effective tips to promote your blog
If you look at the art of blogging about a decade ago, it was nothing more than a habit for people. However, people have started to write blogs as a source of income. In today’s world, in which inflation has impacted several countries, you must have a sustainable source of income like this alongside your current job. Therefore, blogging can be classified as a vital source of income. However, you can only earn through blogging if you know how to promote a blog post.

As a marketing person, you must know that writing a blog differs from the steps you take to promote your blog. Many people think you can earn through blogging by just writing quality content. However, the reality is that there is no point in creating quality blogs when you have nobody to recognize it. Therefore, you must implement relevant promotional strategies so that your blogs get to your targeted audience and they can obtain information through it. Once you have a trend of numerous blogs published on your website, you can monetize them and turn them into a great source of income.

Best Strategies to Promote Blogs

1) SEO

In today’s online world, promotional strategies are incomplete without an effective search engine optimization (SEO) plan. If you are a beginner and don’t know what SEO is, it is a strategy that allows you to rank your website or webpage highly in the Google rankings. As we have said before, if you create a quality blog and you don’t have a stable customer base to recognize it, you will just be wasting your time. When promoting a blog, it is essential to implement relevant SEO strategies on it to get a higher ranking on Google.

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If you want to implement SEO strategies and promote your blog, you must rely on Strikingly. We provide you with an SEO checklist feature, which ensures that you cover everything regarding your blogs from an SEO perspective. For example, if you are a free plan user, the checklist will cover title tags, image tags, headings, etc. However, when you upgrade your subscription plans, you will attain expansive features of this SEO checklist.

2) Social Media Marketing

Regardless of whether you have opened a new business or are simply writing blogs, you cannot ignore the influence of social media on them. When you are promoting your blog, you must integrate social media platforms into your working plans. Several social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, Facebook should be preferred over all the others because it encourages quality content and has the highest number of online users.

When you promote your blog on social media, ensure that you add a quality caption alongside an effective banner image to represent it properly. If you just attach a blog link to your social media post, you will not be able to catch the attention of your target audience. For example, if you have written about your experience while using a new product in the market, make sure that you create a caption that immediately makes the customers’ minds about reading it.

3) Regular Posting

When you promote your blogs, the most basic thing to do is that you must write and publish your blogs regularly. As a marketing person, you must know that you cannot expect to write one quality blog and hope that it will be the most trending thing on the Internet. The more blogs you publish, the more chances you will have to gain popularity within the social media trends. Most importantly, you must write regular blogs on trending topics within the mainstream media.

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For example, if you post regularly about the political situation in Russia or Palestine, you will get a lot of attention on your blogs. Similarly, if you talk about your experience using the latest iPhone mobile, people would be interested in hearing your thoughts. If you cannot publish blogs regularly due to other commitments, you can hire professional SEO writers for your assistance. You can assign keywords to them, which they can integrate as part of their blog.

4) Contribute to Other Blogs

This point may create confusion within the bloggers’ minds, and we don’t blame them. Why would you write for other blogs when you are promoting your blog? This is where the concept of guest posting comes into play, and it plays a massive role in driving the traffic from their blogs to your own. When you promote your blog, guest posting is an extremely effective strategy because it targets the same niche and has a high readability status.

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Guest posting is an ideal promotional strategy for your blogs because it allows you to create backlinks on your website. When you create content that is part of another blog, you can add links that bring the readers to your blog. This helps you elevate your SEO rankings and increase traffic to your blogs. Your blog will grow further if you collaborate with other blogs rather than promoting it individually.

5) Engagement With Readers

The more chances you give your viewers to engage with your content, the more chances you will have to promote your blogs effectively. As mentioned above, the most basic way to promote your content is to share your blogs on your social media platforms. Another way to increase engagement is to allow the customers to comment on your blogs. By including the option of customer feedback, your viewers will feel that you value their opinions. Moreover, it will help you build an online community, in which one viewer can comment on another viewer’s feedback.

As a blog writer, you must have the personality to tackle both the negative and the positive feedback coming your way from the viewers. If you are getting negative feedback, you must identify the reasons behind it. The negative feedback could be based on the disagreement of opinion, controversial statements, or simply due to the lack of quality blogs. Even though negative feedback can put your credibility at risk, you can regain it by handling that feedback properly.

6) Consistent Branding Strategy

If you want to know how to promote your blog, you must understand the importance of implementing consistent branding strategies across all types of online media. For a strong brand image, consistency is highly crucial. You must represent your blogs properly so that you can get the attention of your customers. Regarding representation, you must be aware of your website design, color schemes, and even the images you include in your blog.

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For example, if you have written a blog about a newly-added product in the market, it is important that you include a video and images as part of the blog so that viewers can be attracted to it. You can even send newsletters to your target audience in which you can inform them about the blogs you have been publishing. The more quality blogs you write, the more you will add to your brand presence.

7) Link Building Strategy

One of the best ways to promote your blogs is by creating relationships with other websites of the same category. For example, if you are writing about the upcoming console games, you can identify all the relevant websites on Google and collaborate with them. In today’s day and age, online collaboration is vital for the success of a business, let alone a blog. Inviting relevant websites to your platform will be an ideal way to promote your content.

These trusted websites will create links on your blog website, which will boost your Google ranking. Quality links are the same as the votes you get to win the “vote of confidence.” The more links you have on your website, the more boost you will get concerning your Google search engine rankings.

8) Rely on Effective Website Builder

The best way of promoting a blog is by choosing a cost-effective website builder that can create a quality blog website. Strikingly seems to be one of those free website builders that can create a top blog site for you within a couple of minutes. Once registered on our platform, you will fall in the bracket of free plan users, enabling you to develop a fully-functional blog website with all the fundamental features.

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Once you have created your blogs, you can publish them on your site and create categories based on your topics. An exciting website is a cost-effective approach to promote your blog. Once you have published your blogs, you can try out different marketing strategies to promote them, such as social media marketing.


It will be a huge mistake if you take more time to write your blogs than the effort you make to promote them. If you cannot create an established customer base for your blogs, there is no point in creating quality content. If you understand the relevant promotional strategies, you will find it easy to promote your blogs effectively.

The best way to promote your content is by creating a functional blog website on Strikingly. Strikingly provides you with all the fundamental features in making your blog website successful. If you have any problems creating the design for your blog website, you can talk to our Happiness Officers about it. By creating and promoting your exciting blogs, you can add to your professional integrity.