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Businesses today operate in an extremely competitive, highly computerized environment. Every company needs sound brand management strategies to keep up with the shifting market trends because companies can easily access their prospects on a worldwide scale through the internet world. Having a distinctive selling proposition for your goods or services is an excellent method to deal with competition.

The taglines and commercials for well-known products contain several examples of unique selling propositions. However, before we can comprehend these examples of unique selling propositions, we must first understand what is unique selling proposition.

What is Unique Selling Proposition?

Salespeople utilize a unique selling proposition, or USP, to convey the salient features that set your product apart from the competitors. A successful USP distinguishes what your business offers by what you stand for and how this benefits your clients. It also communicates your brand's values.

A statement that clearly describes how your company, product, or service differs from your competitors is known as a unique selling proposition (USP). It outlines why clients should choose you above the competition and what makes your business the better choice. Your USP can be a valuable tool for helping you concentrate on your marketing objectives and confirming that each piece of marketing material you produce successfully distinguishes you from the competition. Your USP may significantly influence your branding strategy and help people remember your company.

What Justifies the Need for a Unique Selling Proposition?

Unique Selling Proposition

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Every company needs to have a differentiating feature. Customers won't be able to fully appreciate the brand and everything it has to offer without it. Expect your audience to migrate to other brands if you slightly raise prices by adjusting your pricing tactics or if your products aren't offered in convenient locations when they don't acknowledge your brand value.

Unique Selling Point Advantage

After reading the preceding explanation, you already know that a unique selling point (USP) plays a significant role in the business sector and offers several advantages. Here are a few unique selling proposition examples.

1. Establish Your Business Identity

Unique Selling Proposition

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A unique selling proposition's primary advantage is that it establishes the company's identity and sets it apart from rivals. As the USP of your company's goods and services, you might highlight some distinctive characteristics, high-quality components, an intuitive application interface, reasonable costs, excellent customer service, and so on.

2. Boost Your Income

Customers will see your company as having a strong USP when it highlights the benefits of the goods or services you offer, which will undoubtedly impact your revenue. The likelihood of making money increases with the accuracy of the USP associated with the service as perceived by customers.

3. Making an Image

Because of a positive reputation, you can grow a devoted market in addition to generating sales. Therefore, strive to deliver the most outstanding service in line with the developed USP so that customers will stick with you.

4. Simple Promotion

 Unique Selling Proposition

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The last advantage of a USP is that it makes it simpler for you to run promotions. If you have devoted clients, there's a chance that they'll recommend your business's goods and services to their friends and family since they align with the Unique Selling Points you've outlined.

5. Easier Sales

Even simple marketing campaigns might be more successful if you explicitly state your unique selling proposition. Instead of creating a lengthy marketing funnel, you can make brief, straightforward social media ads that have the possibility of going viral by using a slogan that highlights the USP of your product.

How to Write a Unique Selling Proposition?

Now that you know its significance, let's look at how to write a unique selling proposition. There are only five easy steps to complete.

a. Identify Your Target Market

Identifying the customers you aim for should be your first step. Knowing your target market's lifestyle enables you to put yourself in their shoes and create a unique selling proposal from their point of view. The more your target market can relate to your advertisements, the more inclined they will be to purchase your goods. This is the quickest approach to selling a thing.

b. Describe the Issue You Resolved

You must communicate their difficulties and how your solution will solve them after learning how your potential clients think. The process of creating a robust and unique selling proposition includes recognizing this.

c. List the Special Advantages

 Unique Selling Proposition

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Once your product is finished, it will undoubtedly have some distinctive qualities, but it could be challenging to pinpoint and compile a list of them. Write down all the outstanding features of your product that you believe will benefit your clients. Making this list will make it simpler for you to create a slogan or tagline that condenses all of your product's unique advantages into a single line, enhancing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

d. Specify What You Promise

Making a promise to your clients and customers is a necessary step in the writing process for a unique selling proposition. This guarantee can either be stated explicitly in your USP or written separately and included in your advertising themes.

e. Complement and Revamp

It's time to combine all the ideas above to form a paragraph. You will see that you have accumulated a few reoccurring concepts and ideas at this point. You must start combining and reworking them to flow together and make sense.

f. Remove It

The final stage is to reduce further the data you have gathered into a single sentence. The final version of your USP should be as precise and uncomplicated as possible. Your buyers will easily understand what you are saying if you explain your unique selling proposition clearly. There is nothing wrong with creating numerous drafts over the course of a week to arrive at your ultimate, precise, unique selling proposition. If your company grows to enter new markets, develops a new product line, or diversifies into a new industry, you can repeat this process to change your unique selling proposition.

Examples of Unique Selling Propositions

Here are 3 historical instances of USPs developed by well-known brands. Firms can use such examples of unique selling propositions to generate more intriguing concepts for marketing their goods and services.

1. Canva - "Empowering the world to design"

Unique Selling Proposition canva

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One of the best unique selling proposition examples in the SaaS sector can be found on the online graphic design site Canva. Its main goal is to simplify graphic design so everyone can create beautiful designs without being constrained by expensive and challenging design software packages like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The slogan "Empowering the world to design" explains what makes the service unique and exceptional without needing excessive words. What else does it represent, then?

  • The simplicity of use of the software, particularly its drag-and-drop capabilities and pre-made templates
  • Affordable costs for more people
  • Market competitive advantage

2. Bee’s Wrap - A Simple Solution to Plastic Pollution

Beeswrap usp

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To replace plastic wraps, Bee's Wrap produces reusable food wraps made of cotton, beeswax, and tree resin. The company's name, "Bee's Wrap," already implies natural, healthy products, and its unique selling proposition highlights the advantages using their wrap has for the environment. They may differentiate themselves from their rivals by positioning themselves as the solution to the pollution caused by plastic, a problem that no one likes.

3. FedEx - When It Absolutely , Positively Has to be There Overnight

fedex usp

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Between 1978 and 1983, FedEx used this potent USP. Since then, it has been taught in business schools. Delivering packages promptly and dependably from one location to another is the entire purpose of FedEx. This is explicitly stated in their USP. The phrase "...absolutely, positively..." is repeated, gently highlighting that FedEx understands the value of overnight service for its clients. And they pledge to follow through.


A USP is more than just a compelling sentence on your home page. Ultimately, it's about how you present your goods, or even your entire company, to the outside world. You can have a powerful USP even if none of your items are unique in and of themselves. Instead, seek a market location where you can establish yourself that is mostly untapped by the competition. There may be a dozen different ways to market your goods, but your USP is the key concept that best positions your company in light of the concerns of your target audience and what sets you apart from your rivals.

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