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Regardless of the niche that you choose, if you want to know how to start a fitness business, there are a few fundamentals that you need to go through. You need to do brand marketing regarding your niche, consider the schedule of your online sessions or classes, promote your services by launching videos or animations, and train your respective clients virtually.

It may look like there are many tasks for you on the table, but having the right kind of setup will enable you to manage your schedule and attract new clients to your business. Moreover, you will be able to conduct live streams and online sessions. However, like we said, starting a fitness business can be a time-consuming process. This business is any organization or company that provides fitness services, either in person or remotely. Regardless of you are a personal trainer or an owner of a gym, you can start your fitness business on your own.

Strategies for a Fitness Business

For a fitness business, you must have a solid online presence. The reason for that is that it helps in the discovery of you. For example, if you own a fitness website, it can be a magnificent platform for you to showcase your work and expertise. Apart from that, you can also use that platform to conduct other things for your respective business. Summing it up, the fitness business can be beneficial in helping you with the scheduling process, payments, and consumer-client relationships.

1. Identify your Niche

Before you start looking into the business side of things, you must create a strong presence for your fitness brand. For starting a fitness business, the uniqueness of your brand is extremely important. Therefore, you must go through the best brand management strategies for your business. When you start a fitness business, there will be several niches going through your mind. For example, you may think about being a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a boutique fitness studio, and so many more. Hence, you must make your mind up regarding your niche and obtain the correct certifications to create your authority.

Once you have gone through your niche selection, you must conduct adequate research for a job. By doing the research, you will understand the target audience and the particular clients you have to target for your business. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t keep your business limited to just your neighborhood. Make sure that your business gets as much recognition as possible.

2. Make a Business Plan

Now, it’s time to get into some serious business regarding your niche. When you start a fitness business, the first thing that should appear in your mind is the name of your business. If you don’t have one, you can consider the name generator to help you with it. It will also give you some fitness business ideas.

make business plan

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Therefore, you should start prioritizing your business plan. For those who are unaware, a business plan is a document that contains all the outlines surrounding the objectives, mission, strategy, and finances of your business. Summing up, it has all the aspects upon which your business stands for. You can create your document to highlight your business demands.

3. Create a Funding Plan

create a funding plan

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The funding plan depends upon the dimensions of your fitness business. For example, a digital gym can have different financial values as per the physical gym. A physical may cost you approximately $25,000 for a standard studio with customary equipment to over a million dollars with more innovative equipment. So if you want to start a fitness business, what will be your plans regarding the payment process? Your options could be as follows:

If you are starting a fitness business, you must know that you must be readily investing in your gym all the time. The more investment you make in your gym, the more your opinion will be heard. However, you must invest smartly instead of investing for the sake of just running your business.

4. Consider your Space

When you start a fitness business, you must consider shooting your online workout videos and conducting your online sessions. It may improve the overall personality of your business. Therefore, you must find a well-lit room or consider the same location for your video tutorials. If your video tutorials or workout videos are great, they will generate positive customer feedback.

No doubt, renting a space for your business for a fitness facility can be costly and may require considerable effort. However, the good news for you is that you will find numerous landlords today who would be willing to open negotiations upon the rent. Therefore, you can start your own business by renting a space for a fitness or training facility.

5. Create a Website

One of the critical barometers for starting a fitness business is to have a professional website at your disposal. Those who want to start a fitness business must know that a website platform will be the key to all your business actions. You will save all of your actions and working history on that platform. A fitness website will be where visitors will come to seek your services, consider the membership or watch your respective training videos.

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If you want to create a fitness website for your business on Strikingly, you do not need any professional degree in coding or web development. All you need to do is go through a collection of designs and templates for your fitness website before customizing it as per your needs. Strikingly’s templates are responsive to mobile phones, ensuring improvement in the user experience. As the majority of the people spend most of their time on mobile, you would always want to make sure that you gain the attraction of this targeted segment.

6. Provide Online Sessions

If you want to know how to start a fitness business, you must be aware of working remotely. For your online sessions, you can integrate Zoom and Google Classrooms into your working plans. Apart from that, you can also use a webinar to educate your audience. By doing this, you and your staff can conduct online classes. Even if you conduct training in pairs, such as martial arts, you can still visualize exercises online to ensure that you completely understand what is going on.

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For an online session, you need to understand a few fundamentals as shown below:

  • You must be enthusiastic about your remote work. By enthusiasm, we mean to say that you should mostly smile at your camera to give your audience a fresh look
  • To get over any technical issue, you must tell your visitors to register themselves early on
  • Conduct online Q/A. People always have the time to ask questions before and after online classes

7. Engage Clients on Social Media

When you start your own fitness business, you may think about operating it on social media channels straight away. First and foremost, social media integration is essential for the welfare of your fitness business. When you start a fitness business, you must know that your visitors will not just look into the physical gym that you have opened. No matter how many physical sessions you are taking, a portion of your customers will be more inclined to look at your Facebook or Instagram pages. Therefore, you must treat them accordingly and represent your brand online the same way you represent it physically.

8. Visualize your Performance

As you have put in the work regarding your fitness business, it remains to be seen whether your hard work will pay off or not. When you start a fitness business, one of your major goals is to attract as many visitors as possible. You can use Strikingly built-in analytics to showcase these developments of your fitness business. The analytics will help you understand the visitors who buy into your fitness business ideas. By understanding the new and returning customers, you will have a clear picture of right and wrong within your business.


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With every year, we see different trends for people to start a fitness business. However, there is one common denominator within all the fitness business ideas. You must have a solid online presence. As we know, every company has different challenges and different timespans. Some businesses may take more time than usual to gain perfection, while others can be just a few clicks away from getting started. If you can invest in an online fitness website with captivating content, online sessions, design, and user experience, it will do your business power of good.

At Strikingly, we always love the idea of a good user experience. Therefore, we provide website owners with adequate website building tools and services. Just when you thought about integrating a fitness website into your working plans, we give you a free hand with the customization so that the fitness platform fits your needs. We have the sole objective of making things easier for you as you commence your fitness business. Hence, stay at home, stay fit and rely on Strikingly to get your business up and running.