Personalized Marketing

Customers appreciate when companies and salespeople address them in a personalized way. They feel like they are being given importance and value. They become comfortable shopping from brands and businesses that use a personalized marketing strategy.

As a business owner, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your target customers. Get to know their pain points and resonate with them through your marketing messages. Then address them in a personalized manner to make them feel enticed to check out what you are selling.

Personalized marketing can be applied to both digital marketing and other conventional modes of advertising, though the online forms of marketing make it a lot easier. There are so many tools available nowadays that you can use to find out your customers’ names and other customer demographics. When you use this data for marketing personalization, you can yield many benefits in favor of your business.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of personalized marketing. As you read through this article, you will realize that some of the tactics or examples mentioned here are already being used by many small and large businesses. These businesses are fully aware of the value that personalized marketing provides for customers. They know why personalized marketing is essential, and they like to stand out from the competition by implementing it into their business in creative ways.

We will begin without any further ado. But before getting into the nitty-gritty of the topic at hand, let’s define the term we are talking about here.

What is Personalized Marketing?

Do you remember receiving a newsletter and feeling special on seeing your name on the email subject line? Did it feel like a revolutionary and technological advancement in digital marketing? I bet it didn’t. It must have just made you feel so special, so that’s where your focus must have gone. But the businesses that sent the email were really using a practical and technologically advanced marketing tactic. In short, it is a kind of personalized marketing strategy.

Personalized marketing refers to offering tailored experiences to customers that keep them engaged with your brand and make them want to keep coming back to you. It is a way of building long-term customer relationships to stick to your brand instead of buying from your competitors.

Personalized marketing is a robust and strategic approach for increasing your conversions and generating more sales. It is an essential strategy for sustaining in the highly competitive and global marketplace that most businesses are operating in these days.

Customers these days have too many options and choices when they want to buy a specific product. They thus seem to gravitate towards brands that make them feel more special. They prefer buying from companies that they think listen to them and understand them. They like it when they are given attention, and their needs are taken care of personally. This is where personalized marketing comes in.

In a personalized marketing strategy, the business tries to deliver products and services according to each customer’s unique profile. It does not generalize the needs and preferences of the entire target audience but instead looks into every customer’s personal lifestyle and mindset.

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Personalized marketing can be seen as an evolution from traditional marketing communications to online conversations, with demographic and analytical data as the starting point. These days, companies collect, analyze, and use the information they get through research to tap into their customers’ unique interests and behaviors. They use this information to create relevant and integrated marketing campaigns, using a personalized marketing strategy to tap right into the audience’s minds.

Why is Personalized Marketing Important?

There are several reasons why personalized marketing holds so much importance for businesses’ success these days.

1. Your Customers Expect it

Think of your own expectations and experiences as a customer. When you visit a brand website, don’t you appreciate receiving personalized marketing messages and sales offers? What if you see some content that is accurately relevant to you? Wouldn’t you feel excited reading it? What if the website explicitly shows you content or reviews related to a product that you recently purchased? All this would make you feel important, as it shows the company is so vested in you that they put in the effort to figure out what will interest you the most. Like most other customers, when you repeatedly see such personalized content on websites, you get used to it and start taking it for granted. Then you don’t feel too excited visiting sites that do not use personalized marketing.

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This digital age has caused an elevation in customer expectations to a point where companies that fail to realize this are set for failure. Consumers are now accustomed to finding and getting what they want, and they are attracted to brands that recognize them personally at every phase of their buying journey. This is why personalized marketing has gained momentum over the past few years.

2. It is Good for Your Business

On the one hand, personalized marketing is an expectation from your customers that you have to fulfill. But on the other hand, even if your customers do not expect it, it can benefit your business. How is that?

So many brands worldwide are leveraging on connecting with their customers on an emotional level. This emotional connection can only be developed if you can look into their personal lives and tap into their pain points to provide specific solutions to their unique situation.

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Customers are beginning to like and prefer brands with records of their previous purchasing history. It is easier for them to buy products from brands or stores where they do not have to create a new profile every time. Businesses that use customer relationship management systems provide convenience to their customers and make their sales processes more efficient. They save the time and cost of asking customers their details again and again.

Personalized marketing allows businesses to leverage customer data productively. They can deliver relevant marketing messages by capitalizing on that data and run timely marketing and retargeting campaigns.

Benefits of Personalized Marketing

Let’s talk briefly about the three main benefits of personalized marketing.

1. It Increases Customer Loyalty

When you make your customers feel special by offering them precisely what they need, they get more loyal towards your brand. Offering customized customer service is also part of personalized marketing. It makes your customer feel that you are willing to go the extra mile to provide them with the exact kind of product or service they want.

2. It Increases Customer Lifetime Value

You can make your customers stick longer with your business through personalized marketing. They will keep buying products and services from you, as long as they need them. They will not switch to other brands, even if you slightly increase your prices. In other words, your customer lifetime value will increase, which will reduce your costs of new customer acquisition.

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3. It Gives You a Competitive Edge

If you can use personalized marketing, but your competitors are not, you will get a good margin or edge over them. This means you will see more market gaps and fill them by offering your products and services. You will win over a more significant portion of the market. This is very good for growing your business and taking it to the next level.

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The best way to implement personalized marketing is to build customized content on your brand website. Adding content to your website and updating it regularly is easy to build your site on Strikingly.

The user-friendly tools of Strikingly enable our users to design a highly attractive and professional website and maintain it on their own through the convenience of the site’s editor.

With Strikingly, you can send personalized newsletters to your subscribers, design custom web pages, add a live chat feature to have one-to-one conversations with your customers, and even take orders to make sales directly from the site.

We give our users access to the audience list, which reveals the details of all your site visitors who interacted with your website in one way or the other. Once you know your customers’ names, you can address them with personalized messages and make them feel special through your personalized marketing strategy. There has been no better way of increasing your chances of making sales than this.

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