When you bring your business online, you stake its success and your career as a business owner on the statistics and performance of your website and online store. If you are just starting this type of venture and are new to using this kind of platform, there is much that you have to know about. Don’t worry much because you can easily learn all you have to know with today’s internet and virtually unlimited access to different resources. Today, let’s start with something a little simple: website page counters. As you read on, may you learn more about what site counters are all about and how they can help you with your online business.

What are Website Page Counters?

With today’s technology, there are a lot of tools that you can use to keep track of your performance and your progress. This is not just in terms of individual and personal productivity and proficiency. Still, there are tools available today that can help you trace your career and business paths and steps. Having an online presence, an online store, or a website means having something tangible that you can keep track of. That said, a website page counter refers to the website visitor counter online, and it is one of the most useful tools you can use for your business.

Page counters keep track of how many visitors have visited your website. If you have been to the mall, you may (or may not have) noticed how some security guards have a device in their hand that they click every time a person enters the door. This helps them track how many customers and visitors entered the premises within the hours they were on their shift. This is valuable information that the management of the malls or other similar establishments will use for their management and planning purposes. Similarly, when you use a website page counter, you are provided with the same information.

When businesses use web pages counters, the counter keeps track of how many customers have visited their site for a certain period and displays it on your website - usually towards the end of the page. There are different types of website page counters. Usually, a website page counter displays the count in plain text or inline digital image format. It depends on the kind that you choose to use for your website. The view counters usually come with the date of the reset or set-up of the counter. Thus, you can quickly determine when you have the most visits or views or customers and when there aren’t as many people who visited your website or viewed your pages.

Why is a Website Visitor Counter Online Important?

  • It tracks website traffic. As already mentioned above, website page counters’ primary purpose is to track your website traffic. When your website or pages are visited by a customer, the page counter you have installed will add a count. By the end of the day, your page counters will reflect the total number of visitors you have. You can also see here which pages had the most clicks and highest interactions. This will give you the information you need to improve certain content on your website and/or your whole website.
  • Gives you data you can use for coming up with marketing strategies. Going further with your website traffic information, having web pages counters will help you get the information you need to create and plan better marketing campaigns and better content for your website. You do this because you can set a goal as soon as you set up your page counter. And with the data that this will provide you, you can know and determine which pages achieved your predetermined goals. You can then analyze and discover which content and techniques work best with your customers and your site visitors. With this information at your fingertips, you can significantly improve your marketing strategies and other content creation techniques.
  • It gives you easy access to compare data. With a website visitor counter online, you can also know the time and days when there are more visitors. That is, you can figure out your peak hours and peak seasons. You can compare your data per day or hour to analyze and conclude what time you have more people visiting your site. You can schedule your promos, pop-ups, giveaways, discounts, and gift vouchers at these times when you know this information. That way, you know that you have more customers than you can potentially interact with.
  • Your customers are given an idea about your website and its visitors. Customers care about what other customers think. Displaying an updated page counter on the website gives your customers a sense of how many fellow customers visited and interacted with your site and content. This would improve your credibility towards them. If they see that many people visit your site regularly, they will be more likely to explore your pages and interact with your website.
  • It helps you to be more transparent. Aside from giving your customers a peek into the traffic to your website, displaying a page counter also boosts your credibility. It gives your customers tangible proof that you have no intention to lie about your products and services and their popularity. You can also emphasize transparency when your page counters reflect exactly what you say on your promotional campaigns and marketing materials. Being transparent and honest with your customers will earn you not only more frequent visitors but, in the long run, more loyal customers who you can count on.

Some Tips on Using Site Counters

  • Put into consideration the kind of website and business that you have. While there are many benefits in using website page counters, it won’t bore any if it is not appropriately used. So don’t just add one for the sake of adding one. Really look into how it will add value to your website in its entirety.
  • Be careful in choosing the kind of page counter that you use for your website. There are various types of page counters that are available online. So when choosing the one that you will use for your own business website, carefully weigh and research the kind of site counters and choose the most appropriate one for your business and your website.
  • Carefully plan the design of your website and how the page counter would go on your pages and your website. Ideally, they should be placed towards the end of the page to not take too much of the attention away from your main products or the primary message of your website and pages.
  • Be careful not to pick a page counter format or design that is not compatible with the current theme that your website already has. It should blend in well with the content that you already have.
  • Website page counters are but a tool. Try not to get overwhelmed by the data it brings to you. It should not be the only basis of the changes you want to improve your pages and website.

Add a Page Counter App With Strikingly

  1. Log in with Strikingly.
  2. Go to your Strikingly editor and “Add a New Section”

Strikingly Add Section

Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. Add an “App Store and HTML” section from the Advanced category.

Strikingly Advanced Sections

Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. Upon adding the section, hover over it and “Edit” to explore the App Store.

Strikingly Edit App Store

Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. Doing so would show you the Strikingly App Store, click on “HTML”.

Strikingly App Store

Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. Go to your website page counter to copy the custom HTML code and paste it into the Strikingly custom code you see on the HTML settings.

Strikingly Custom HTML Code

Image taken from Strikingly Product

Take note that a website page counter is not the only website analytics tool you can use to keep track of your website’s performance and progress. The internet is filled with thousands of other tools that will further help you know the right information and get yourself updated about everything you have to know about your website. Knowing more about your website statistics will be very helpful but in the long run, remember that it matters more that your information is right more than it is plenty.

Strikingly allows you to add a page counter on your website and gives you access to a lot of information regarding your website. This ranges not only from your website performance, your online store purchases, your domain settings, etc. Building your website with Strikingly is fairly simple because there are hundreds of templates that you can start from and modify your website to be the best for your business. Help Strikingly help you and your business to be successful and sign up now!