoo artists. This is a great way to connect.

3. Build your own tattoo portfolio website

Your website is a good place to house your online portfolio. Strikingly features tattoo website templates that let you add a gallery section to your site to showcase your best work. As an artist, your work is a testimony of your talent so you want to highlight it as much as you can. While it might be tempting to create a very extensive exhibit of your tattoo projects, we recommend that you select just a few of the most striking ones you’ve ever done.

Moreover, building your own tattoo portfolio website gives a professional impression to your clients. This is a new trend that most people are getting used to. Most tattoo artists are known online because of their skills. You can create one with Strikingly in just a few minutes.

4. Tell a story with a blog

You cannot put all your work in the gallery, but you can add a blog section to your websites for tattoos design and use this as a way to update your site of new designs that you have done. Use the blog to tell stories behind your recent designs and add accompanying images to make your posts engaging.

Blogs create a powerful magnet to engage with your viewers. It will also take new visitors on your website, especially when you add how-to blogs, tips and tricks about getting their first tattoo, or simply giving them fresh ideas on what is the perfect tattoo design for their personality. Sound like a pro with your tattoo ideas. It’s the first thing other websites put into highlight because it results in a huge traffic on their stats.

Add blog content Screenshot image from Ashmith website

5. Use high quality images

High quality visuals are important to successful tattoo website designs. Great images give the user a deeper look into your tattoo designs and make your site look professional and reliable in general. You’re not doing your beautiful work justice if you use pixelated and blurry images to showcase them.

Arm cat tattoo Image taken from HX Tattoo Shop gallery

Strikingly has put so much effort in guiding its users with the best image format for websites. You don’t need to dig into the technical aspects because we've created a handful of beginners' guides on how to build your own website.

6. Add your social media pages

Social media icon section Screenshot image from HX Tattoo Shop website

If you have attracted a significant following on social media, adding your social pages to your website lets you leverage on this following to direct traffic to your website. Conversely, your social media buttons on your site helps encourage users to be part of your social network and stay updated with what’s going on in your business. Many tattoo artists tend to update their Instagram or Facebook pages a whole lot more than they do their websites. Strikingly lets you add a social stream section to your website so your site also enjoys the same update regularity that your social media pages have. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to promote your tattoo website. People spend more time on social media platforms rather than going out.

7. Make a Collaboration

It would be a great idea to make acollaborationwith other tattoo sites. But don’t limit your tattoo business working with other tattoo websites. You also need to check on related craft such as illustration websites or fine arts sites. This will enrich your ideas, not only with your concept as a tattoo artist but also share it to your audience to get personalised designs. Tattoo idea websites can work with talented illustrators, just like these illustrator websites created with Strikingly.

Lady and wolf illustration Image taken from Inksome Tiny website

8. Track your website’s performance

Finally, once you’ve launched your tattoo website, it’s good to keep track of its performance regularly. Strikingly has a traffic analytics tool to help you learn more about the people visiting your website. But if you want a more granular view and more detailed data such as the search terms visitors used to find your site or which platforms are directing traffic effectively to your site, adding Google Analytics is highly recommended.

How to Build a Tattoo Website with Strikingly

  1. Create an account. It’s so simple and easy with Strikingly.

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2. Choose a template

You have multiple templates and users' websites to choose from. You may consider dark layout designs or keep a clean background to keep your tattoo designs in the spotlight.

Choose template screenshot Image taken from Strikingly website

  1. Add images on the gallery section

Showcase your previous works by uploading images on your gallery section. Highlight your gallery to make sure that your visitors won’t miss your artistic craft.

Arm tattoo images Image taken from HX Tattoo Shop website

The good thing about the gallery section is that it enlarges the image when you click on the thumbnail. Giving you a clearer view of the tattoo details.

Animal and star tattoo Image taken from HX Tattoo shop gallery

  1. Add a custom form

On our website editor you have the option to add a section. Just choose ‘Custom Form’ and it will let you create a unique form. Take note that your viewers will find a way to get in touch with you so adding a custom form on your website is a must thing to do. You can say “Get in touch to Get inked” on your custom form.

Custom form section

Custom form sample screenshot Screenshot image from Inksome tiny website

  1. Publish your tattoo website. The last and exciting thing to do is to go live.

There is a saying to always put your best foot forward, but in your case as a tattoo artist, it is your hands creating meaningful and memorable art on your client’s skin. For some, getting a tattoo is like adding a badge of good memories in life. It is something to keep them reminded of. The significant role of tattoo artists in our ancient and modern culture is definitely remarkable. They are legends creating change to help people express their unique personality by getting inked.

Strikingly makes it simple and easy for freelancers, illustrators, and tattoo artists to create their onlineportfoliowebsite. It shouldn’t take an hour to put your designs and concepts. With just a few clicks, you can build a tattoo portfolio website.