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Businesses worldwide are not just known for their products or services or even their brand names. They are also known for their visual design, more specifically - their logos. Thus, for any business owner out there, having the best logo design is a must. So if you are one of those amazing business owners, then let’s get started talking about how to design a logo that will best represent your business and your brand.

Why do You Need to Know How to Make a Good Logo?

Designing a logo that is good for your business is an essential aspect of your business activities. A logo design is what your customers see. It is what your customers first notice about your business. It is potentially what your customers will associate with your company and remember it by. Alas, it remains the fact that even the best logo design in the whole world won’t be enough to fully represent the visual design of your business.

Logo Design Tips

1. Build a Solid Foundation

Start with your story. Start with your purpose. Start on what you want to achieve and accomplish - not just with your brand but with your business in general. Remember that your logo design is something your customers (or potential customers) will remember most about you. So you have to make sure that it is appropriate for who your business is and what your business does and represents. All good logos are built on solid groundwork. It is constructed and created with the core value, competencies, and ideals that the business is all about. This is an excellent way to start designing a logo for your business. If you know exactly what your business and your visual design are meant to stand for, then you won’t have much trouble coming up with the best logo design for your business.

2. Create a Moodboard

Another tip to help you learn how to make a logo for your business is to create a mood board. A mood board is a compilation of all your ideas - no matter how random and seemingly unconnected they are, pinned together on a board. This helps you visualize the kind of theme you are leaning towards. It allows you to lay down all your ideas and work your way through them. Designing a logo won’t be easy, especially if you are inspired by many different artistic ideals. This is why creating a mood board is one of our tips in helping you know all about how to make a good logo. Having a mood board will help you come up with the best logo design because it is a way for you to organize and make sense of all the different ideas in your head. It also might give you a good actual image of what you are thinking for your logo design.

3. Play with Different Themes

In connection with the last tip, this next tip will help design a logo as it allows you to expand your horizons. See, most people can decide on what kind of color scheme they want for their logo design. And while that’s all good and amazing, don’t be afraid to be a bit adventurous and play with your logo design a bit. You are just on the drawing board after all - nothing’s final yet. So play as much as you can. Explore different colors, different styles, and/or different symbols. You need to flush out as much as possible because you might discover the best logo design in the ideas that come later in your creative process. Just make sure never to veer away from what you initially set as your foundation.

4. Explore Fonts

Similarly, you can also have a bit of fun with the typography of your logo design. Again, nothing’s final, and everything is just a draft. So don’t let yourself and your logo design be boxed in the constraints of it all. You can explore through the millions of font types that are existent today. You might discover new font types along the way - and fight the right and the best one you can use in designing a logo. Remember that there is no static and permanent way on how to design a logo. Exploring the menu of typography might actually lead you towards the right path. And this can also be applied in how you style your typography on your logo design. There are numerous ways to use typography on your logo design, don’t be afraid to exhaust all your options.

5. Don’t Be Too Serious

Have fun with designing a logo. Don’t be such a passive character because it will reflect on your final logo design. See, some businesses make the mistake of designing a logo that is too literal for the target audience and the taste of even their loyal customers. You need to think outside the box. We know that your brand name is precisely what your business is all about, but your logo design doesn’t have to be an exact and literal interpretation of that. You can get really creative when you are designing a logo.

6. Aim to Stand Out

Never be like everyone else. While it is essential for us people to always fit in, remember that you want your business to stand out from the rest. And one way to do that is to ensure that you have the best logo design out of everyone in the business. That doesn’t always mean that you have to be the most sophisticated or colorful or the like. It just means that something sets you apart from everyone else. When you are designing a logo, remember that you would want your customers to remember you well. And you can’t exactly do that if your logo design is similar to everything else that they see daily. Let them be curious or surprised, or even stunned when they see your logo design. Aim to get that second look as they pass by anything you have your logo design engraved and stamped.

7. Get a Second Opinion

As you start to make the final drafts of your logo design, it is imperative and helpful for you to get another person’s perspective. You can show your family and friends what you’ve got so far and ask them for any feedback, opinions, and suggestions. Don’t be afraid to really go into the details with them. If they are open to conversation, engage them about what they think might be better or what you can add or remove to help make your logo design better than it already is. It is instrumental to your business and logo design’s growth and improvement for you to not be the only judge of a design that you created. Another pair/s of eyes will get you a whole new perspective and angle on how to approach things.

8. Consider Other Factors of Visual Design

Remember that your logo design is only one of your visual design’s many and most important aspects. Thus, it is important that as you are designing a logo, you are also thinking about the other aspects of your visual design. Don’t forget to look at the whole and wider picture. You have to visualize not only what your logo design will look like. You also have to imagine how it will look when combined with your other visual elements and products (packaging, promotional materials, and your main products). It doesn’t have to necessarily be uniform, but it has to complement and highlight good aspects of your visual design and your business above all.

9. Be Open to Criticisms

You can do a test run and expose your logo design to the public. But make sure that what you release is something that you are already proud of and satisfied with. Because once you open that box, you can’t just close it and hope your customers will forget it. So be open to criticisms. Your most loyal customers will definitely have some say about your logo design. And even while you are just designing a logo for your business, you will have teammates, colleagues, friends, and family that might criticize even the best logo design you have created. Try not to take it too personally. After all, they are only trying to help you create a logo design that will be best for your business.

10. Try Animations

Today’s technological advancements allow you to not only have a static logo design and an animated one as well. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to design a logo that moves. We are trying to point out that you might want to try and explore how to make a logo that moves, dances, or travels. Play around with your logo and try to prepare it for a future animated version if you can. This will help you stand out even more from all your competitors. After all, the best logo design doesn’t have to win over just one set of criteria but varies from time to time and from industry to industry.

Designing a Logo and Uploading it on Your Strikingly Website

Strikingly allows you to put the best design logo in different parts of your website. This will enable you to fully optimize your website and help your customers or site visitors to really remember your logo design and your business’s visual identity. Just hover and click over the logo on any of the Strikingly templates, and you can easily upload a new image.

Upload Image Strikingly Site

Image taken from Strikingly Product

  1. You can put your logo design directly in the middle of your landing page.

Zaping Versions

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

  1. You can put your logo on the header of your website, like so.

Ooo Graphic Design Site

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

  1. You can also put your logo design on the sidebar of your website.

Sim Mau Website

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Both of these choices allow your best design logo to continuously be visible while your customers or site visitors scroll through your website.

Your logo design is one of the most critical aspects of creating your website. You would have to really commit to coming up with the best logo design for your business. Keep in mind the tips that we have shared with you, and you’re golden. And with tools like Strikingly, you can not only start designing a logo but also have an excellent avenue to display and share your design logo in. Sign up with Strikingly now!