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The product packaging is the face of your brand once it meets your customers in person. As a business owner, you have to make it count and create a good impression. From the way your product packaging design looks to the quality of the goods you sell, they all tell about how much effort you’ve exerted to deliver the best for your customers. A good packaging design and quality products make your business remarkable and unforgettable. When you develop a product packaging that sells, impressive results can be expected. This is why we’ve sorted the finest tips on making it right. Also, it’s ideal for entrepreneurs like you to take a deeper understanding of the importance of product packaging to your business.

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Why Do You Need a Good Product Packaging That Sells?

First impressions are crucial. Your product packaging is the first thing your customers see when they receive the parcel. It’s the first thing that says ‘’hello’’ to the customers. A good packaging design is something that manufacturers should not overlook. Otherwise, a lousy product packaging design may ruin the first impression chain. Here are some of the most significant reasons you should invest in good product packaging above anything else.

∙ Good packaging protects the product.

Good product packaging protects the product inside. While in transit, the shipment may be damaged or exposed to bad weather conditions. To avoid disappointment to your customers, your product packaging serves as the house of your product. It’s essential to keep the product of good quality.

∙ Product packaging helps promote and display your brand identity.

If you’re thinking about promoting your brand, your product packaging is the perfect way to display your logo. It helps deliver a strong and clear message to your customers that you’re serious about running a business. Building a strong brand that stands out means taking every opportunity that counts.

∙ Good packaging design attracts more buyers.

Who wouldn’t love those cute little boxes we receive from an artisan shop or jewelry store? Yes, they aren’t just cute but also look attractive. A good product packaging design excites the customers even before seeing what’s inside is more than just a box that you can put on a shipping label. In the end, you get more buyers.

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8 Tips to Have a Good Product Packaging Design

  1. You Might Need a Product Packaging Designer
  2. Product Packaging Gives Brand Identity
  3. Packaging Communicates to Customers
  4. Good Packaging Design Adds Value
  5. Pay Attention to the Smallest Details
  6. Check Out How Your Products Look on the Shelves
  7. Consider Good Quality of Packaging Materials
  8. Just Keep It Simple and Smart

1. You Might Need a Product Packaging Designer

Professional designers are experts in their craft. It is good to invest in something that your customers will always see – a good packaging design. You should not settle for less when it comes to your brand logo. It must be a perfect fit for how you deliver quality products and services. Don’t settle for less. Otherwise, it could make or break your brand strategy. You can’t compromise your brand with a design disaster as a business owner.


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2. Product Packaging Gives Brand Identity

For startup business owners, brand awareness is crucial in the first stage. Using product packaging very well can promote your business brand on the same level. You should clearly display the brand logo on your packaging. The characteristics of effective product packaging are as follows:

  • Your customers can easily recognize your brand with your packaging.
  • It creates a good impression on new customers.
  • You have returning customers complimenting good packaging design.

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3. Packaging Communicates to Customers

Since your product packaging is the face of your brand physically, you must ensure that it communicates very well to your customers. Clear communication sets proper expectations. There are several questions that your customers might be looking for in your product packaging.

  • To whom is the product?
  • How to properly use the product?
  • Where is the product manufactured?
  • When does the product expire?
  • What is the seller's contact information?

(Note: The shipping label plays a big role in this part. Strikingly has a built-in shipping label that is ready for printing. You don’t need to type in your info or your customer’s contact details. You can include a QR code)

  • What’s the product for, and how can it improve your customer’s life?

4. Good Packaging Design Adds Value

Aside from having protective product packaging, it adds value to the product itself. Practically speaking, you can’t avoid several factors that may affect the quality of your product. For instance, a box can protect them from direct exposure to dust, sunlight, etc. This is how a good packaging design adds value to your product. With proper caution and direction for the proper use, your customers will definitely love your products.

5. Pay Attention to the Smallest Details

When you carefully plan your packaging, it tells your customers that you mean serious business. Gaining trust and confidence from your customer is totally worth it. You don’t just brush off small details because others may not pay attention to them. For some customers, FDA, ISO, and others passed certification matter.

In the Penji article, it is stated that according to the Paper and Packaging Board survey, switch to cardboard or paper if you want to have premium packaging since 63% of consumers perceive that. it would also influence them to buy more from the store or retailer.

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6. Check Out How Your Products Look on the Shelves

Alright, you’ve got retailers lining up to sell your products. Before anything else, you must also think of how your product looks on the shelves. Where will it be displayed? Are the fonts readable enough? Does the color of your packaging carry your business theme? Keep in mind that the use of the right colors will get the attention of most buyers. Based on the color Psychology by Penji, choosing the right combination of colors can help customers see the brand personality that you want them to have of your brand.

These and all the other things that matter once your products meet customers. You need to have a clear vision of how you want your products to greet new consumers who will soon be loyal ones.

7. Consider Good Quality of Packaging Materials

Be cautious of the right packaging materials that you will use. Some products may require medical-grade materials or are typically appropriate to the product inside. You must know your product packaging materials well. What are its components? Will it cause harm if the temperature rises? These are some of the important details you must be aware of.

Aside from keeping the products safe and healthy, you can practically plan for the costs of packaging materials. Knowing them well can help you identify similar materials that will not compromise the quality of the products. What matters most is keeping good product quality until the customers get the package.

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8. Keep it Simple and Smart

Keep your product packaging design simple and smart. It may sound as usual, but it is basic. Now that more people embrace minimalist themes, why not go and grab it for your design ideas? The simpler your design is, the smarter it looks. For the health and wellness category, simple designs are ideal. Don’t add too much complexity that may cause distraction. Younger audiences love the minimalist theme than traditional overrated packaging designs. Just keep your message clear and the correct information. Make sure you know your target customers well. What do they want to see? How will you make them feel special with the packaging of their orders? Simple things like that can give your eCommerce business an extra mile to success.

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Key Takeaways

The importance of product packaging is evident in your business deals and transactions. Beyond information, it also serves as a guarantee to deliver only the best quality of products. More than just the color or font style you’ve used, good packaging hints at clear information to your customers that they won’t go wrong with your products. It helps business owners maintain good quality products while being shipped, so that customer satisfaction is achieved when they arrive. More than just paper bags, boxes, and pouches, they bring out the best in your business by showing how you handle your customers' orders. This is a commitment you shouldn’t compromise – quality. Strikingly’s drive to cater to the best quality web features and services has gone global in less than a decade since its founding. If you’re one of our users or are yet to join our 12 million entrepreneurs and business owners internationally, we guarantee that our website is easy-to-use. So, try it for yourself. We’d love it if you talked to us about building your own business website.