make a clothing website and increase sales

Do you have a passion for fashion or retail clothing industry? If you are an established retailer or a niche manufacturer wanting to market merchandise, you need to make a clothing website.

If you went by the trends a few years ago, making a website was almost like climbing a mountain. You had to invest in many inexperienced web designers, sit with them, and discuss everything you require in your website. However, thanks to the rapid evolution of technology, creating a website is as easy as opening a new social media account.

If you are not online in fashion or clothing retail, you lose a great opportunity on potential markets and customers. Every industry is benefitting from the online world and building a customer base. Hence, learning how to make a clothing website and build your online presence is important. In today's competitive market, getting on the train now is better than being left behind.

When it comes to a clothing website, there are various products for you to sell. For example, you can target niche designer clothing, resell curated clothes, or your basic clothing line.

Tips to Make a Clothing Website

1) Choose a Clothing Niche

The first step in building your clothing website is to choose a niche for your clothing store. Next, you need to decide what kind of clothes you want to sell and who will be your target audience.

choose clothing niche

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You will find it easy to sell your clothes if you target a specific demographic need rather than trying to impress everyone. You will benefit from targeted messaging relevant to one group and avoid speaking to people with different tastes or interests. For example, you can make a clothing website to sell newborn or toddler clothes. In this case, you will usually speak to the parents or adults.

2) Choose Your Domain Name

A custom domain name is a way forward if you want to add a professional touch to your clothing website. The more professional your clothing website looks, the more people you will attract to buy your clothing range.

Choosing a unique domain name will help you build a strong brand identity. Your domain name identifies where you are and helps people find you easily.

website domain plans

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If you are within the first year of your Strikingly yearly plan, we will offer you a custom domain worth $24.95. However, if you are on trial or want multiple domains, you must pay for those domains per year. The custom domain price on Strikingly starts from $24.95, but it may increase depending on your top-level domain (TLD) extension, such as .com, .org, and .net.

Choosing a domain name can be complicated if you need a company name for your clothing store. You should consider your company; the domain name will naturally come from there.

3) Choose Your Clothing Website Template

The fun part starts when you decide on your clothing store website template. Your template will help you establish the storefront of your dreams so you can hit the ground running with your customers.

You can make a clothing website within minutes thanks to a compilation of pre-designed website templates provided by online store builders, such as Strikingly. You don't need to learn courses in coding or programming to be eligible for website development.

Your website template will create a look or feel of your online store, which is why it is crucial to choose the suitable version. If you are still deciding on your template, we recommend you test some of them before making your final decision. It is almost as if you are trying a new outfit at a clothing store. If one doesn’t fit your taste, you can change and try a new one.

4) Select Target Audience

Remember to remember your target audience when choosing your clothing website templates. If you haven't identified your target audience, you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • How old is your target audience?
  • What do your customers do in life?
  • How much do your customers earn?
  • What kind of lifestyle does your audience prefer?

Once you have identified your customers, you will find it easy to choose your website template. You can put yourself in their shoes and think about what they want to see on your clothing website. Although it is essential to focus on your customers, you must also give a personal touch to your online store to keep your vision intact.

Choosing a website template is about having a balancing act. You must make the clothing website of your dreams and ensure that it satisfies your customers' needs.

5) Add Products to Your Online Store

When you make a clothing website, your eCommerce product page will be the heartbeat of your plans. This is the webpage where you convert window shoppers into paying customers. While your homepage functions as the brick-and-mortar storefront, your product pages will work as the online version of the shop floor.

By relying on Strikingly, adding products couldn't be easier. You can add all the product details (name, image, price, product type) alongside the product description before publishing it on your online store.

add product images

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Keep your customers in mind while developing your eCommerce product page. If your customers become too busy while searching for their desired product or in the checkout process, they will eventually become tired of your clothing store. Therefore, when you develop your product page, you must ensure that your customers identify their products easily.

If you are struggling to build your product page, you can check out your competitors' websites and check out the following things:

  • Are the products displayed in list or grid format?
  • How many products are displayed per webpage?
  • Do you need product categories in the store?
  • Can you filter products by brand, color, and material?

6) Establish Payment Gateways

Setting up your payment gateways is an integral part of your clothing website-building process. To start selling your clothes online, you must connect a payment processor to your clothing website. These services allow you to take credit card payments from your customers.

If you are using Strikingly, you can use PayPal, Square, and Stripe as your payment gateways. In addition, you can use these payment gateways to manage your payments directly on your dashboard.

When you make a clothing website and add payment gateways, you must run a test order alongside it. The test order will make you understand how your customers will feel while progressing through the checkout process so that you can make any changes or improvements.

As a website owner, you also want to ensure that your checkout process is smooth, so keep your customers at this stage of your buying funnel.

7) Market Your Clothing Website

When you make a clothing website and want to attract customers, you must build your presence in the search engines, such as Google. In other words, you must implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in your clothing store.

Your page title is the first thing the customers see on the search engine, whereas the meta-description is found underneath that describes your website.

Your customers search your online store in the search engines through keywords. For example, if you sell clothing accessories, your customers will type "women's vintage clothing" on the Google search bar.

Another thing you must do is to ensure that your content is structured in a way that Google identifies all of it. The content structure will increase your website's search engine ranking and allow your customers to navigate your website comfortably.

Make a Clothing Website on Strikingly

As an entrepreneur, you can look into all the established websites of your competitors. You can identify all the main points your website requires before heading to Strikingly to make your clothing website. Strikingly is a professional clothing website builder that allows you to achieve your dream website in just a few minutes.

strikingly clothing website

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After registering on our platform, you will gain access to our compilation of different website templates. You can select one of the website templates that properly represent your clothing website. Remember to focus on the website design and the aesthetics and ensure it matches the fashion garments you sell.

Our clothing website templates are customizable, so you can effectively add your products, tagline, and promotions. It is vital that your website content is comprehensive and suits your preferred aesthetics.

strikingly website template

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Strikingly is a clothing website builder that allows you to stay in touch with the eCommerce trends by taking advantage of marketing tools, such as newsletter integrations, social media streams, and SEO editors to promote your website. Ensure that you keep the name of your social media page the same as your website name.

When you make a clothing website and publish your content, you must share it on your social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to expand your network. You can also use paid advertisements on search engines and social media platforms to support your clothing website.


Remember to make a clothing website with a brand that is easy to recognize. There is no better way to develop this website than using a fashion website template so you can focus on the more essential things, i.e., your clothing line.

As your niche is clothing-related, your website images become even more critical. Therefore, ensure that you publish high-quality images from every angle so your audience wouldn’t hesitate to buy clothes from your website. As you proceed, your clothing website builder will provide you with extra options to upgrade your website when required.