find an online side hustle and earn extra money

Although it may sound strange, an extra job can be satisfying and lucrative. An online side hustle is an ideal way to create a profitable business and keep your revenue incoming from the day job.

People opting for online side jobs have an experimental mindset because they see limited resources as a challenge rather than a reason to give up. Side hustle jobs come in different phases of life and sell different types of products. However, they have one thing in common, i.e., they make the most of their available time, whether in the early morning or twilight hours.

It is a good habit to save money, but you can only save your money at a specific limit. On the other hand, the making of money has no limit. It only depends upon your productivity and how you manage your schedule.

Tips to Start Online Side Hustles

1) Don’t Invest Big Right Away

The importance of starting slowly cannot be overstated. If you take small steps initially to launch online side hustles, you will be ahead of those competitors who start tomorrow.

The best time to start your online job as a professional is right now. However, quitting your in-house job is not the right move. For example, you can have a successful coaching business for 18 months and decide to quit your day job. The best thing to do is wait until you have a steady income in your bank account.

a business revenue

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If you think about your financial condition, you will eventually become greedy and make incorrect decisions. Another mistake people make is to ensure everything is perfect without having any validation.

When you take small steps, you invest in your resources wisely from the beginning. Slowly growing your online side hustle will allow you to make adjustments moving forward, which is less risky than going all right from the start.

2) Identify the Right Online Side Hustles

When you identify the right online side hustle for your career, it should meet the following criteria:

  • You have the skill
  • You enjoy it
  • You make money out of it

This could be an overwhelming task, but you can start by considering what you are good at. You shouldn't just choose a skill because it generates a lot of money. Instead, it would be best if you thought of a skill that can lay the foundation for a successful business.

If you need help determining your business skills, you can consult with your seniors or the people you know best. In addition, you can talk to your friends, relatives, or colleagues to determine your strengths. Moreover, you can look into your experience.

If you have working experience, embrace the skills you have learned in your journey. Some of your learned skills can apply to your online side hustle. You can build your own business and get paid for it if there are no problems with your in-house job. For example, you can teach online if you have teaching skills or can sell used cards online if you are a mechanic.

3) Prioritize Your Time

When you are stuck on your computer screen for most of the day, you have to give up on your sleep to become a successful businessman.

The best thing to do is make your schedule and stick to your working hours. Then, if you feel unable to complete your tasks, you can set deadlines and sub-deadlines.

You can set deadlines for each project and task in a week. Sub-deadlines are very impactful because they nudge you into action and make you free from all overthinking things.

4) Ask for What You are Worth

When you are starting an online side hustle for the first time, your biggest problem comes when you have to charge people for your services. Initially, you can be hesitant and shy about it. Then, however, you should remind yourself that you are fulfilling a need that another organization has.

As a businessman, you must put a price on your services and a specific payment method. For example, if you are a blogger, you can charge $20 per 100 words and accept payments through PayPal. You may be putting in a lot of hours with zero investment in the beginning. It is all about learning in the starting phase and using it to make money in the later phase of your career.

If you are in the non-negotiation period, you should spend most of the time understanding how to get your message and product out in the digital world. You can take your time in refining your product but eventually should release it so people can find you on the Internet.

Side Hustle Jobs Online to Start From Home

1) Create Your Graphics

If you have experience in web designing or want to start your career as an online side hustler, print-on-demand enterprises are a great way to start your career. Use Canvas and Printify to make creative designs for t-shirts, mugs, pillows, etc. When customers purchase from your store, your manufacturer prints your designs and delivers them to their doorstep.

create your graphics

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Print-on-demand is one of the best choices for online side hustles. It allows you to match and adjust your products according to the demands without making any inventory purchases upfront. You can also use your custom designs to add flair and branding. In addition, as the responsibility of manufacturing and printing is given to a third party, you will have more time to focus on your designs and marketing of your organization.

2) Teach an Online Course

Teaching has become one of the most common online side jobs today. Ironically, the teaching sector was the biggest casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic when all the schools, universities, and educational institutes were shut. However, the teachers have responded creatively by using different tools, like Zoom, to give online classes. Slowly, teachers have started taking advantage of these tools to teach online courses.

The beauty of online courses as an online side hustle is that you need more knowledge regarding a specific topic. For example, do you know Islamic history? Do you know innovative ways to do mathematical calculations? You can also develop your courses as long as students want to invest in them and want to learn from your experience.

3) Blogging

Blogging can be done anywhere and it is one of the most common online side hustles today. If you have a laptop and a stable WiFi connection, you are good to go and embrace the blogging world.

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The big problem is that blogging needs to bear fruit immediately. However, if you want to establish a professional brand and portfolio, blogging can get your career up and running.

The most significant advantage of blogging is improving your current job. Sharing your blogs on your social media account will send a message to the hiring managers about how you approach challenges and the projects you have worked on before.

If you are a developer, you can develop your blog site today and publish your blogs daily to make your viewers impressed.

Use Strikingly to Build an Online Side Hustle

Strikingly is a website builder that allows entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and freelancers to build their websites for free by delivering exquisite features and tools. Small business owners need a significant online presence but need more financial muscles to accomplish it.

You can easily register on our platform and build your website for free under our free plan.

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Strikingly provides its users with easy-to-use website templates, which you can customize for your online shop, laundry shop, canteen, restaurant, or catering business. With so many template options, it is easy to make choices regarding your business plans.

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Strikingly encourages all side hustles to make money by creating a significant online presence. We ensure that you don't spend any penny during the website construction. Our website pricing options fit according to the needs and requirements of online companies worldwide.

If you want protection as a business owner, you decide whether to build an essential website in our free plan or upgrade your subscription to the premium plan. Regardless of your decision, you will enjoy your website development phase on Strikingly.


An online side hustle is an effective way to make money in today's day and age. Regardless of what your choices are, making money is a unique skill. As most of us rely on in-house jobs to pay our bills, you always have a feeling that we are running short of money. An online side hustle is perfect for getting some financial pressure off your shoulders. It allows you to put your ideas into perspective and practice in front of others.

Now that you have learned how to make money online on the side hustle, It is important to note that there are other ways of supplementing your income. Starting a side hustle is a brilliant way to develop as a professional and an entrepreneur. In addition, a side hustle is a viable option to convert your passion into a career for singers, authors, and other types of artists.