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White label products offer tremendous benefits to eCommerce businesses. By leveraging white label products, businesses can quickly expand their product offering without additional manufacturing costs.

White label products are ready-made; you can rebrand them with your business logo or name. These products make it easier for businesses to grow their eCommerce presence and market share.

Furthermore, white label products are a cost-effective way to diversify your product range. You’ll be able to offer a variety of products to your customers. This article explores the benefits of white label products and how you can use them to grow a great online presence.

What Is White Label?

White label products are manufactured goods sold under another company's brand or name. Typically, these products are produced by a manufacturer and sold to several retailers. The retailers then sell the products under their brand name and identity.

A white label product is easily recognizable, as the product is the same regardless of the company selling it. Popular brand names that use white label products include Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Nestle.

White label products can apply to many products, including food and beverage, home appliances, clothing, electronics, and health and beauty products. These products comply with regulations and certifications in different countries, ensuring that retailers can sell the product globally.

Most white label products come with warranties to help ensure quality. White labels are an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who have an idea for a product but lack the resources to manufacture it.

How Can White Label Products Help You Grow Your Ecommerce Business?

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Selling white label products is a great way for businesses to expand their reach, increase their profits, and make their operations more efficient. Read on to learn how white label products will help your eCommerce business to grow faster.

1. Improved Customer Experience

The white label products will enhance customer experience: the products are usually consistent and high-quality. Additionally, the fact that the product design is already popular among many customers can help increase customers' trust in your business.

A white label product allows you to provide customers with a more personalized and customized service. By adding a personalized touch to the products, businesses can establish themselves as individual brands. This makes it easier for customers to choose them over their competitors.

2. It helps in Focusing on Brand Building.

When a business focuses on brand building, it attempts to create an image and identity unique to its business. Retailers can rebrand a white label product to reflect their business and identity.

By offering a wide range of products, retailers can establish themselves as a go-to company, helping to attract a larger audience base.

Finally, not having the hassle of completely starting from scratch allows you to do an intensive market test. You'll get to know what works and what can bring profits faster.

3. Reduces Manufacturing Cost

Manufacturing a product can be costly and time-consuming. White labeling reduces the costs associated with manufacturing a product by providing a ready-made product that meets international standards.

4. Ideal for Rapid Growth

White label products are an ideal solution for businesses seeking quick and easy growth. When businesses use white label products, they benefit from the manufacturer's quality assurance, marketing, and brand authority. This, in turn, maximizes their sales and expands the business's reach.

5. Lean Operations

When a business uses white label products, it reduces the time and money it spends on operations. The business does not need to manufacture its products or deal with suppliers directly. This reduces the business's overhead cost, giving it extra capital to invest in other areas.

White labeling also helps businesses avoid lengthy and expensive processes, such as regulatory approval.

6. Discounted Sales

Manufacturers sell their products at a low rate as part of a white label agreement. Therefore, businesses can sell the products at a discounted rate.

Discounted prices attract customers and encourage repeat purchases. Additionally, selling a white label product at a discount will quickly clear old inventory, making room for the latest products.

7. Instant Access to Knowledgeable Staff

The manufacturer of a white label product has teams of specialists in the product. The employees offer expert advice on how to use the product and its features.

Additionally, manufacturers often provide after-sales support. This improves customer satisfaction and retention, as customers are less likely to have issues with the product. Plus, they'll receive customer service support quickly if they need it.

White Label Products to Sell on Your Strikingly Online Store

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Are you a budding entrepreneur looking for a great way to make money online? Look no further than white label products.

White label products are pre-made products that you can purchase and customize to fit your brand. They are a great way to diversify your product offerings and quickly build your online store.

With Strikingly website builder, you can set up an online store in minutes and sell your branded white label products. Here are the best white label products you can sell through your Strikingly website.

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1. Home Decor

Home decor products make a great addition to any online store. They have a low barrier to entry, and most products have a high-profit margin, making them great for maximizing profit.

There are many home décor options, so you can easily find products that fit your brand and your target customer's needs.

You can start selling home decor products like throw blankets, shower curtains, decorative pillows, wall decals, and rugs.

When purchasing your products, pick items that are easy to clean and durable enough to last through multiple washes. Also, ensure you purchase unique items that stand out from what other online stores offer.

2. Phone Accessories

If there's one thing Millennials can't stop buying, phone accessories. Popular phone-related accessories include phone cases, portable chargers, etc.

Phone accessories are perfect for your online store. Start with a simple and cheap product like a phone ring holder.

You can also try selling more expensive but valuable accessories like wireless headphones. Print your cute brand name or logo on these accessories to push your business.

3. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Next on our list of the best white label products are stainless steel water bottles. This product is not only useful, but it also has a great aesthetic appeal.

The stainless-steel water bottles come in different designs and capacities. This makes it a great product to sell to a variety of customers.

Start by finding a supplier that has good quality products. The supplier should offer a wide range of designs so you can diversify your product offerings. You can also choose a supplier that offers custom branding options so that you can save more.

4. Bags

Bags are an ideal product to sell online because they're great for everyday use. The bag types and designs include reusable grocery, tote, and laptop bags.

Ensure your supplier manufactures high-quality bag designs. The bags should be water-resistant and durable enough to last for years without ripping.

5. Glasses

These are fantastic white label products to sell in any eCommerce brand. You can sell a variety of glasses, including reading glasses and sunglasses. But it's best to focus on selling blue light glasses because of the wide use of laptops and phones.

However, there are many profitable niches, such as luxury sunglasses. People will buy glasses year-round, even those who don't necessarily need them for better sight.

6. Mugs

There are varying options for white label mugs. You can sell enamel camping mugs with your logo, travel mugs with custom artwork, or ceramic mugs with memes.

Mugs are great white label products, considering the rate at which people make tea and coffee at home.

7. Cosmetics

White label cosmetics

There are a ton of cosmetics to sell, from makeup, skincare, hair care products, etc. Cosmetics is a wide industry, and the major cosmetic brands don't produce their products.

Cosmetic products are manufactured by a few suppliers who sell them to the brands as private or white label products. For example, Seed Beauty is a popular cosmetics manufacturer that delivers products to Colorpop, Kylie Jenner's Cosmetic Brand, and Kim Kardashian's makeup line.

8. Yoga Gear

Recently, Yoga has become so popular; people who do it regularly will always purchase Yoga gear. It's easy to start a yoga gear brand and sell products like yoga towels, straps, yoga blocks, yoga mats, etc. But do some research first to find out what your target market wants.

How to Brand Your White label Products

White label products are an excellent way for businesses to sell uniquely-customized products without spending much time and money on the creation process.

But for white label products to greatly boost your online business, you must brand them properly. Branding your white label products is an essential process that will hugely impact your business's success.

First, you'll need to choose a branding style that reflects your business. You should include important information like your brand name, product name, and any other details customers need.

Remember to keep the information concise, so customers can quickly identify what they're buying. If done correctly, your branding will give your products a professional appearance. Therefore, make sure you take the time to brand your products properly.


White label products are the best products to sell in your online store. Start by finding a supplier with a large selection of products and a great price. You can then customize the product with your branding.

You can easily set up a stunning online store with Strikingly website builder. You can choose the best white label products to sell in your online store and customize them.

Ensure the white label products you're selling have the unique feel and look of your online store/ brand. This will help push your brand in the already tough market.