Your marketing strategies may include a combination of newsletters, social networking, ads, promotions, and other techniques. Still, a single mention in the press will boost all of your efforts tenfold, bringing in several potential customers and even spurring your small company to the next level.

Getting a lot of press attention isn't something that happens immediately. Planning, consistent marketing, follow-up, and commitment are all essential for generating publicity. However, before beginning any press coverage, developing the appropriate digital collateral in the form of a press kit is a great place to start with your media relations strategy.

Having your company or product published in a major publication is a significant accomplishment. Think about getting free publicity from the biggest newspaper in your business or even a local news affiliate. Consider how much search traffic will add to your business.

A press kit is a simple way for business owners to make it simple for blogs, magazines, and publishers to write about their company. A press kit on your website demonstrates professionalism to journalists and tourists and makes it simple for critics and the press to write about you.

Below is everything you should be aware of:

  • What is a Press Kit?
  • What is included in a press kit?
  • Press kit example
  • Building a digital press kit for your e-commerce business

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit, also known as a media kit, an event press kit, or a pr kit, is a section on the website with tools and resources for journalists and reporters. The best press kits make it simple for media to learn about a product and brand, as well as access images and marketing materials for use in stories.

The simplest way to think of a press kit is as an online portfolio for your business. A press kit highlights the key points you want reporters, publishers, and bloggers to mention (facts, figures, quotes, and so on) in an easy-to-understand format. Media files that journalists can freely download and use should also be included in a comprehensive one.

A media kit will help you get free publicity from both national and local news outlets. You'll gain more visibility, visits to your website, and more sales as a result of getting this media attention at all levels, making it a highly productive use of your time. There are a lot of websites that show media kit examples that can help you visualize how you want your media kit will look.

Aside from that, it's also beneficial to your website's SEO. A press kit adds exclusive, high-quality, and up-to-date material to your pages, which is exactly what Google bots look for when deciding your place in search results for particular keywords.

A press kit was once described as a file or envelope contains data and photos that PR representatives would give to reporters. Companies soon started using logo-emblazoned CDs, flash drives, and giveaways in their promotional materials. Press kits are also more often found on a company's website. When developing a story about a company or brand, reporters and bloggers often go to the online newsroom first.

What is included in a press kit?

Depending on the brand, target audience, and intent, press kits may be very different. Although there are no hard and fast guidelines, the best press kits provide a comprehensive look at the company or product. We also included a press kit example and how a press kit template might look.

These are the most important elements of a press kit:

  • The Company Overview
  • Individuals on the squad
  • FAQs
  • Fact Sheet
  • Publications
  • Branding
  • Product descriptions
  • Multimedia Elements
  • Contact Us
  • Client Testimonials
  • Separate press/media email
  1. The Company Overview: Can also be ”About Us”. It outlines what the business does, what services it provides, and how it differs from competitors. It tells the company's story and mission and provides a background of the company. The key to helping reporters and others understand the business is to have a simple description that removes industry lingo and slang. The company's most recent financial results could also be of interest to financial reporters.


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  1. Individuals on the squad: The CEO, chairman, founders, and other key figures, along with their headshots, offer a human face to the organization and provide insight into its leadership's vision. It's best to keep it short, maybe a few paragraphs.


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If you have any other employees, give a brief information about them, their roles, and how they came to work for you. You should include the bios of the executive team here if you have one.

  1. FAQs: It can set the company apart from its competitors. When creating FAQs, speaking with the company's sales staff and customer service center will help you discover common concerns from potential customers.
  2. Fact Sheet: It is a one-page, bulleted list of the most important details about the company, such as key statistics, milestones, and significant dates in its history, that is considered part of the company summary.
  3. Publications: Another popular press kit feature is whether you have one or two recent newsworthy announcements. A media outlet can publish an announcement if it is recent and newsworthy.
  4. Branding: Provide high-resolution options in your digital media kit to make it easy for content publishers to use your logo or build graphics with it. Provide high-resolution versions with a clear backdrop so that the logo and graphics can be used for almost any function, including digital.
  5. Product descriptions: It is most effective when it is kept clear and concise, enabling market observers to comprehend it. If at all necessary, provide a product sample.
  6. Multimedia Elements: They could include product images, a video of your events, or a map of the company's location. Imply that media outlets are free to use the materials without attribution.
  7. Contact Us: This includes phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Contact information is an essential and obvious component of a press kit, but some press kits oddly ignore it. Links to the company's social media accounts should be included in the contact details.
  8. Client Testimonials: They can help legitimize a company, particularly if they are well-known. Customer testimonials and product reviews can also be extremely effective. Even if you aren't contractually bound to, it's important to get permission from clients before mentioning their names.
  9. Separate press/media email: Make reporters, editors, writers, and magazines feel important by providing a separate email address for them to contact you.


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Why should I use a Press Kit?

Any media package can be customized to meet your marketing objectives. If you're releasing a product, supporting an event, or starting a new company, the way you structure your content can vary. If you've decided on a target, you can start gathering data and photos to support it.

Here are a few media kits examples of what they should be used for:

  1. Introduce a new product: A media kit is ideal for spreading information about a new product or service. You should concentrate on explaining the functionality, pricing, and how to contact customers. It's also a perfect way to advertise any existing programs or goods you have.
  2. Promote an upcoming event: Want to get people excited about a new campaign, show, or event? Then your press kit is an excellent way to disseminate information. Simply send it to local journalists and news organizations in your region.
  3. Starting a company: Have you recently started a new company or relocated? This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself and your services to your new neighborhood as well as the local press.

Building a digital press kit for your e-commerce business

Let's look at how to create a press kit for your company now that you know what goes into one.

  • Make your website

You can skip to number two if you already have one. If not, now would be the perfect time to create your professional website, as it is a must-have for your press kit. What would you do first? Hundreds of beautiful and free website templates are available here, with choices ranging from e-commerce website templates to music website templates, photography templates, and much more. All you have to do now is find the one that best fits the needs, look, and feel of your business. Then, in a matter of minutes, sign up for free. Finally, make your pages exclusive by adding your material and style.


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  • Create your Press Kit Section

Make sure it's connected to your menu so visitors can see it right away when they land on your homepage.

  1. Go to your Strikingly Dashboard and select “Add New Section


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  1. Choose a section type best fit for your press kit or you can opt to "Make Your Own" section


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  1. Edit the section title to “PRESS KIT” and click save

Edit-press-kit section

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  1. Your navigation menu should look like this:


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  • Complete your press kit

Now that you've created your section, all you have to do is fill it with content: Images in high resolution, press releases, noteworthy achievements, and more. Examine the list above, select the most important elements to your business, and include them in your press section.


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Congratulations! Your press kit is now ready to use. Remember that while developing one is a must, there are several more steps you can take to promote your company both online and offline.


You never know if an agency might be searching for a source in your industry and may consider your company and contact you for an interview. You become a consumer advocate in your field by sharing relevant knowledge.

Sustained work is necessary for successful publicity. If you do get exposure, share the stories on social media to keep the rhythm going. In the boilerplate of your next press release, mention previous coverage. It's not uncommon for the press to follow press, and after you've had your first mention, it may be easier to just get a second, third, and many more.

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