Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

In the eCommerce world today, every business person has certain objectives. However, they all want to see an increase in their online sales. They don’t demand perfection from their business but the least the demand is the best commitment from themselves and their team. If they don’t generate quality online sales from their website, they eventually lose their motivation and urgency to maintain their productivity. One of the ways to boost a website’s conversion rate is by creating an effective word of mouth marketing strategy.

Money talks but it also influences your behavior towards your professional work. If your online business doesn’t meet your objectives, it is of no value and will eventually collapse in the digital world. Considering the competition the online world has nowadays, the last thing you would want is the loss of credibility. However, the word-of-mouth marketing strategy seems to be a powerful strategy in the digital world today that is becoming popular within the business community in recent years.

What is Word-of-Mouth Marketing?

If you want the best results for your online business, you must know what is word of mouth marketing. It is defined as the procedure of spreading the marketing message of a particular business organization by informing customers about it and influencing them so they can speak about it with their relatives and friends. Nowadays, many marketing messages are conveyed through social media content. Traditionally, this marketing strategy revolved around one person spreading messages through recommendations.

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However, word-of-mouth marketing strategy is now used to analyze both the natural and targeted efforts of enabling customers to share their reviews about a specific brand. Social media has become congested that even a single share on Facebook or any other popular platform can influence a business’ reach and leads. A quality brand marketing strategy conveys a brand message to the biggest audiences in a short period. Many digital marketing experts encourage sharing of content with everyone during the week. Digital marketing strongly influences the role of word-of-mouth marketing.

Benefits of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

1. Less Investment

If you can convey your marketing message without the use of social media content, you are growing your online sales without doing much investment. Many online businesses are working these days without having the concept of organic reach. When you create a word of mouth marketing strategy, your business will benefit as it will help in the magnification of their ads. In simple words, a word of mouth marketing strategy makes the marketing campaigns cheap.

2. Brand Community

One of the big advantages of word of mouth marketing strategy is that it helps you in building an effective online community. In usual cases, the online communities are built either on social media or forums provided on the website. The customers go to that forum and fill in their critical details. After that, they convey their message to the website owner and inform them about the things that are not good related to their website. Even if it isn’t about the website in general, they talk about the scope of their business and the targets they look forward to achieving in the coming years.

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Strikingly is a massive advocate of bringing communities together for a good cause. Therefore, we provide our customers and users with a feature called “Idea Forum''. In this section, the customers and users can interact with each other about Strikingly’s innovative features and products. They can share their opinions about our functionalities. It isn’t necessary that you only have to provide positive reviews about our features because we also believe in constructive criticism.

3. Create a Buzz

Another one of the big advantages of word of mouth marketing strategy is that it creates hype and a buzz about the brand campaign. It makes the people give shout-outs to your products, services, or simply your brand through their social media accounts. Many people do that on their Instagram stories these days. If your brand has a high customer lifetime value, your business model will become profitable.

Tips to Create Quality Word-of-Mouth Marketing

1. Quality Product Experience

As a business person, when you create a word of mouth marketing strategy, you create it by entirely focusing on the displayed products. On an eCommerce website, the products are your bread and butter. As a business owner, you must give the authority to your customers to share their experiences with your products and services. The only way they can share positive reviews about your products is if you give them quality customer service. If they are not satisfied with your product, there is no way that they will recommend any of your products to their friends or relatives.

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In eCommerce, you must understand that it takes years to build credibility and only a few seconds to destroy. When you sell products on your website, your credibility is at stake, and you must do everything to protect it. If you have negative reviews in the review section of your Strikingly website, it won’t favor your credibility. By selling quality products, the customers won’t just complete one purchase from your store. They will return to your online store and conduct further orders.

2. Sell Quality Products

This point overlaps with the first but has a little difference. In the first point, you must create an environment for the customers to visit your online store and buy products. At this point, you simply have to sell quality products and take advantage of a solid customer base. It is almost like you are preparing food, you have represented your food in the first point, and you will deliver it to your customers in the second point. The best word of mouth advertising is when you have exceeded your customer’s expectations.

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When you have exceeded their expectations, the customers would demand more from you. Strikingly seems to be the website builder that fulfills the expectation of almost every customer. We enable you to create quality eCommerce websites where you can implement your word of mouth marketing strategy by uploading quality products and delivering them to your customers. Strikingly provides multiple payment gateways, allowing customers to complete the payment procedure even if they don’t have PayPal. You can also create product categories that will make life easy for the customers in terms of searching.

3. Process Orders

Checking the orders is as important as delivering quality products to your customers. As your business grows, you are going to receive more and more orders. You must conduct the orders efficiently without giving them any reasons for complacency. If there is a delay in product delivery or the product is delivered timely but broken, it will result in negative reviews on your website.

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When you create an eCommerce website on Strikingly, make sure that you check out the order management system we provide. An ideal order management system paves the way for an effective word of mouth marketing strategy. Through that order management system, you can let your customers know about the order status. You must also let the customers know about the product status before they complete an order. For example, if a product is unavailable and the customer orders it, it will leave a bad reputation on your end.

4. Marketing Campaigns

No business in the world can just rely on the advantages of word of mouth marketing strategy alone. If you want your customers to start talking about your brand, you must run marketing campaigns that bring excitement to your customers so that they can also inform their relatives and friends about it.

Strikingly believes that the best form of marketing campaign is done through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, you pay commissions for online sales to anyone who promotes or recommends your product. It is pretty much how our affiliate program works. Whether you are a paid or free plan user, you can be part of our program and earn a 30% commission upon every referral that you make.


The online world is filled with competition and ruthlessness. Every marketing person wants to be ahead of the others and it almost feels like you are part of a racing game. However, if you want to run faster in this race, you must implement relevant marketing strategies. One of those marketing approaches is building an effective word of mouth marketing strategy. To make sure that your online sales continue to remain by your expectations, you must be aware of such trending marketing techniques.

To implement these relevant marketing strategies, you must build a quality website and this is where Strikingly comes in. You can create powerful websites without breaking a sweat. Most importantly, you can design beautiful websites without writing a single line of code. Once you have customized one of our responsive templates, you can publish your website and start running your marketing strategies. Have any questions about website building? Let our Happiness Officers know about it so they can show you how it’s done. So, create a quality website on Strikingly and implement relevant marketing strategies to satisfy your customers.