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With the growing demand for web designing skills, no wonder why many people want to explore this field. Thanks to internet development, it’s now easy to learn web designing whether by profession or training. This is why we think it’s best to give you a simplified guide to web designing and tips to get you started. It is important that you know the concept of web designing in the first place. If you are a beginner and looking for an overview of it, this is the article you need. Although some might say that anyone can learn web designing, it’s ideal to have a deeper understanding of the elements, concepts, and uses of web design itself. Let Strikingly enlighten you with the things you need to know about web designs. We specialize in building websites. This is why you can sit back and relax, we will take a deep dive into the foundation of a good website design, how it impacts conversion, and triggers website visitors to stay longer. Before anything else, let us know what web designing is.

What is Web Designing?

Web designing can be simply defined as the designs of websites that you can see online. But, one thing that is neglected by many web designers ‘wanna-be’ is the association of design and user-experience. In web designing, you must consider design and functionality in a perfect balance. You can’t compromise one with another if you want to achieve your website goals. It’s true, even someone with no knowledge or degree in web designing can learn the how-tos and basics. These days, there is a limitless possibility in learning digital skills. Internet development makes it easier and faster to build websites from scratch or with a template. Strikingly is one of the best website builders that needs no coding skills for its users. It’s ridiculously easy to make your own website. With our simple web editor and mobile-first web designs, you can come up with stunning web designs and user-friendly websites in minutes.

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Web Designing Tips For Beginners

Many web designing businesses know the key to achieving your goals in the web design field. But, they won’t tell you the secret on how to win clients and reach success. If you are a beginner, you can use these web designing tips to master digital skill and monetize your expertise. Here are the basics and overview of web designs that can help you with your journey.

  1. Know the Skills You Need in Web Designing
  2. Master the Basic Elements of Web Designing
  3. Explore With the Best Resources Online
  4. Learn Web Designing By Education or Online Tutorials
  5. Showcase Your Web Designing Skills With a Portfolio Website

1. Know the Skills You Need in Web Designing

If you’re young and confused about what skills you need to have as a web designer; we got you covered. Web designing can indeed be a daunting and complex job, but remember that digital innovation works like magic these days. Therefore, having the passion and drive to learn more about web designs is key to achieving your dreams. Let us share some of the top skills you need to master:

Eye for Design

An ‘eye for design’ is a very valuable skill every web designer must have. We’re talking about the basic rules in visual design here. You must learn how to improve a website's design and functionality. This includes color themes, background, texts, objects, and images visitors can find on the website. If you master the basic rules in visual design, other skills will be easy to learn because you have the foundation.

Layout Design

The proper way of positioning things on your website is called layout design. Once you’ve learned the proper arrangement of texts, images, and objects on the website, it will be easier to focus on eye-catching web designs. Your main goal is to get the attention of your target customers. Layout design expertise plays a big role in building user-friendly websites.

Color Principles

You can read about color psychology and details about how colors affect or influence the audience to make a decision on your website. It’s ideal to have a consistent and relevant way of using colors on your website. The kind of website you’re building should relate to the tone or theme of colors applied to it. The right colors have a great impact on your target customers.

Product Knowledge

Keep yourself familiar with the kind of website you are creating. Having product knowledge is a very important factor in web designing. It allows you to use the right tools, develop high-conversion websites, and position clear call-to-action information.

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2. Master the Basic Elements of Web Designing

According to Vincent Xia on Medium, there are five basic elements of web design you need to get right such as overall layout, color scheme, typography, navigation, and content.

You have to get the first five seconds right. Otherwise, the website visitor will go somewhere. Colors should communicate with your audience properly.

Make sure that your brand statement is visible and readable to your visitors. And avoid complex navigation cues that will irritate your web users. Remember that most online users are well-determined to find what they’re looking for. If the website does not indicate any signs of what they want to see – sorry, they’ll go find it elsewhere. Your content should also be powerful enough to keep your audience a bit longer. No wonder why most websites get high bounce rates. It’s when they don’t pay more attention to content and web design.

Pro tip: Use SEO-targeted keywords to improve your website traffic and get high-conversion landing pages.

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3. Explore With the Best Resources Online

You can have tons of helpful resources to learn web designing online. Just make sure that you only take reliable advice and web design tips. You can also visit online forums or have discussions about the best web design books you can read. Online content and video tutorials can give you ideas on how to elevate your web design skills. You can own a web designing business once you have worked with brands.

Here at Strikingly, you can read web designing blogs as much as possible. We have talented web designers and developers that you can talk to about building your website.

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4. Learn Web Designing By Education or Online Tutorials

You can take formal education or online tutorials depending on how you want to go with this digital skill. Web designing is not a ‘no-brainer’ career. It requires passion, dedication, and perseverance for you to master the craft. This is why many young designers choose to learn web designing professionally. But if you’re that good and don't have the time and resources to go to formal education, there are e-books, channels, online courses, and content teaching the art of web design. Blogs and online tutorials are practically created to save time, money, and energy instead of going to an actual school every day. Edx is one of the most reliable and best online courses platform for digital skills.

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5. Showcase Your Web Designing Skills With a Portfolio Website

Build an online portfolio to showcase your web design ideas and past projects. Many young designers have brilliantly made this digital skill into a web designing business. Why not? Once you have mastered the art of web design, you will find ways how to make a living with your skills. And here at Strikingly, building a global website is ridiculously straightforward. You just need to find the right platform that can help you grow your career and take you to an international audience.

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Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter how you learned web design. The question is how well you know about this career because expertise matters more than a degree. In this article, you have read about the basic skills you need in web designing. We have also shared some of the most reliable tips from reliable sources about the basic elements of web design. If you think this is your dream job, explore, and learn more about the concept and practice. Whether a beginner or a professional, the key to achieving success is learning. Not one person is born a web designer already, let alone a good one. You have to work on honing your skills. If you have the interest and the skills, go dig deeper into the most important concepts in web designing. Remember not to compromise design over website functionality.

Here at Strikingly, we love the idea of unleashing your creativity. We have been working with millions of users worldwide for years. Our team understands the importance of having a fully-functional and world-class website design. This is why you can start applying what you learned with our website. Create an online portfolio that will take your career to the next level. Join our talented users who have made it big online.