Great ideas are hard to come by, and it would be such a waste to let them die out without even giving them a try. Sadly,most ideas, no matter if they are strokes of genius or multi-million dollar inventions, actually never come to life simply because of the lack of funds.

As in the rules of business, you have to first make an investment in order to receive something in return. In most cases, that investment usually means monetary resources. So if you’re not among the top 1% of the world, does that mean the end for your project?

Of course not! All thanks to a thing called a crowdfunding website. If you have a lucrative business idea or even a passion project but are struggling to make things happen, then a crowdfunding website may be the solution you’ve always been looking for. But what exactly is it and how can you learn how to create a crowdfunding website? Continue reading to find out.

What Is A Crowdfunding Website?


To summarize, crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project or a cause. Those who are interested in supporting the project, also called backers, donate money in small amounts. In most cases, the project creator sets up a fee structure and a reward system. But there are also some that welcome any random amount of money until they’ve reached their goal amount.

That being said, a crowdfunding website is simply a web page dedicated to raise funds for a specific project. It’s where creators share their ideas, backgrounds, and updates. But why should you create crowdfunding website and what are the benefits? Find out more below.

Why You Should Create Crowdfunding Website

1. Achieve Your Funding Goals

The most apparent reason why you should build a crowdfunding website is funding. With a page that is dedicated solely to your project, it is easier for potential backers to find and read about your ideas. Besides, setting up a crowdfunding website online will help you reach out to more people than you can imagine. What’s more is that you can target and connect with people who are interested in supporting unique projects. Show up where it matters, instead of wasting your time in front of people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.

2. Tell Your Story and Share Your Passion

Your crowdfunding website is your chance to pitch your project and ideas - not only with words but through the overall design of your site. After all, a lot of people prefer to see visuals than text. And when the elements are used in the right way, even a general crowdfunding website template can be personalized to tell your story and fit your brand.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can be lazy about the copy of your crowdfunding website. Through the planning stage of your crowdfunding project, you might have a clear vision of who your target market is for your project. With their profile in mind, perhaps you also have a good idea on how to reach out and communicate better with them which will significantly help you with your copywriting.

3. Make Funding Convenient

When a potential backer visits your crowdfunding website, you’d want to be fully prepared to receive their support. If you choose the right suite builder to create your crowdfunding website, your page should have the system it needs to make sending funds easier for your backers. Instead of heading to the bank and manually transacting the funds to your bank account, potential backers should be able to send in the cash with a click of a button within your site.

4. Get Exposure And Validation

Building a crowdfunding website will obviously help you gain more exposure, especially with an effective marketing strategy. But what most people don’t know is that it also helps you validate your ideas. As you interact with potential buyers, you have the opportunity to ask questions about your project - ask them what they love about the project, or even what they don’t like about it. Having a website and gaining backers to support your ideas is proof that your project actually works and that there are people who are genuinely interested in it.

How To Build A Crowdfunding Website


1. Establish Goals and Objectives

Like any other fundraising project, creating a crowdfunding website requires thoughtful planning and goal setting for it to work. Having a clear idea of your project’s objectives will serve as a guide throughout the whole process, making it easier to decide how your site will look, from the crowdfunding website template to the copywriting and marketing strategies.

Identify how much funding you need for your project and create fee structures and price points accordingly. Determine what kind of rewards you will offer to your backers and consider all the costs that are involved in the production.

2. Prepare Copy For Your Crowdfunding Website

Writing content for your crowdfunding website is more than just summarizing the whole idea of your project. It’s about injecting emotions into your copy, getting people involved, igniting and sharing a passion with people who care about the same things as you do.

More importantly, good copywriting persuades people of the importance of your idea. It invites people to take action, and in this case, you’re inviting people to support you and your project. To build a successful crowdfunding website, you need writing that does not only reel people in but also highlights the potential of your project.

3. Pick The Right Site Builder

Learning how to create a crowdfunding site doesn’t need to be so complicated and time-consuming. The truth is, you don’t need to be a web design professional or an expert at coding to create a crowdfunding website. With the help of an intuitive site builder, creating your own site is easier than you can imagine.

If you choose a site builder like Strikingly, you get access to a handful of done-for-you resources as well as customer support so you’ll never find yourself lost and confused. When you sign up for Strikingly, all you have to do next is to choose the right crowdfunding website template for your project, start editing according to your needs, and voila! You’re ready to receive funds.

4. Choose A Crowdfunding Website Template

If you’re worried about having little to no experiences in coding, then Strikingly is the best option for you. Its theme library contains tons of themes; just choose a crowdfunding website template that can help you get the job done. On top of this, Strikingly also has all the features you need to start receiving funds.

You can install payment gateways so your crowdfunding website can receive money electronically via credit card or even Paypal. You can even add a blog and connect your social media accounts so you can reach out and interact with your backers. It all starts with just one push of a button. Find your dream crowdfunding website template within the site and allow Strikingly to shock you with how easy it is to make the necessary edits.

5. Plan A Marketing Strategy

After finally building your crowdfunding website, it is now time to plan your marketing strategy. With a website, it is easier to direct potential backers to a single page where they can find all the information they need about your project. As mentioned previously, you can add a blog and social media streams to your site. Both of which are great channels to include in your crowdfunding website’s marketing strategy and hype it up with a countdown to reach your goal.

Should You Use A Crowdfunding Website Template?

Plenty of start-ups are concerned about visual branding and for very good reasons. It’s hard to take a project seriously if there was little to no effort invested in presentation. Your crowdfunding website isn’t just a place where you share information about your ideas and progress. Your website’s branding is the reflection of your project’s potential; a piece of evidence that you’re worth your backers’ money.

Now the question is, should you use a crowdfunding website template? Will that affect your branding and your originality as the pioneer behind your idea? The answer is no - not if you choose the right site builder.

Strikingly celebrates unique ideas and is a big supporter of startups who are just learning how to build a crowdfunding website. That being said, it houses highly customizable crowdfunding templates ready for business owners and creators to make it their own. Strikingly crowdfunding website templates only serve as a guideline; an example of what has already been published and used before. But users are free to personalize it in any way they see fit.

Create Your Crowdfunding Website Today

Interested in learning how to build a crowdfunding site? Head over to Strikingly and we’ll show you how to get started. No need to do the guesswork or fret over HTML coding. Strikingly makes it so easy to set up a page with a crowdfunding website template. Let us help you out so you can focus on doing what you love.