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One of the most significant problems that most businesses encounter is to drive leads. You need a constant flow of qualified leads to expand your business and increase your revenue. Your digital marketing strategy is essential because leads ultimately convert into customers and clients. The long-term strategy provided below will be beneficial if you are having trouble getting customers in general, phone calls, and contact form fills. The lead generation techniques are essential whether you're looking for Business to Business or Business to Consumer leads.

What is a Lead?

Any prospective client or customer who expresses interest in your company. A lead would be someone who calls you or contacts you for more information. A lead can also be a single person or an entire company that wants to work with your business.

Why is Lead Generation Important?

For an accounting firm to succeed and survive, it needs current and new clients. In addition to their existing clients, a marketing agency must attract new customers. The more you drive leads, the more sales you can generate for your company because every new customer lead has a specific value. You require a consistent strategy for keyword research, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising to properly grow your business through digital marketing.

How to Drive Leads to Your Website: Strategies

The strategies and tips listed below will be very helpful when you're trying to generate leads online. Remember that you compete with every company in your sector that offers the same goods and services.

1. Produce Quality Content

drive leads
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Know your audience. Recognize any requirements they may have. Likewise, make every effort to fulfill their requests. You generate leads for your website in this manner. It's essential to keep in mind the various content types you can use when generating leads. Diversify your business so you can bravely accept potential clients who come knocking. Or perhaps you should concentrate on just a few types because you've discovered that's what your potential customers want or need the most. The most crucial thing to remember is that you must produce content that offers value and new information to all your target markets to generate leads. Make them want to visit your website again and eventually take advantage of your offerings.

2. Produce A Strong Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a specific type of content you offer for free to site visitors and paying customers. You can create a wide variety of lead magnets, from specialized content, videos, and guides to coupons and discounts. This is one of many strategies to drive leads. These lead magnets can be promoted on other social media networks or added directly to your website. Lead magnets can be relatively simple to set up if you have the right ideas and equipment. No matter how effective your lead magnets are, if they are not customized to your target market, you won't be able to generate leads.

3. Design Landing Pages

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A website landing page is a page created specifically for generating leads. It is intended to drive your website traffic or convert visitors into leads. It is created so that any potential clients who click on the link will be taken to a page that contains all the information they need to know and a form or button they can use to take the necessary action (and what you want to). This kind of lead generation can be used to drive leads for subscriptions, registration for events or promotions, or product purchases. Consider it as your first impression of someone. Make sure your choice is a good one that will win their confidence and point them in the right direction.

4. Include a Clear Call to Action

drive leads
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A call-to-action button is a lead generation technique that entails placing a button on your website to generate leads or convert visitors into paying customers. Although there are numerous ways to use your call-to-action button to generate leads, avoid the error of including numerous types on your website's pages. You must choose what actions you want (or require) leads and potential customers to take on your website. Do you want them to become a subscriber, download something, or become a social media follower? Or do you want them to peruse your selection of goods? Make sure to put it strategically and clearly so that customers can easily see it and be motivated to click.

5. Offline Advertising Is Effective

The online industry has become a more welcoming home for ways to drive leads and make money. However, offline marketing can still be used to generate leads efficiently. People would want to connect with actual people outside of their screens, especially after the year that the pandemic gave us. So, to generate leads, you must recognize the value of establishing a personal connection. To advertise your business, organize an event, participate in campaigns and events in your industry, or distribute print materials. You can easily use QR codes and the like to direct customers to your website on your physical posters, banners, and other printed materials.

6. SEO Optimization

You can use search engine optimization to drive leads and increase traffic to your website. The goal of lead generation is to attract customers to your business. This time, you can be more detailed and specific rather than just trying to get them to visit your website. You will be less competition if you use more long-tail and targeted keywords. You can direct users to your sales funnel by customizing your posts and SEO optimization strategies to generate leads. These efforts may eventually result in generating revenue in addition to driving traffic and leads.

8. Make Use of Multiple Platforms and Channels

Even though your website has a lot of potential to drive leads and make money on its own, it would be a waste not to use all the tools at your disposal. Lead generation can be challenging, primarily if you work in a cutthroat sector. However, spreading the word about your company's excellence through various platforms and channels can increase your chances of outperforming all of your rivals. You can look into and use a variety of available platforms. Find out where most of the people in your target market are scrolling and spending the most time.

In this way, you plant the seeds where they can produce leads for you rather than just scattering them about randomly. The final four methods discuss how to use Strikingly to drive traffic to your website.

9. Include Images and Videos

drive leads

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Images and moving images appeal to viewers. High-quality images attract customers' attention more than text and descriptions do. You can easily drive leads to your website when you include images and videos that fully explain to visitors what you and your company have to offer and persuade them to work with you. You can easily add pictures and videos using Strikingly. Even your website can use them as backgrounds.

Add the section for photos and videos most suitable for your business in your Strikingly editor.

10. Use Promotions and Coupons

Who doesn't enjoy a deal? Or perhaps a gift or charge? As a business owner, you must be well aware of how much customers enjoy promotions and coupons of all kinds. People are more motivated and inspired when they know that you have made something simpler or less expensive for them, so it is an excellent way to drive leads and quickly generate income for your business. You can accomplish this strikingly. With Strikingly Simple stores, you can add up to 100 coupons, ranging from flat, free shipping, or percentage-based discounts. Simply log into your Simple store manager, create your coupons, and then distribute codes to the appropriate clients.

11. Direct Leads to Simple Forms

The inconvenience can cause lead generation to be delayed. To put it another way, nobody enjoys filling out forms that are dispersed across numerous pages and takes a while to load or even read. Therefore, you should have simple-to-fill-out forms to attract leads to your business. You wouldn't want your forms to scare potential customers away. That is so regrettable. Fortunately, Strikingly offers a variety of forms that you can incorporate into your website. Simply add the contact or sign-up forms Strikingly has already created for you. Alternatively, you can include a customized form that gives you the required data. You can even incorporate Google Forms or Wufoo into your website.

Drive Leads to Your Strikingly Website

You must, as was already mentioned, spread your wings and visit various platforms. Who's to say, though, that you can't also integrate other platforms into your website? To better drive leads to your website, it may be a good idea to link your social media accounts to it (or vice versa).

By doing this, you increase the likelihood that leads will be generated because your website visitors will be able to follow your accounts and receive updates whenever your website is updated. Simply including a section for social media feeds on your website will accomplish this. Select the Social Feed section from the Advanced category of the sections in your Strikingly Editor and add it.


To drive leads for your business can be difficult, but if you approach it correctly and consistently, you can position yourself for long-term success. Even though knowing all the different strategies for attracting customers to your company and website may increase your concern about how difficult it can be, given your drive and available resources, you are more than prepared to face this challenge. Join Strikingly today to equip yourself with more tools!