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We live during a time when there is no limit to what we can achieve. Considering most of us are already pretty successful in our professional careers, we always tend to look into side hustles. In a period today when inflation is at a record high, people understand that being associated with one job isn’t enough. Therefore, they tend to look into the different side businesses to keep their revenue going. In difficult periods like today, it is always good to have an additional source of income.

According to a report from BLS of the United States, the unemployment rate within the country is 3.6%, which is around 5.9 million people. There are also reports that people find it difficult to get in-house jobs and have been trying to pursue online jobs since the pandemic began. The boom of different online businesses will sweep the country by 2022. If you are a beginner, you can create your own company from square one.

Tips to Start a New Business

1. Create a Business Idea

It is pretty much common sense that you cannot create a successful side business without knowing about the best business ideas in the world. You can look into the trends on social media and finalize your decision on the business idea you want to prioritize. For example, there is a huge demand for ice creams in today's intense heat. How about opening a business of ice creams and letting the world know about it? You can look into such ideas and get the final approval from your team.

2. Identify Your Weaknesses

As a professional, you must understand that a successful side business always tries to eradicate its weaknesses. Successful online businesses never settle for being “good enough”. They always strive for perfection. For that, people tend to create a team under them. That team always tries to magnify every step taken and look into the pros and cons of those steps. Another way to minimize your mistakes is to rely on Strikingly and create a business website. Within a couple of clicks, your desired business website will be in front of you, and you don’t even need to work blood and sweat to achieve that.

3. Look into the Feedback

Regardless of what kind of online business you have started, customer feedback is extremely important. If you start a side business today, you must always prioritize the online reviews section on your website. Having a section of online reviews shouldn’t only be about highlighting all the positive feedback coming your way. It is also about looking into the negative feedback.

As we have discussed in the previous point, identifying weaknesses is one of the things that keep your online business going. One of the ways to identify weaknesses is to look into the negative feedback shared by customers and corporate with them. It is important to understand that one negative feedback has more power than a thousand positive feedbacks on your platform. It takes a lot of hard work to create a certain audience on your website, but it takes seconds to make them run away from your platform. If you neglect their opinions, you will fail to retain them in the long term.

4. Work on SEO

If you have started a side business today, you must know that a professional website is vital to your business plans. On your business website, you must add all the necessities related to your online business. However, website content isn’t the only thing important for your business website. There is no point in adding all the business content on your website when no one is there to recognize your hard work.

strikingly seo checklist

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To bring traffic to your business website, it is important that you implement relevant search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Strikingly is a huge believer in SEO strategies to improve the Google rankings of your side hustle. We provide you with an SEO checklist, which enables you to look into the basic aspects of the business content from an SEO perspective. If you upgrade your subscription plans on Strikingly, you will also experience upgraded features of the SEO checklist.

Best Business Ideas in 2022

1. Graphic Designer

If you are looking to start a side business, you must always consider those options that bring joy and excitement to you. Graphic designing seems to be the skill that is extremely attractive to entrepreneurs today. People look into various development tools around the world and showcase their skills. If you look at the online tools, such as Adobe Developer and Fotor, you will understand why many people are attracted to these platforms.

online graphic design

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Are you willing to start your professional career as a graphic designer? If the answer is yes, make sure that you take the help of Strikingly at all costs. We will provide you with font styles and color schemes that will enable you to create an attractive graphic design website. Make sure that you create an ideal combination of color schemes and font styles on your website. If the incoming website traffic applauds your hard work, it will strengthen your status as a graphic designer and motivate you to build more graphic design websites.

2. Freelancer

A freelance career isn’t a secret in today’s period. Considering the unemployment status in the world, many people are trying to look into freelance careers and increase their income. Pakistan and India have arguably the biggest freelance sectors in the world. One of the main reasons for that is the high inflation and unemployment status within the subcontinent. They create an online bank account and give it to their clients, who deliver them tasks consistently.

become a freelancer

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If you want to start a side business, you should consider freelancing. The best thing about a freelance career is that there is no defined age. In today’s day and age, kids studying at O-levels are doing content writing and making substantial income for themselves. People are doing video editing to create promos for the opening of various institutes. In a freelance business, all you need is one appropriate skill, such as content writing, web development, or video editing. If you are successful in any of those skills, you will have an ideal career.

3. Online Tutor

In the coronavirus pandemic, the biggest financial casualties occurred in the education sector. The highest number of unemployed people have previously been either teachers or lab attendants. It is not a surprising stat because, during the pandemic, all the universities, schools, and other institutes remained closed for a specific time. However, the best you can do is adapt to the surroundings such as this. How about becoming an online tutor with the help of certain website builders?

become online tutor

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Becoming an online tutor is one of the most profitable side businesses today. Strikingly provides you with an opportunity to create an educational website without cost. If you have qualifications related to a particular subject, you can attract many students on your website who give exams in that subject. You can achieve ideal self-esteem by giving them adequate tips regarding your subject. You can also mention all the achievements you have had in your professional career on your education website.

4. Blog Writer

As we have mentioned before, you will find many teenagers worldwide doing content writing and generating effective revenue for themselves. When they grow up, they consider blog writing a successful side business. Strikingly enables you to create blog websites within a few clicks. If you have an eCommerce website, Strikingly allows you to add a blog section as part of your website.

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In the blog section, you can talk about different eCommerce products that you have used and share your experience with the audience. Similarly, you can also discuss different trending topics in the world. If you talk about the situation in Ukraine or Sri Lanka, people will likely listen to your opinion.


On the internet, you will find thousands of examples related to profitable side businesses. However, you should always look into those online businesses that excite you. You should never open an online business for the sake of revenue. Such businesses may last for days or months but never achieve long-term success. When things become tough, your motivation will keep you going regardless of what kind of deficits your business has. If you want to make the most out of your online business, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly.

Strikingly enables you to develop a strong online presence for your company while spending less to nothing on website development. We have customized pricing options that can meet the demands of our user’s online businesses. It is totally upon you to choose either the basic plan or you want to upgrade to the premium plan to feel as safe as the business owner. If you are struggling to create your business website, you can collaborate with our Happiness Officers today. So, collaborate with Strikingly and achieve peace of mind while running your online business.