Choosing a Domain Name

Are you thinking about choosing the perfect domain name for your site? In today’s day and age, we need to get used to a whole set of things in website development. When discussing website development, we don’t just talk about putting all the content on your site and publishing it for the audience. All of these things come after you have finished the process of choosing a domain name. It is important to create a unique online identity for your business.

Whether it is part of your brand marketing strategy or for your professional space, you must have a strong domain name for your site. However, this process isn’t a walk in the park for any website developer, especially if they are a beginner. It is a process that involves a lot of analysis and research. An effective domain name will not just play a part in your brand image but will also create uniqueness in your completed business deals.

Best Tips to Select the Best Domain

1. Short and Simple

When we talk about choosing a domain name for your website, you shouldn’t be making things difficult for yourself. After all, you won’t do any favors to your website traffic if your website domain is complex and a combination of difficult words. When you create and register your domain name, make sure that you select a domain that can be easily remembered by the visitors. If we recommend, your domain name shouldn’t exceed 15 characters.

two little bells

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

For example, if you want to create a personal website and your name is extremely long, it doesn’t mean that you have to include all the proper nouns in your name as part of your domain. It is better if your domain name is “Andy Murray” instead of “Sir Andrew Barron Murray”. Similarly, the “Two Little Bells” website on Strikingly is a perfect example of how a simple domain name is essential in attracting large audiences. Considering that its logo and the domain name are also displayed on the landing page, whoever visits its website will have some sort of an image in their brain before leaving it.

2. Not Duplicate

If you are choosing a domain name for the first time in your professional career, you must remember that your domain shouldn’t be duplicated. If your domain name is already acquired by someone else, you will struggle to secure your copyrights and trademarks. Whenever website owners are choosing the best domain name for their site, they always look into the domain names of their competitors and decide whether their prescribed domain name is under their custody or not.

search duplicate names

Image taken from Strikingly

Strikingly provides you with a feature that helps in determining whether your domain name is a duplicate or not. Before you are done with your domain, you can go to the field provided in the “Domains” option on the Strikingly website editor. In that field, you can type your domain name and see if it is taken by anyone else. If you get a free website domain through your Strikingly pro account, you can go through the domain registration process without leaving our website.

3. Domain Extension

When choosing a domain name for your website, you must prioritize your domain extension as much as your domain name. For those who don’t know, domain extension is the suffix of a website URL that comes at the end of the address. For example, .com is the domain extension of If you look at many of the websites that support foundation work, they use .org as a domain extension. Similarly, many extensions are based on countries, such as .uk for the United Kingdom and .pk for Pakistan.

free website domain

Image taken from Strikingly

When you complete the registration on Strikingly, you will be under our free plan. As part of the free plan, you can create the most basic website for your business with a few clicks. Moreover, you can purchase a domain name worth 24.95 USD, which can change based on the domain name and the domain extension you prefer. If you consider upgrading your subscription plans, you will be able to create a website with improved features.

4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is the most basic thing if you want to know how to choose a domain name. It doesn’t just help you in choosing a domain name. It also helps you in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. As part of your domain name, you must make sure that you use the words that are simple and relevant. Even though this point overlaps with one of the previous points, you must use quality keywords as part of your domain name.

If the combination of your keywords is good, Google will automatically recognize it and won’t hesitate to promote you up in the search engine rankings. Keywords are extremely influential in optimizing your website. After all, if your business brand cannot be accessed by your audience, there is no point in doing all the hard work to create such a wonderful website. Using the right keywords related to your products and services will make life easy for your audience.

5. Stick With Your Brand

A perfect domain name plays a huge role in creating your brand image. When you are choosing a domain name, this can be a difficult step for you. You have to consider your brand name and other elements, such as keywords, simplicity, and uniqueness. If you already have an established brand on social media, you shouldn’t think twice about choosing the best domain name for yourself.

If you look at many of the websites on Strikingly, you will realize that the domain names match the brand names. If someone has created a personal website, their domain name is literally their own personal name. If your brand name is different from your website name, it will create confusion within your customers’ minds, especially if they knew you before you made the website.

6. Rely on a Quality Website Builder

If you want to talk about the website builder that registers your perfect domain name, you don’t need to look any further than Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you in choosing a domain name and its registration process so you can focus on the more important things related to your business.

7. Web Hosting

free web host

Image taken from Strikingly

As a website developer, you must understand that choosing a domain name for your website is different from choosing a web host. Strikingly is a website builder that deals with both of these things and helps you save unnecessary costs. We provide our users with affordable yearly plans that include unlimited web hosting services and a free domain name when you build your site. You can get a free domain name with any of our premium plans.

Register Domain on Strikingly.

Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you in choosing a domain name and registering it. Below, we have shared a guide for choosing the best domain name for your site:

1. Select Your Domain Name

register new domain

Image taken from Strikingly

  • Go to “Settings” from your Strikingly website editor
  • Click on “Register New Domain”

2. Fill Personal Details

  • Make sure you fill out all the details required in each field
  • Your personal information will be part of the domain’s owner data. None of your customers and visitors can visualize this information
  • You must include a working email in this field. Once you put the email, a verification email will be sent to you after the registration process
  • After putting in the authentic information, click on “Submit”

3. Verify Ownership

Many website developers forget the importance of email verification in domain registration. You must verify your email within 15 days after registering your domain.

4. Connect Domain to Strikingly Website

Once you have purchased your domain, it will automatically become part of your Strikingly website. However, if you have purchased your website from the dashboard, you must connect your domain to your site with the following steps:

  • Go to the “Domain” option from your Strikingly website editor
  • Put your domain name in the field of “Custom domain/subdomain”
  • Click on the “Update” button


As a beginner, choosing the best domain name for your site is never easy. There is lots of analysis and study involved in this process. There even comes a time when you have struggled so much in choosing a domain name that you have to consider hiring specialists for this matter. Even though they will eventually get you to the best domain name for your site, it shows the kind of investment you have to do before you have even created your website.

Once you have registered your domain on Strikingly, create a professional website that suits your business idea and becomes a source of attraction for your customers. It is important to note that your online presence isn’t just based on the kind of content you upload on your website but also on the keywords you use in your domain name. If you want to learn more about Strikingly, head to our website and sign up.