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If you are running an eCommerce website, you would definitely know the concept of a mobile checkout experience. You can elevate your eCommerce business plan by having an effective checkout system. Nowadays, people have made mobile phones their trademark. They go through a website on their mobile phones rather than opening their respective laptops for this matter. Therefore, you must optimize your website for mobile phones, similar to how you optimize your website for a desktop.

Strikingly is a platform that allows its website developers to switch from desktop to mobile version (or vice versa) of a website. As there are more mobile users in the digital world today than desktop users, it has become more convenient for users to conduct online shopping. Online businesses have understood that they must provide a smooth experience for their customers to enjoy. If your online store isn’t responsive, you can expect a high bounce rate.

Benefits of Checkout Process

1. Understanding Customers

If you look at the various mobile eCommerce trends around the world, all of them will have one thing in common i.e, the users have a mutual understanding with the customers. The success of your online store is strongly dependent on the customer satisfaction score. In order to have a sustainable satisfaction score, the website developers tend to include mobile checkout in their online stores. By including this checkout process, you will be able to communicate with your customers in real-time.

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Introducing this checkout process to your online store will improve customer loyalty and ensure that the customers leave positive feedback on your eCommerce store. To attract further audiences to your online store, you can create a review section on your Strikingly website and add those feedback. This will also help create a strong brand image for your website. When the customers go through your website’s checkout process completely, they will likely provide very honest feedback on your online store.

2. Add-On Purchases

Most eCommerce websites have the tendency to compete with the eCommerce superpowers that we have today. There is a reason they continuously add new features to their online store, which helps provide an improved shopping experience for their customers. One of the most important features is the mobile checkout process. The web developers believe that if customers do not find the checkout experience engaging, they won’t return to their website again.

According to research conducted by Brick Meets Click, around 10% of grocery shopping will be conducted online in 2022. This ratio is likely to increase every year, especially because of the increase in online shopping after the COVID-19 pandemic. If customers place an order on their desktop, you must facilitate them to make additions through a mobile device if you have a scan-as-you-shop application for your online store.

3. Empower Your Staff

Even though it doesn’t seem logical, providing a good mobile checkout experience would help you in empowering your front-end staff. A logical eCommerce trend would suggest that the utilization of mobile eCommerce takes away the power or influence from cashiers. Your respective cashiers would have zero input in the overall checkout process. However, the reality is that it empowers your front-line workers.

4. Understanding Your Web Design

One of the big benefits of the mobile checkout process is that it helps you understand your web design better. When you test the eCommerce checkout process on your website, you must ensure it works efficiently. You will allow yourself to test your website template. If you consider a Strikingly website template, you can move on to the next template in our collection if a certain template doesn’t match your niche idea.

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If we take the example of customer feedback, we know that it has a strong influence on your online store. As we have described above, the customer feedback may give you an idea that your customers are confused about the scanning process. Moreover, they won’t have a clear idea about the payment of heavy items in the cart through your store’s application. If necessary, you have the option of adding digital scales in your website’s bulk sections to ensure a smooth weighing process.

Tips to Create a Smooth Checkout Process

1. Minimize Losses

If you provide your users with an exquisite mobile checkout experience, you will likely minimize your financial losses. Some web developers discard the idea of scan-as-you-shop technology. They believe that by including this feature, they may encourage theft on their website as anyone with technology could then drop a product into their shopping cart without scanning.

However, this is not always the case because this feature will help retailers to understand who their customers are. This would mean that the website owners will be able to keep in touch with them directly. By offering quality customer service to the customers, you can build a strong relationship with them in the long run. Therefore, we can safely say that this feature would help you minimize losses regarding your business and create a good reputation for your online store.

2. Optimize Your Web Design

When you are optimizing your mobile checkout experience, you must note that your web design carries a lot of importance. On the internet, you will find many website developers worldwide who make a blunder of prioritizing looks over logistics. This makes your checkout journey confusing in the eyes of the customers. Make sure that you don’t create informal color combinations and stop using too many dropdown lists. Too many dropdown lists would mean that the visitors will become distracted from their original task.

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Strikingly provides you with a collection of website templates. Once you choose the template, you can customize it as per your web designing skills. It is important to note that all of our provided website templates are mobile-friendly, which is beneficial for attracting website traffic from both mobiles and desktops, respectively. Strikingly makes life easy for web developers because you don’t need any technical expertise or any programming degree to consider yourself eligible for web designing in Strikingly. We enable you to conduct web designing without writing a single line of code.

3. CTA Button

Not just on Strikingly but on many different platforms on the internet, you won’t see many mobile eCommerce trends that don’t encourage call to action (CTA) buttons. CTA buttons provide visitors with a plan of practical work after landing on your website for those who don't know. CTA buttons are extremely important in your mobile checkout journey. It is one of the crucial ways to optimize your checkout process on your online store. You must add effective CTA buttons to your online store to create smooth customer engagement.

Strikingly is one of those platforms that encourage the use of adding CTA buttons on an online store. While adding a CTA button, you must do in-depth research about the text you want to include on your button. For example, if you include “Join Us In Our Journey”, it will be extremely attractive. Similarly, random texts, such as “Download” or “Click Here” won’t bring attention.

Checkout Process on Strikingly

When you build an online store on Strikingly, you can include an effective mobile checkout plan to satisfy your customers. As a website owner, you can go through many checkout best practices on the internet to better understand fulfilling your customer demands through it. To go through the checkout sequence, Strikingly allows you to personalize your checkout form settings.

checkout form settings

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If you want to run an exquisite eCommerce website, you must prioritize the checkout experience you deliver to your customers. If the checkout experience isn’t good enough, you will find it difficult to attract new customers and retain your existing ones. A smoother checkout experience would only bring happiness and fulfillment to your customers.


Do you have plans to create an eCommerce website on Strikingly? If you are willing to, don’t forget to check the overview of Strikingly. Strikingly provides you with a free plan that helps you create a basic online store with simple features. You can get to the free plan by creating an account on Strikingly. If you want improved features on your website, you must consider upgrading your subscription plans.

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Strikingly is arguably the best platform for providing a smooth eCommerce checkout process for its customers. We have always believed that the preferences of our customers should be the first priority for any eCommerce website. Suppose you are having any issues regarding the mobile checkout form on Strikingly or have problems related to the payment options on your store. In that case, you can contact our Happiness Officers right away. Our officers are available 24/7 for you through our live feature support. So, create an online store on Strikingly today and satisfy your customers via your checkout plans.