Do you want to make money with little or no effort? If yes, passive income is the right choice for you. You do not need to go to your job to earn money. You can do so by staying at your home with an investment of little effort and energy. It is not wrong to say that the pandemic era has prepared us to make money by staying at home.

But before choosing any work, you should realize whether you are doing it for a time pass or want to make passive income. Initially, passive income ideas demand endeavor and persistence because you need to establish a setup. You must put in some effort if you are mindful of generating passive income. But once the cycle starts, you can get a handsome amount with little effort. Before moving toward passive income ideas, let's explore what passive income is.

What is Passive Income?

Passive income is a source of income for which no continuous effort is required. When you execute passive income ideas, you can continue generating long-term income. Multiple passive income ideas have flooded the market after the pandemic. For example, if you provide online coaching or consultation, you only need to make your course videos and keep the content up to date. Once you create all the video content, you can upload it to your online website and let the money into your account. Passive income fits the concept of making money while sleeping.

How to Make Passive Income?

If you want to figure out how to make passive income, you are at the right place. A great deal of prior planning is necessary to convert your passive income ideas into a profitable business. It is the age of innovativeness, and making passive income demands smart work instead of hard work.

Consider the following points if you want to earn passive income:

a. Which type of investment, i.e., time, effort, and money are necessary?

b. Background knowledge and skills to make passive income

c. Platform to connect with your potential clients

Once you have considered all these factors to earn passive income, you should use ways of generating extra cash. Choose any one of the best passive income ideas to get extra money on a long-term basis

Best Passive Income Ideas To Make Extra Cash

Following are some of the best passive income ideas from which you can choose one to make money repeatedly:

1- Start a Blog

Blogging is more than recreational writing nowadays. You can start blogging to make passive money. All you need is a personal computer and a flawless internet connection. You can upload creative and entertaining content on your blog and earn money for it. You can also make passive income by using affiliate marketing in blogs. It helps you to get a commission on every click and purchase of a product. Another way of making passive income is by displaying advertisements on your blog. Use tools like Google Adsense to earn by selling ads on your blog

If you are creative enough but not too techie, and you don't know how to create a blog– Strikingly is here to help you. Strikingly has an enormous collection of templates that can help you create a blog within minutes. You can customize the templates and blog layouts for your business. With Strikingly’s easy-to-use interface and SEO features, creating a renowned blog is not a big deal.

Strikingly blog

Image taken from Strikingly

2. Online Teacher

During the pandemic, several educational activities shifted to the online medium in addition to business activities. Becoming an online teacher and coaching from the comforts of your home is also one of the best passive income ideas. There are two methods to make passive income by online teaching. You can either record your video lectures and sell them using a membership website or teach through online platforms like Skype. Google meets, etc. Both options are suitable, and you can go for any one depending upon your preferences.

However, in either case, creating an online educational website will add more value to your passive income idea. You can design a website to use as your teaching portfolio. You can add videos of your lectures in the gallery to attract more visitors and convert them into potential customers. Strikingly is undoubtedly the best approach for having your educational website. The free plan of Strikingly is enough to suffice your needs as an online teacher. You can also subscribe to paid plans later if you want to convert your website into a membership one.

3- Start a YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is also a sustainable method for making passive income continuously. You need to make informative videos on different subjects to start monetization. If you are looking for a topic for a YouTube video, you can have an interview, tips and tricks, and how-to explainer videos.

The critical thing to consider for monetization from youtube channels is choosing a niche and gathering followers. Once you pick up a niche, you can integrate Google Ads into your pipeline and make passive income through subscriptions, live chats, and viewers. You can also provide links to your YouTube videos and generate traffic from your blog readers.

4- Sell Your Photos

Having excellent skills to capture aesthetic scenes and appealing moments is nature's gift. You can use talent to make passive income if you have good photography skills. Multiple businesses buy copyrights of pictures from freelance photographers and use them for their commercialization. Selling clicked snaps online can become a money-spinning business with some effort.

Photography website

Image taken from Strikingly user's website

You can create your photography website with Strikingly to upload your captured images. With the help of the gallery section, you can enticingly display your pictures. Photos, videos, and photography content fall in the category of digital products. Strikingly also allows you to sell digital products and showcase them in different types.

For example, you can categorize your photographs into sections like nature, abstract, etc. With Strikingly, you can also describe your products and hook your visitors.

A sincere piece of advice is to take a start for your passive income by using your pre-clicked photo albums. If you are blessed with this hidden talent, sign up with Strikingly immediately and establish your first online photography website.

5- Start an Online Store

You can also make passive income by starting an online store like a drop-shipping store. It's a type of work where you sell a third party's products to customers. Getting products from other vendors and reselling is a way of flexible remote working and unlimited stress-free earning. It is because you can sell the products according to your prices.

Online store

Image taken from Strikingly

It would be best if you did some strategic planning by searching for a wholesaler. Your primary task is to get products at a minimum price to earn a reasonable profit. You can look for products at different marketplaces and set your profit margin. The next step is creating an online store. No need to worry if you don't know programming queries; strikingly can assist you in designing a valuable store. You can add almost 300 products at a time. Strikingly also allows you to add flexible payment options for your clients' ease. Several people have adopted this option to increase their turnover. You can also be on the list of such people by inaugurating your store with Strikingly.

6- Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant job is perfect if you don't want to leave your home to earn. Several old businesses need an online presence due to a lack of skills. You can work with such companies to help them make and run a website. You can use website builders like Strikingly to fabricate websites from multiple templates. Later on, you can personalize the website for businesses by adding a custom domain.

Custom domain

Image taken from Strikingly

Your task will be to engage the clients and make them trust you for their website. Later on, Strikingly has got you covered for all the remaining tasks. You can easily make passive income by utilizing your marketing and networking skills.

7- Create print-on-demand source

As freelancing is the most popular means of making a considerable turnover, it is necessary to give a massive shout-out for print-on-demand. This passive income idea enables you to sell your graphics designs on multiple products such as mugs, keychains, notebooks, t-shirts, clothing items, etc.

The only thing you need is to be a graphics-savvy person. Since you can get enough margin if you create your designs yourself, if you are a creative person with a strong imagination, a print-on-demand business can be your potential income source. Another premium benefit of starting this business is that it is not a competitive niche. The reason is that no one can bring innovativeness to their designs like you. You only need to master the art of graphics designing and get a handsome share of your livelihood from this idea.


There are various ways to make passive income repeatedly without continuous effort. You must figure out which idea suits your expertise, skills, and budget. When you choose a particular idea, start working on it. You can enhance your earnings and strengthen your financial means with a small share of upfront work. The opinions in the list can help you make passive income and fill the shortcomings of your 9-5 job.