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High school website plays an important role in providing the utmost service any student needs. It serves as a bridge connecting the school itself, and the students who aim to join their institute. Building a high school website also opens a lot of opportunities for an academic organization to be known in the field of providing the best educational services.

But, how do you ensure that you have what it takes to be the next in line among best high school websites? Sit back and relax, because Strikingly is here to gear you up.

Points to remember in building a high school website design

Before you can finally proceed in making your school websites design, you have to have a clear idea of what you are about to do, and how it actually works. To help you with it, Strikingly provided the following list of characteristics which schools web pages should possess.

  • Be informative. Parents and potential students visit the high school website to get to know the school more. Most of the time, they dive into school home pages to have a background about the school’s achievements and performance. When creating your high school website template, make sure that you include all the details which website viewers should know about your school. These may include posting your school’s contact information, admission requirements, school calendar, a collection of photos from previous school activities, statements from students or employees, fees details and even a map of your school’s location. Through this, your website viewers could have a “quick virtual tour” on how your school provides their service towards their students.
  • Be responsive

Having all the basic information posted on your high school websites design is nonsense if your school home pages are not as responsive as they should be. Design your high school website with high considerations on how you can easily communicate and connect with any website viewer. You can add a section where they can reach out to you directly without spending too much time browsing the whole page.

Strikingly as this special feature where you can allow your viewers to connect to you easily through various custom forms of your own choice. Add an audience section, provide email, or include a blog section where they can share their thoughts on their experiences working with you. Through this, you are not just giving them the best service, but also help open more opportunities for your high school website to gain more audience.

  • Keep it friendly

Having a friendly vibe covering your high school website is one advantage. Design your high school website like they are meant to befriend any website visitor. Focus on giving a user-friendly approach in making your high school website design and avoid making your school home pages too complicated to understand. Make sure that navigating throughout your school home pages has a smooth flow and the ideas you post are clear. Select high school website templates that gives off that “homey” feeling.

If you seek for the best collection of website templates and high school website design ideas, Strikingly is just one click away to remove all your worries.

  • Provide unique service. A high school website is built with one primary reason—to give the best service any school could offer to their future students. People go and visit high school websites to take a glimpse of how the school responds to the needs and queries of their clients. Keep in mind that when creating your high school website, you must have the ability to showcase your school’s mission and vision to your high school website visitors. You have to create a high school website that is not just unique, at the same time, portrays your school’s character.

School website page

Image taken from CozyKin

Functions and features your high school website template should have

For your high school website to be fully-functional, it must contain elements. These elements must be well-planned and given high consideration in designing to not give a negative impact on your high school website’s flow.

To make things lighter, Strikingly provided the following tips and tricks you should keep in mind when designing your high school websites features.

  • Branding identity

Branding plays a major role in making your high school website more pleasant. It gives off an instant vibe of ownership within your website. It not only adds aesthetics, but also gives your website viewers the idea of who you are and what you aspire to share. Include your high school’s logo and name on your high school website template to make it look more professional.

  • “About Us”

One section which many website visitors go through frequently is the “About Us” section. They usually go directly to this part of any high school website they visit to get a background information on who and what the school is all about. It is like a mini “get-to-know” section intended for website users who does not have any idea on the high school website they are visiting. Adding this section in your high school web pages will make it look more friendly and gives off a sense of belongingness. It is like, through reading this section, you can immediately form a connection between you and your potential student for they already have a part of your own story.

  • Contact details

Contact details section is among the most important part in a high school website. It is one of the keys for you to get more connected to any potential student. You may include your school’s hotline number, an email address or other linked accounts to make connection easier to establish between both parties. With Strikingly, you can easily do this part by simply following these steps.

contact section for website

Image taken from Scholarflip

  • Admission process

Every school has their own admission process. One step you could do to achieve that “perfect” high school website is to include a clear step-by-step process on how a child can get into your institute. Include all the list of requirements they will be needing to pass, and even reminders to make it easier for them to accomplish. You can also include a section on your high school website where they can submit their documents virtually for a faster transaction.

  • Curriculum

One important aspect you should include in your schools web pages design is your school’s curriculum. Include a section on your high school website where you will be discussing everything your website viewers need to know about the type of curriculum you can offer them. You can include the programs and even the subjects you specialize in to give them a quick idea on what to expect when they finally decided to join your school.

  • Policies

Policies are also needed in a high school website. Posting your school’s rules and regulations is one way of showing your website viewers that you are not a joke and you take things seriously, specifically, in the field of educating. Include a policies section in your high school websites design to give a sense of responsibility and security towards your website viewers.

  • Gallery

Pictures and videos make everything more interesting. Having your own gallery on your high school website will give you an advantage in gaining more audience. This is because once they see how you ensure that your students enjoy their stay with you through the memories you share on your high school website gallery, they will instantly be curious on how it actually feels joining your school. You can do this part by adding photos from your past school activities like foundation week, sports festivals, school competitions, field trips and even the simplest yet, most meaningful moments that happened within your institute.

There are a lot more features you can include in your high school websites design. Among them are the following:

  1. Requesting Process
  2. School Calendar
  3. News page
  4. School App Download Link
  5. School Head Message
  6. FAQs Section

Sample school website

Image taken from Cornell Class of 2016

Best high school websites examples to be inspired in creating yours

To give you a clearer idea on how a high school website actually looks, Strikingly presents to you the best high school websites example you can get inspiration from. Take a deep look on these high school websites and be the next one to rock your own!

  • Cary Grove High School Website

This high school website features an embedded video of the best moments and highlights about their school. Once you dive into your site, you can immediately see how a normal day goes on in their student’s campus life.

  • Booker T. Washington High School Website

Booker T. Washington High School features a minimalistic yet accessible website design. It has a three key web page which gives website viewers immediate access on whichever part of the high school website they’d want to be.

  • Divine Child High School

This high school website immediately gives you that friendly aura through a video greeting right when diving into their website. They have an admission page which features a clearly defined admission process.

Creating your high school website design has never been a privilege with Strikingly. With its freemium packages and wide collection of amazing website-building ideas, achieving that one-of-a-kind high school website is never impossible!

To know more, chat with us and we’ll figure things out together.

franklin scholars school page

Image taken from Franklin Scholars