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Digital age has brought a massive impact on humanity. Before, communicating and transacting with other businessmen will take a lot of time and effort to be possible. Traders must travel miles of distances first before selling their products to their target customers. For them to convince buyers, one-on-one conversations must be applied. But now, with the help of modern technology, everything can be accomplished in just a snap.

Marketing is the most common practice businessmen do in order to sell their products/services. They formulate carefully planned strategies on how they are going to capture the hearts of their target audiences. As the time passes, various ways and styles in marketing have been invented and successfully done by many companies in the business world. The latest? It’s the creation and development of a marketing agency website.

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Why design a marketing agency website

A marketing agency website is simply a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. They are made by different marketing agencies to enable faster communication towards their clients. A creative web design agency is often run and managed by the agency’s selected group intended to handle all digital marketing websites concerned they will be getting.

If you are someone who is having second thoughts on why you should create a marketing agency website, Strikingly provided you with the two best answers:

  • Time to “Show-off”

If you are already a marketing agency owner, and you seek a wider audience, creating a marketing agency website is one advantage for you. This is because having your own advertising agency website will give you the chance to share with your target audience all your past works and achievements as a successful brand/company. Through posting your works on a marketing agency website, you are giving them the idea of how you do what you do. You can add your companies’ most unforgettable highlights and even past client’s statements regarding their experience working with you. People develop more connection towards a company who have the courage to share their own story to an audience. By having a marketing agency website, you can easily grab the attention of your audience and even turn every website visitor into loyal clients.

Strikingly has one amazing feature which will enable you to connect to a wider audience. Curious? Here’s how it works.

  • Enables Interaction

Marketing agency websites are built with a main purpose of building stronger connections between you, as a firm, towards your eye candy, which is your target market. Through designing your own marketing firm websites, you are opening more opportunities for your own business to gain attention from the ecommerce world. Your clients can also reach up to you easily through diving into your marketing agency website.

Transactions are easier to do specifically in this period of time where face-to-face negotiations are hard to perform due to the pandemic protocols. By having your own marketing agency website, you can simply add a contact form or email address that your clients and website viewers could use in communicating with you.

With this, Strikingly can help you make this possible through its Add Custom Form option. Through this feature, you can easily customize forms of your own choice and make interacting more fun!

DMC marketing website

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Functions which your digital marketing websites should never miss

A good marketing agency website must have the best set of features to be more successful. For that, Strikingly gives you the following set of ideas you should never forget when creating your marketing agency website template.

  • Easy navigation

User accessibility should be one of your top priorities when creating marketing website designs. Keep in mind that your primary aim is to gain more audience, and one way to make that possible is by impressing them with the best navigation for your marketing agency website. Design a smooth flow of ideas within your marketing agency website template and avoid putting unnecessary elements. Make sure that once diving into your marketing agency website, they will immediately fall in love with how your website is well-designed.

  • Your content

A website wouldn’t be complete without its contents. Organize your marketing agency website content with high considerations on its importance. Make sure that all the information which customers seek can easily be found on your website page. Also, when making your content, prioritize the thoughts which make your company unique from all the other marketing agencies. Show your website viewers your “special abilities” and convince them that you are worth the try.

  • Striking visuals

What is more enticing than a well-designed and aesthetically made marketing agency website. Create a design that is both attractive and fully functional. Select the best marketing agency website template and color scheme that satisfies your business’s personality. Take note that in choosing your website’s color scheme, harmony must be observed. Don’t just randomly pick the colors as well as the font styles for it will greatly affect how your marketing website's design will appear to an audience’s eye.

Strikingly has done a great job in providing only the best set of templates and themes collection for this type of digital website design. All you have to do is pick the right one which best suits your taste, start designing, and own the world of ecommerce with your one-of-a-kind design layout!

  • Services section

A section intended for the services which your marketing firm websites can offer potential clients is also essential. By adding this section, website viewers can get a clearer view of your specializations. They can easily decide if they will continue transacting with your not through looking on your services list. In designing this section, list all the necessary information which will be of great help for your client. You can include a list in table form together with the titles of your services, the price and even other inclusions they can get in every type of service clients will avail.

  • Your portfolio

Portfolios are businesses’ secret weapons. It is one of the main tools they can use in proving potential clients that they are worth transacting with you. Post a gallery of your past works and projects on your digital website design and achieve that professionally-made marketing agency website. People will immediately become curious once they see your works, and converting them into your loyal customer is more possible.

  • A blog section

Blog sections add more spice to any type of digital website design. It makes your website more informative and exciting to visit. Through blog sections, you can share articles and personal tutorials with your users. You can even make this section open for comments and suggestions to make your marketing agency's websites more lively and interactive. Strikingly is among website builders who ensure strong connections between webmasters and their website viewers. It has an add simple blog section where you can create your own blog and design it depending on your own taste. If you want to know more about this feature, here’s more.

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The best marketing agency websites to inspire you build yours this 2021

Now that you have come this far, Strikingly has a striking bonus for you! Below are the best marketing agency websites which truly changed the game of marketing agency websites. Take a quick glimpse about them and learn how to make your own!

  1. Beyond. Beyond is among marketing agency websites that specialize in technology-led solutions and products. Their marketing agency website template features a simple, yet clear digital website design. Once visiting their website homepage, you can immediately see a banner saying “Hello, we’re a design company”, and a background theme that features different geometrical shapes.
  2. Frank Digital. This marketing agency website has already made its name in the world of ecommerce. They have received various awards for combining their strategies, creativity, and modern technology in giving the best digital experience. Once visiting their marketing firm websites, you can easily spot their motto which says, “Experience Beautiful”.
  3. Major Tom. Major Tom is a creative web design agency that cultivates modern strategy in marketing and ensures its clarity to their target audience. Their marketing agency website is simply designed, yet clearly states their point and strength in the world of ecommerce.
  4. Luminary. Luminary is an Australian-based marketing agency website. They are among marketing firm websites that specializes in digital transformation, user experience design, up to digital marketing, and even manage cloud services. Their homepage has a friendly aura which has colorful designs covering the whole page.


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Design your marketing agency website with Strikingly

Making your marketing agency website worth-visiting might become too complicated if you do not know where to rely on it. For these instances, you must have someone who does not only have what you are looking for but also someone who will walk with you along your path. A website builder which is a one-stop-shop for all your questions and queries—a website builder like Strikingly.

If you want to know more on how to achieve a marketing agency website that rocks, Strikingly is just one click away from you.

Chat with us! and let’s make things happen.