Previously, marketers splurged on bus stop bench advertising and costly sponsorship deals related to an event to promote their brand. However, as they got to know neuromarketing, they have distanced themselves from these kinds of techniques. Nowadays, one of a marketer's biggest priorities is spending as little time as possible and achieving maximum results. With such a tough situation in their hands, this marketing strategy seems to have ticked all their boxes.

By using creative marketing hacks and incorporating these techniques into your marketing campaign, you will come up with some of the most effective ways of spending your marketing dollars. Basically, the objective of this marketing strategy revolves around anticipation. As a marketing person, you must figure out how the brain of your targeted audience works. By analyzing your target audience, you will be able to identify the triggers that would result in increased online sales, more leads, and a better conversion rate.

What is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is defined as a consequence of combining marketing strategies and neuroscience concepts. This strategy is strongly related to the use of technological advancements, such as brain imaging and scanning. By observing the brain activity, neuromarketers can determine their subjects' responses on specific marketing options, such as product packaging and advertisements.

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This strategy has become a massive hit among marketers worldwide because it eradicates the concept of guesswork in the brainstorming and development of effective marketing campaigns. In simple words, this marketing helps stimulate different parts of the brain that would subconsciously attract the customers towards your services and products. Even though it began in the 1990s, this marketing strategy has gained a lot of attention recently and is considered one of the vital marketing tools for success.

Impactful Neuromarketing Strategies to Consider

1. Human Factor

If you can replace outdated brand messaging, it is called authentic branding. When you get to know neuromarketing techniques, this will be one of the most important things you will encounter. Once you add the human factor into your branding, you can create a brand identity that stands out from your competitors. By adding a face (or more than one face) to your organization, you can make your platform look more authentic to the customers.


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By involving the human factor in your marketing campaigns, you will make your brand more accessible to your customers, which will generate positive feedback from them. It will create a connection with your targeted audience, something that no logo or any other graphic can match. In simple words, displaying faces in your content helps build trust within customers.

2. Scarcity Effect

Humans have a fascinating relationship with an eCommerce website. Usually, we like to demand what is limited in our supply lines. If a product or service is limited, it becomes more valuable. This phenomenon is referred to as the “scarcity effect”. When you want to know about neuromarketing hacks, this will be one of the first things you will be told. The eCommerce websites with a scarcity effect tend to convert an ordinary shopping atmosphere into a memorable one by appealing to the primal objective of humans to covet items they consider as limited.

The power of this marketing strategy lies in the ability of the marketers. They must convince their customers to change their perspectives of a random eCommerce product and consider it a “must-have” commodity. For that, they must write compelling descriptions of the eCommerce products along with high-quality images. The scarcity effect isn’t just associated with the shopping experience. Even after buying the eCommerce product, the thought of a “rare” commodity will make them value the product and the store even more.

3. Press the Pain Button

One of the most significant discoveries that we got to know about neuromarketing is that customers are more responsive to pain than pleasure. This is because convention dictates that marketers must always showcase the benefits and features of acquiring services or purchasing a product. However, this marketing approach believes that the customer care plan tends to hurt them rather than bring them joy when making purchasing decisions. Experts believe that the brain's response to avoiding pain is thrice as enormous as its reaction to seeking pleasure.

4. Bring Emotion

As we understand by the neuromarketing definition, this marketing strategy revolves around scanning the audience's brain. One of the things that influence customers' brains is the brand color. This color will send your brand message to the targeted audience effectively and will make them understand what your products and services are about. One of the talking points regarding the brand color is the kind of emotion or vibe you want to revive. For example, you can use any bright color to announce any limited offer.

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Every color has a specific emotion related to your targeted audience. For example, purple is claimed to be edgy. Red brings excitement and has an adventurous feeling. Blue is associated with cleanliness, honesty, and sincerity. When we talk about green color, we think of freshness and organic content. Apart from that, yellow and orange bring optimism. Your brand personality will be benefited a lot if you can correspond your brand message with the proper use of colors.

Important Neuromarketing Factors

1. Color Psychology

Many marketing people disagree, but color psychology has a massive influence in determining whether the customers buy an eCommerce product from a particular online store or not. According to a study conducted by Neil Patel, 85% of the customers give higher priority to visual appearance and colors while buying a particular eCommerce product. One of the things to note about neuromarketing is that color psychology can be effective as they influence the customers’ behavior and a wide range of their emotions. By selecting the right colors, you will be able to send your brand message successfully to your targeted audience and instruct them to take the necessary action.

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If you want to build a professional website on Strikingly, our editors will provide you with a color palette, which will allow you to choose colors as per your liking. Make sure that you select the right colors for your web pages. For example, you cannot share good news or announce a massive deal with a dark theme. Moreover, you can select the most appropriate background color, font color, call to action (CTA) buttons, and even your entire website theme color.

2. Product Packaging

While developing a marketing plan, one of the most important things to consider is product packaging and designing. You can take your branding to a whole new level by having appropriate packaging strategies. You can get improved results by using neuromarketing techniques for product redesign packaging. Many top marketing people have used these techniques to revive their product design and packaging procedure.

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Frito Lay, one of the marketing people, claimed that shiny packaging with photos of chips resulted in negative feedback. However, customers had an opposite reaction to the brand using matte bags with pictures of potatoes. So, they made a few changes to their product design and moved over from the matte bags. Strikingly enables you to create and print your order receipts for your product packaging design. With just a single click, you will get your transactions and subscription details in printed form.

3. Anchoring Technique

When you start using neuromarketing as a tool, you will go through the anchoring technique. The anchoring technique is strongly related to neuroscience, which enables the customers to make purchasing decisions based on comparative values rather than intrinsic values. This technique is somewhat associated with the SWOT analysis, which requires a complete analysis of the environment of the business operations. Anchoring enables the marketing people to make the most out of the innate human error of making decisions based on the environment, rather than thinking sensibly to make the right decision.


When you go through the neuromarketing definition, you will understand that it is a powerful tool in establishing trust, connecting with your customers, and boosting online sales. Your company will not just convert visitors into leads by applying successful branding techniques and product packaging. It could also result in lifelong customers staying loyal to your name. With days passing by, we are discovering new marketing techniques.

When it comes to a marketing technique, you should never go with the concept of “one-size-fits-all”. These magical recipes will never generate thousands of dollars in revenue per day. However, there are some old and innovative marketing strategies that you can use to ensure that your company grows and prospers. Ensure that you select the right marketing strategy that fulfills all your financial capabilities and resources. Have consistency with your actions and stick to your plans. If you have any questions or need help while building your website, you can chat with us today. Strikingly is ready to overcome your problems all the time.