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Furniture. We use it on a daily basis. It has form and functionality while also expressing our style and personality. That is why learning how to sell furniture online is a fantastic business opportunity. Many people shop for furniture online—estimated it's that furniture and home furnishings sales account for 12.3 percent of all US eCommerce sales. Furthermore, there are numerous ways to begin selling furniture online. You can create your own designs or resell furniture you've purchased at a lower price, such as thrift store finds or items you've refinished and "flipped." People may not consider selling old furniture to be profitable. You're probably wondering who would want my old couch. People would surely rather go to Ikea and pick something new. That depends on the condition of your old couch, of course, but I can tell you right now that used furniture has its appeal and can be a great way to make some extra money. Indeed, you can sell old furniture not only if you've decided to upgrade and need to get rid of yours, but also if you want to start a new side hustle.

It's true that some people out there purchase used furniture, spruce it up, and then sell it for a higher price. Uniqueness appeals to knowing you're helping the environment (buying a one-of-a-kind refurbished piece is definitely a more eco-friendly option). We'll talk about selling your furniture online for a higher price than you'd get if you sold it to a retail or consignment shop.

Steps to Sell Furniture Online

Here are the six steps on how to sell furniture online.

1. Create an eCommerce Website

sell furniture online

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This may come across as a surprise or an overwhelming statement to you.

This is because you may believe hiring a web developer will take significant time and money. But that is not the case. With the help of several website builders available on the market, you can create your website within hours without writing any code. Signing up for a free account on Strikingly is the simplest way to sell furniture online. After registering, you can access your dashboard and be directed to our template selection page. We have a large selection of website templates from which to choose. The template will provide you with a ready-to-use web design for your website. That is how you can save time and money on having your website designed from scratch. After you've added some basic information about why you're creating this website to sell your old furniture, you can add a simple store section where you can upload pictures of your furniture. Click 'Add New Section' in your Strikingly editor and then choose 'Simple Store.'

2. Take Photos of the Furniture Items You Want to Sell

You can enter information about the furniture items you want to sell in the simple store section. You'll need product photos and images of the furniture items you wish to sell. Make sure the room where you're taking photos has adequate lighting. Your items must look good in photographs to attract customers and effectively sell furniture online. Therefore, cleaning up the items before photographing them is preferable. Show the items from various perspectives to give the audience a better idea of how they appear.

3. Develop Product Pages

sell furniture online

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You must create product pages to upload these images. After you click 'Add New Product,' a product page layout will appear. Upload product images and set a price for them. Create a compelling product description to entice customers to buy it. Repeat the procedure for each item you want to sell. The prices you set for your products must be competitive. Investigate the pricing strategies of other online furniture sellers. If you want to sell furniture online, you can set its price close to that of a new piece if it looks and feels like new. This is one of the advantages of selling your furniture online. Be as descriptive as possible for each item in the product description. The more you tell about your product's features and how it makes you feel when you use it, the more customers will be interested in purchasing and using it. Your chances of closing a deal will increase as a result.

4. Choose Appropriate Payment Gateways

sell furniture online

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You must integrate your website with payment methods so that customers can make purchases directly from the site. The order will be placed for you to deliver once the transaction is completed. Strikingly accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, and direct payment by debit or credit card. When someone orders a piece of furniture, you can track the details in our order management system, which is built into the Strikingly editor. You must deliver each item purchased to the customer when selling furniture online. When you sell digital products, you are not required to deliver or ship them.

5. Improve the SEO of the Website

You may need to take some minor steps to improve your site's search engine optimization. Your website must appear in search results when someone searches for furniture online. The digital market is highly competitive, and many people are selling furniture online. Ensure to include a suitable site description and use relevant keywords in your product descriptions. Add appropriate call-to-action buttons to help customers through the purchasing process.

The checkout process must be incredibly smooth to avoid customers canceling their purchases at the last minute. When trying to sell furniture online, you don't want a high bounce rate on your site. Integrating your website with your social media profiles or pages is another way to improve its search rankings. You can use your Facebook and Instagram accounts to post photos of the furniture you sell. Then, using our social feed feature, add a portion of your Facebook or Instagram feed to your website. Connecting your website to social media will allow you to drive traffic back and forth between platforms and accelerate the process of selling your furniture online.

6. Market Your Website

The final step is to constantly promote your website in order to effectively sell furniture online. Inform your friends and peers, and continue to share the photos on your social media profiles. Use other forms of organic marketing to drive traffic to your website, allowing you to sell your old furniture and replace it with new quickly. Many Strikingly users run successful online stores or eCommerce websites, some of which began selling used items but grew into full-fledged businesses. You might want to do the same after seeing how simple it is to sell furniture online using our platform.

Maybe after you've sold all of your old furniture, you'll also want to think about buying and selling new furniture. Your website will be ready, and you will know exactly how to sell furniture online.

Start Selling Your Furniture Online with Strikingly

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Strikingly is one of the best tools for starting an online business and making your products and services known and available worldwide. It's user-friendly and simple to use, so you won't waste time going through complicated processes and interfaces to create your website and online store. After introducing you to various resources for selling your furniture online, we'd like to introduce you to the Strikingly Simple Store. This online website builder allows you to highlight your products in various ways and immediately set up an online store.

1. Create an account or log in to Strikingly

2. Go to Your Own Site and make changes

3. Click "Add New Section" and choose "Simple Store"

4. Begin adding your products, pictures, and descriptions

5. Promote and share your website and online store

Add New Section - Simple Store

Here are some other features of the Strikingly Simple Store:

  • Various Payment Methods
  • Various Checkout Forms and Options
  • Shipping costs, labels, and choices
  • Digital Download Products
  • Product Reviews
  • Taxes
  • Pre-orders
  • Coupon Creation and Distribution
  • Google Analytics and Built-in Analytics


Selling your furniture online can be difficult, but if done correctly, your business will undoubtedly soar and thrive. You will be able to help your business grow and reach and affect more lives for the better if you devote enough time and attention to the right and smart efforts. Strikingly's mission is to make it easier and more resourceful for our users to create and manage online shopping websites. Our platform allows you to sell furniture online. The best part is that you have complete control over the entire process. You are not required to wait for a programmer or web developer to make changes to your web pages. You can simply log into your Strikingly editor and change whatever you want on your own.

However, giving you complete control over your site does not preclude us from being available to assist you if you encounter any problems. Our customer support team is available via live chat 24/7 to assist you with any technical issues you may encounter. You can also contact us if you have difficulty learning how to use our tools and features. We are constantly updating our features and are happy to provide tutorials on how to use each new tool we introduce. We guarantee a trouble-free experience building and running one of the successful places to sell your furniture online.