Art of Favicon Designing
Creating your own name in the field of business is a necessity. For you to build a strong foundation in your chosen battleground, you must know how to keep things intact, specifically your own identity. You have to make everyone remember who you are, what you can do, and even what makes you unique from everyone else.

In the field of business and ecommerce, having your own identity will make things much easier for you to deal with. Creating your own business name and logos are a hundred percent insurance of being able to reach your target. Potential customers are able to identify you immediately and will most likely develop those “special feelings” for you once they see how unique and remarkable you can be. Being able to have your own identity will definitely bring you that success you have all been dreaming of. And for you to do this flawlessly, you’d need “secret weapons.” In that case, you need not to worry because favicons are here to rescue and protect you.

What is a favicon?

Strikingly Website favicon

One can describe favicons as those “really cute” icons you usually see beside website names on the browser tabs. They can be defined as a website icon sizes from about sixteen by sixteen pixels and are mainly designed to serve as a “face” for the website’s brand. In most cases, a favicon can be spotted right next to the website’s name in the tabs, in the site’s address bars, in search result pages, browser’s history records, in bookmark lists, in toolbars and in many other places across the internet.

Strikingly Website favicon

Strikingly User's Website favicons

Favicons has the ability to push branding. Even when users open multiple tabs on their browser, it will be easier for them to find which is which from all the other tabs opened. This is possible because favicons are usually designed with the brand’s logo and business name. This factor should be highlighted by businesses if they are very determined to create their own distinct name in the industry.

Designing and being able to know how to add a favicon on a website will never be difficult if you know who to rely your trust on. Strikingly is among the few well-trusted website builders which will not just help you convince yourself to go and design one, but also lead you in making that remarkable identity more possible.

Why does your website need a favicon?

There are tons of reasons why you should get your webpage your own designed favicon. Strikingly collected and summarized it into these two main points to make things more convenient just for you.

  1. Strengthens brand identity.

As mentioned earlier, a favicon serves as the main identification of what and who the service/product is all about. It gives users the chance to identify the business right away after seeing its design even in a bunch of many other names of website pages. When a website owns a uniquely customized favicon, their chances of gathering more followers in the vast market compared to those who don't. It makes them different in their own way. Who wouldn’t want to stand out right?

  1. Professionalism.

Besides giving a unique identity, a favicon can also provide the business that sense of professionalism. Consumers mostly seek for a company/brand which will not only provide them with the thing that they need, but also someone who they can entrust themselves whole-heartedly. Having a favicon would not only make your brand known, but also serve as a symbol of how professional you are in terms of fulfilling your responsibilities as a firm. Being able to design your own favicon and show it to the whole world is one proof that you have your own distinct style and is deserving of every potential customer’s trust.

Food Website favicon

How to make a favicon

You would not be here without that reason of knowing what relies beneath favicons right? If you are someone who is now dying to know how to make a favicon and what is a favicon image, then visiting Strikingly is one of the best decisions you have made in your life.

Before discovering how and what a favicon image is, you must first learn the basic favicon dimensions which many webmasters usually take into account. Though it can be designed depending on how you want them to be, the favicon dimensions should still be given a lot of attention to avoid conflicts.

Among the basic favicon sizes are listed below provided with the main function and purpose which each of them possesses.

favicon dimension
After knowing the common sizes as well as where such sizes are commonly used, it is now the time for you to learn how to actually design and create your own favicon.

Here are the basic guidelines made easier for you by Strikingly. With these steps, you are now just a few steps away from getting your very own favicon.

  • Consider your own business name and logo.

Of course you cannot call your favicon “yours” if it does not contain any information related to you and your business right? Before you start designing your favicon, it is highly suggested to create your own logo and name first. These two will serve as the main blueprint of the favicon you will be creating. It will be playing the main role in making your customers remember about you and your brand. So, if you badly want to grab the attention of your site visitors, make sure to create that eye-catching design layout that will definitely help you stand out.

  • Create the design/image

After you finish designing your own logo and business name, it will be the time for you to create the main image of the favicon. For this, you will be needing help from various photo editor applications or even hire your own designer. If you want to do it alone, there are various designing platforms which you can seek help and additional ideas too. Platforms like Photoshop and Corel Paint are among the ones which are commonly used by designers. Even Strikingly can offer guaranteed help and guidance for you in creating that spectacular favicon image. When it comes to website designing like a pro, you can always rely on Strikingly.

Sadly, you cannot just finish your favicon journey after designing it. You are now required to convert it into a favicon file format before you add favicon to the website. Among all formats, favicon.ico is the most recommended and supported format by many web browsers. There are a number of favicon image converters online which you can use for this step. When you already found one, just simply upload the favicon image/design, choose the appropriate favicon size and save it in a new favicon file format.

Academy Website Favicon

Add a Favicon to your Strikingly Site

After finally designing your own favicon template, you are now ready to upload it into your website. For you to do that flawlessly, Strikingly listed these basic steps for you on how to add favicon. Just follow these and your favicon journey is now finally complete.

Step 1:

Go to your website’s editor and click the “Settings” menu.

Strikingly Change Favicon

Step 2:

On the Settings, select “Sharing info” and then click on the command “Upload New Image”.

Strikingly Update Favicon

Step 3:

After finally uploading your favicon image, don’t forget to select the option that says “Update”.

Step 4:

To check if the changes you have made are saved, select and click on “Publish”.

Just one tip, if you already have a domain yet your newly changed favicon doesn’t show up on your main website, it may be caused by an error in the domain set-up process. If that is the case, we highly recommend that you go and email us directly. Contact us here and we’ll make things easier for you to handle.

Where can I create my own favicon?

Creating your favicons are quite a handful if you do not have any idea where to start. If you are seeking for the best platforms and favicon generators which will make your favicon-journey easy, these sites may be of great help for you.


This site makes creating favicons easier to accomplish. You just have to upload your chosen favicon image or your created logo, crop it based on the appropriate size, download it in either PNG or ICO file format, and then boom! You now have your own favicon without breaking that much of a sweat. is just almost alike with the first one mentioned. Here, you have the option to have a preview of your favicon in three different sizes first before you finally download it.

Favicon.ico & App Icon Generator

This favicon generator is not just easy to use but it also comes in a free package. You just have to upload your favicon image and convert it into either ICO or PNG format. It even has a lot of favicon sizes options which you can choose from.

If designing favicons is still a mystery to you, Strikingly will definitely clear it all up for you. Designing main pages of different websites as well as digital marketing is not its only forte. After all, it will not be a website designing genius for nothing right?

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