Holiday Marketing Campaign

Everyone loves the holiday season - no matter which holiday season we are talking about. Admittedly, we all have our favorites, but each holiday is one we are bound to enjoy. As you may already know, a successful holiday marketing campaign is a big deal in the business world. This shouldn't be a surprise given that society highly regards each kind of holiday. Businesses worldwide want to join in on as much holiday fun as possible. And someone who is part of the business world, whether as an owner or an employee, would want to know how exactly they can enjoy the holiday season and how they can bring that fun into the business they are involved in. If you are one of those kinds of people, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss holiday cheer and give out some holiday marketing campaign tips that you can take note of and apply to your business.

Creative Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holiday cheers and fun times are things everyone is familiar with. While there are holidays specific to certain locations and nationalities, there are still plenty that the world celebrates and enjoys. Now, you might be asking yourself if you must take part and prepare a holiday marketing campaign for all kinds of holidays. The answer usually depends on the business you have or are part of. But see, in essence, why wouldn’t you want to be part of the festivities? This is where good research of your customers and your market becomes useful. Because, if you are located or based somewhere wherein a majority of the community values even the smallest local holidays, it would be a mistake to not participate and participate even in the slightest way possible. After all, all the successful holiday marketing campaigns have at their core the goal of connecting better with the customers. Keep that in mind as you read about the different holiday marketing campaign examples and tips we will give you.

Holiday Marketing Campaign Tips

This list does not cover all the successful marketing campaign examples, and where these are eight of the best ones you can use or be inspired by to create your own.

1. Hooray for Games and Giveaways

Everybody loves games and giveaways. And since they also love the holiday season, it makes sense that games and giveaways during holidays essentially make the best holiday marketing campaign examples, right? Exactly right. Coming up with ideas for games and contests that are appropriate–themed for a specific holiday will not be easy. Still, it is definitely worth it when customers line up to participate. With this creative holiday marketing campaign, you must be careful in balancing the fun and the costs. Make sure to do your research and analytics to come up with the right ideas.

2. Holiday-Themed Special Products

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Now, this second item off our list is one of the holiday marketing campaign examples that are really not for all the businesses. This holiday marketing campaign is only applicable and best used if your business type and business model have room for such innovations. Don’t fret if you don’t because there are other holiday marketing campaign tips that are better for you (hat tip: go for holiday-themed packaging). But if you do, then you are also in for a treat. Customers love limited edition products - especially the ones that are holiday-themed. You don’t have to innovate a whole new product (but you most definitely can), you can just find a way to incorporate the holiday spirit into a couple of your products, and you’re good to go.

3. Video Cheers for the Holiday

Using photographs for your holiday marketing campaign is still good, especially in some avenues and mediums. A successful holiday marketing campaign is incomplete nowadays if you do not use videos. Best displayed and shared on your website and social media platforms, video advertisements allow you to directly tell your story and connect with your audience better. Video formats are also useful in many different types of holiday marketing campaign examples that cannot be fully expressed with just words and photographs. After all, today's customers love watching videos, so using them for your creative holiday marketing campaign is one of the best things you can do.

4. Holiday Get-Together

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Most holidays, no matter how small or big, usually emphasize the importance of community and family. So what better way to do a holiday marketing campaign than to incorporate these themes? And why hold back on just injecting community and familial themes into your other creative holiday marketing campaigns? We suggest going all the way and coming up with different holiday marketing campaign ideas that allow you to invite your customers into your “family”. You can conduct online forums, have fun games, or start a funfest where you and your customers can interact and celebrate the holiday season together!

5. A Reminder for the Value Within

Your successful holiday marketing campaign can be as simple as something that tugs the heart of your customers and reminds them of what that specific holiday is all about. There are many holidays whose themes coincide: family, love, community, friendship, freedom, etc. Having these values be the center and star of your creative holiday marketing campaign is one of the best things you can do because it helps you to pull customers towards your business. Helping your customers relate to your advertisements and other marketing campaign techniques is one of the most basic yet, effective holiday marketing campaign examples we can give you.

6. Special Promos for the Special Days

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Promos are already special and exciting for many people, even more so during the holiday season. You probably understand that the holiday season can be very costly, even for a regular person (those without businesses to handle). And so, when businesses like yours have special promos for these special holidays, you promote your business and essentially help your customers. And this is not only a successful holiday marketing campaign technique because it tends to boost your sales, it also helps you earn your customers’ loyalty to your business in the long run.

7. Be the Elf and Provide Help

While this is one of those holiday marketing campaign tips that is obviously Christmas-inspired, it is most certainly still applicable to all other holidays. While you may or may not directly endorse your products with it, the “Guide to-” certain holidays type of creative holiday marketing campaign technique works well with gaining trust and good rapport with your customers. These can be just simple steps or helpful techniques on how to not only survive particular holiday seasons but actually enjoy them. Given the right design and the right layout, and of course, the right content, your customers will really appreciate this type of holiday marketing campaign because it is beneficial to them.

8. Share your Very Own Holiday Stories

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People love learning about people - especially during the holidays. That’s how we know sharing your own (or your team’s) holiday stories makes for a good and creative holiday marketing campaign. See, you can get creative and make it into a series (of photo blogs, videos, or podcasts) that you share throughout the particular holiday season. This will not only give you content that will surely resonate with your customers, but it is also a great subtle way to endorse your business and your products. It will also be a good way to show appreciation for your team’s commitment to the business and flex their skills and talents to the world.

While you may argue that not all these holiday marketing campaign tips are appropriate and applicable to your business, these are not rules and set-in-stone holiday marketing campaign ideas. This means you can take their essence and revamp it into a new and creative holiday marketing campaign. You must remember that a successful holiday marketing campaign is one that not only will you benefit from but, most importantly, is one in which your customers and clients will feel the spirit of that special holiday. Don’t focus only on the profit (although it should still play a part) because filling your customers with holiday joy might lead to you earning their loyalty forever in the long run.

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