Every business has its formulated smart strategy in marketing its products and services. From television commercials, billboard ads, partnerships, and many more, businesses risk their all just to ensure that their efforts wouldn't go to waste.

An advertising agency has been one of the most influential service companies in the world of e-commerce. Firms seek their help to reach their goals and provide their customers with the best performance. With them continuously making noise, upgrading the game is definitely an advantage. How? Simple -- building your own advertising-agency website.

If you are someone looking for ways to make money with your advertising business, then building an advertising-agency is a must-try for you. Not only does it make things easily done, but it also gives you an opportunity to reach a wider range of audiences. With just one click, you can double up your average sales without breaking too much sweat.

Hayashida website

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What to put in an advertising-agency website template?

Got no ideas on how to start making creative agency websites? No worries, because Strikingly got you covered.

For starters, below are the set of advertising-agency website elements you should never miss out when building digital marketing websites.

  • Services Section. An advertising-agency website is built with one main reason - to provide service. When creating your advertising-agency website template, always remember to include a detailed list of all the services your company can offer a customer. Create a section where your website viewers can easily see it.

When creating your website template, always remember to choose an advertising-agency website template that is appropriate for all the contents you are going to post, specifically for your services list. Consider an appropriate set of color schemes and font styles to use. Doing this step plays an important role in making your advertising-agency website fully functional and reliable. Include all the details customers usually seek when visiting an advertising-agency website. You can post the pricing for each service type as well to give them a clearer view of your services.

Strikingly allows users to customize services sections for digital marketing websites through its Add Custom Form feature. By using this feature, you can choose and design your own form section for every website you design.

  • Responsive Contact. Contact information is among the basic elements of an effective advertising-agency website. It is among the most searched items of customers upon visiting a website to ask questions and gather the information that they want to know from the advertising agency website.

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Image taken from DMC Motion

To help customers communicate with you easily, create a contact section where they can spot your contact information like email addresses, hotline numbers, and even your other website pages/social media accounts. You can even design a section where they can sign up for your website and get the latest updates from you.

You can now easily build an easier mode of communication to potential clients with Strikingly Contact/Signup Form feature! Start designing and add a customized contact form for your advertising-agency website.

  • Your Gallery of Works. Galleries are one smart trick in showcasing your works and advantages as a developed advertising agency. By adding this in your advertising-agency website design, you instantly have the chance to show-off your skills to your website viewers.

Post photos of your advertising techniques made into your advertising-agency website template. You can include video shoots, posters/billboards you created, and even behind-the-scenes clips to draw more attention. Customers find it more interesting if an advertising-agency website has the guts to share their past works because it symbolizes their confidence in the service they give.

After all, you surely want customers to have the best first impression with your advertising-agency website right?

  • About Us Page. Customers seek for reliability. Who doesn't? Every customer has a habit of checking the company's reputation first before transacting with them. Money is hard to earn and you surely wouldn't want to spend them with the wrong person. Being among the best ad agency websites, it is one of your duties to give customers a glimpse about you as a business.

Create an About Us section in your advertising-agency website to let them know that you are authentic. Post information about your business like your short-term goals, vision, quotes, and even personal background. You can even include all your past achievements and awards as being one of the best ad agency websites ever existed. Tell them your story and make them fall in love with you.

Adding more pages is never impossible with Strikingly. With its Add Multiple Pages, you can start creating and adding more pages to your advertising-agency website and make it more exciting.


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  • Testimonials. Testimonials are also one trick in capturing the hearts of your advertising-agency website viewers. It has the power to make you look more authentic and trustworthy in the eyes of the customers. Customers usually visit this section upon landing on the main advertising-agency websites homepage to have an idea of how the company treats its clients. As soon as they see how you've already done successful projects which satisfied your past clients, they will instantly feel safe and think that it is worth working with you. People often rely on others' opinions and insights before actually transacting with any business to keep them safe from conflicts.

Post testimonials of your past customers in your advertising-agency website template. You can do it however you want it to appear on your homepage. Whether in the form of quotations, captured images, or video interviews. Through this capturing more hearts in just a matter of a short time will never be impossible for you.


Image taken from Mandalay Food

Get your inspiration from this advertising-agency website examples

Now that you've come this far, Strikingly gives you a bonus.

Below are some of the best advertising-agency website examples who changed the game of advertising-agency website designs. Take a look at them and who knows, your advertising-agency website could be the next one in the spotlight.

  1. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a type of advertising-agency website which owns a clean, comfortable, inviting and refreshing feel on their marketing agency website. Upon landing on their page, you will be welcomed by their smooth transition of mobile menus, and images with featured blog posts.

  1. Nina Hale

Nina Hale’s advertising-agency website is among marketing website designs which are strongly designed, yet still high-end. It gives a comfortable look to its website viewers. The color scheme of the advertising-agency website template perfectly matches the company’s branding. A collection of video clips and photos are also present in the advertising-agency website adding more spice to its overall look.

  1. Animal

If you want to achieve a strong personality approach on your advertising-agency website, this website is one great inspiration for you. Animal is a California-based advertising-agency website who level-up the game of marketing website designs. Upon visiting their website, you will immediately spot the unique personality they possess. Their graphics and animations are well-designed to show a strong and striking character to every customer who will lay their eyes on it.

  1. Bleech

Bleech is an advertising-agency website that is based in Berlin, Germany. They are one best example of marketing website designs that uses videos in welcoming website visitors. The video they posted contains explanations and introductory remarks about how they do what they do. Bleech’s website design has a bright and friendly vibe which gives an instant impression of being fun and cheerful towards their website viewers. The color scheme they chose is mainly modern and minimalist style.

Advertising-agency websites are fun yet challenging to do. If you are someone new in the field of website designing, you may find it quite hard to perform, especially if you don’t have knowledge on how you should do it. In that case, you have to work with the right website builder. Someone that is equipped with everything that you need, and is always one-click away. Someone who knows how to do it right, and teaches you how to be one--someone like Strikingly.

Young and CEO

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Design your advertising agency website with Strikingly

If there is one good thing about Strikingly, it's that it never stops upgrading. Strikingly seek for continuous improvement not just as a website builder, but also as their user’s ally. It aims to help people grow their business and provide customers the best website building experience.

Strikingly is equipped with the best features like, free website templates, Add Custom Form, Add Multiple Pages, Membership Options, Add Simple Blogs, Sell Digital Products, and many others which will help you in creating the best ad agency websites. And just this month, another set of new amazing features are added to make things more interesting! Now, you can start updating cookie notifications for your advertising-agency website and enjoy Strikingly in its newest language editor options: Dutch, German and Swedish. With this new set of features, you can start upgrading your advertising-agency website performance.

You can really never go wrong with Strikingly. So what are you waiting for? Start creating your advertising-agency website with Strikingly now!

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