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In the digital world today, you will find almost every second person finding ways to increase cash flow. The way in which the inflation problems are going on in almost every country in the world, it is important for you to have an additional source of income. If you can identify the ways for improving your revenue, it will hold extreme significance for your business goals and success story. If you implement the right formulae when it comes to your cash flow management, it will only be a matter of time before you start achieving desirable results.

However, certain factors have an impact on both your revenue and your expenditures. You must address them quickly to ensure no blockage in your cash flow management. Whether you have a physical or created an online store on a quality website builder, you must have the authority to manage your cash inflows and outflows simultaneously. Managing your cash flow can truly make or break your career at the professional level.

Best Ways to Increase Cash Flow

1. Pricing Strategy

In eCommerce, the most significant thing is the product pricing strategy. When a customer or a visitor lands on your eCommerce website, it is more than likely that they have come to identify one of their desired products on your website. Very few website owners come to an eCommerce website just to collect information about certain products. When you understand how to increase cash flow, you must have the strategies in place for product pricing. If you have experience selling products before, the best way to increase your revenue is by increasing your overall prices.

product pricing strategy

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Obviously, we don’t mean to say that you should increase the prices without any evaluation or analysis. You can check out the prices your competitors are putting on similar products and increase your prices based on their costs. It can be a risky approach considering the customers’ trust is highly volatile in today’s day and age, but it takes courage to implement this concept successfully. If you keep the prices down for the sake of your customers, your revenue and profit will go nowhere.

2. Improvement in Inventory

When you go through an overview of how to increase cash flow in a business, one of the major talking points is inventory. The improvement in inventory is a brilliant way to increase your revenue because you will know about the products that are getting sold quickly and the ones no one seems to be interested in. Therefore, you can create a list of hot products in the market and remove the ones that are forever stuck in your warehouse.

If you want to make money from the products that are not sold, you can offer discounts on them. Keeping an updated inventory will help you address the areas that impact your cash flow and expenses. Strikingly enables you to create an excellent eCommerce website. After customizing the template, you can add all your top-quality products to your online store and make categories. Strikingly also helps you create product categories based on the product's nature and scope in the market.

3. Multiple Payment Methods

Multiple payment systems have become one of the most common ways for improving cash flow nowadays. When creating an eCommerce website, you must not forget the inclusion of multiple payment methods. You will not lose any of your international customers by providing multiple payment gateways. If your website is created in the United States, you shouldn’t just accept money in USD currency. Instead, you must provide different gateways to accept income from customers worldwide.

multiple payment gateways

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Strikingly provides you with a feature of multiple payment gateways to increase cash flow. Paypal is arguably the most common gateway for accepting cash from customers worldwide. Apart from that, Square and Stripe are also part of our payment section. We also enable our customers to convert the currency of their payments as per their living location. We provide our customers with secure checkout and an easy-to-use, simple store. As a result, they don’t have any problems conducting online transactions.

4. Discounts

Do you think coupons and discounts are just there to benefit the customers? If you think that way, think again because it is a win-win situation for both the customer and the business owner. In today’s eCommerce world, discounts have become one of the most common ways to increase cash flow. Coupons and discounts have become brilliant ways to make a good impact on your customers.

coupons and discounts

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As discussed in one of our previous points, you can eliminate all the unwanted products in your online store by putting discounts on them. After all, “something is better than nothing,” and you can get a certain amount of cash on those products rather than removing them without getting anything in return. You can then replace those products with the ones trending in the eCommerce market today. Strikingly enables you to attach discounts on your eCommerce products in your online store.

5. Proactive Approach

It is always said that if you want to increase cash flow in the eCommerce world today, you must always think like a customer. By having this mindset, you can anticipate their problems and work on them before they even raise a related point. It is not a surprise that you will see huge product development costs up to your sleeves. To meet those expenses, you must come up with unique ideas to maximize cash flow. If you think about all the problems you can face instantly, you will start prioritizing your available resources.

startup youth website

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For example, you may talk to the financial assistance department or lenders that welcome the idea of accepting your payments. By considering strategies related to your cash flow, you can reap benefits quickly. Whether you are an experienced businessman or a young CEO, there are many ways to make an online presence for your business. You can check out the Startup Youth website on Strikingly and see how influential it is for various entrepreneurs worldwide.

6. Social Media Influence

Nobody can, indeed, create an online business on their first attempt, especially if they are beginners. To make matters easy for you and your business, you can create an online community through cooperatives. A buying cooperative is essential in improving cash flow of your business. You must always prioritize businessmen willing to negotiate bulk prices and aim to increase cash flow. You can get discounts from suppliers if you tend to form a buying cooperative rather than going for a retail price.

social media integration

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If you have a Strikingly website, you can do this by integrating your social media accounts into your website section. Strikingly enables you to add social media accounts in the form of icons. As a result, you can get updated about all the groups and communities in the same venture. It is not about not believing in individuality and doing an online collaboration to make the most out of your business.

7. Send Invoices

Sending invoices to customers is a very productive and simple way to increase cash flow of your business. When you send invoices to your customers who have to send you money immediately, you can talk about the factors that might result in delayed payments. The delay of payments is the last thing you would want to improve cash flow. You can talk about electronic payment methods, such as Paypal and Stripe. Paypal is the most common electronic payment gateway, allowing business owners to send invoices to customers easily.

8. Control Bank Accounts

If you want to increase cash flow, you must be aware of all the money going in and out of the bank accounts. You must also have a strong opinion about your business accounting. Even if you have trustworthy partners alongside you, you shouldn’t give full access to these details. The information of a bank account is critical and isn’t something you should be messing around with. Protecting your assets and controlling your business finances will bring clarity to your business vision.


The world is under a massive dark cloud of inflation, and people are literally walking on thin ice financially. We have seen the richest people in the world succumbing to this inflation and their businesses getting destroyed. Therefore, you must proactively approach and find ways to increase cash flow. On Strikingly, we fully value every business owner's effort and work ethic.

To make things easy for our business owners, we help them create eCommerce websites without investing a single penny. We provide a compilation of mobile-friendly website templates, which you can customize per your business idea. Once you are done with the customization, you can start adding all the eCommerce products on your website and associate them with a particular price tag. If you have problems with website development, you can communicate with our Happiness Officers immediately. So, create the best eCommerce website on Strikingly and find ways to improve your cash flow.