create a webinar and involve it in your working plans
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on just about every business plan in the world right now. However, some positives exist as people have started to create webinars and integrate them into their working plans. It has gained popularity in the past couple of years and seems to be a growing marketing trend today. As the self-isolation rules have resulted in people getting stuck in a room, they need these inventions to maintain their communication skills. Even though it is not the same as talking face-to-face, it is still better than just texting people without any emotions.

People have recently started using online features for educating students across multiple institutes. When the world was in lockdown, teachers began using online tools for taking school or university lectures.

Moreover, the interaction with clients has also been maintained. After all, communication is the best way to generate business leads and attract enormous audiences. You no longer have to stick with a telephone and look for potential clients reaching out to you.

Technological advancements have made life very easy for business owners nowadays.

What is a Webinar?

Before setting up webinars for your personal or professional work, you must comprehensively undergo its definition. It is a combination of two words, i.e., web and seminar, and is defined as an online video workshop or a presentation used to describe a particular topic. If you are talking about a business idea, you can share your knowledge with people worldwide. People use webinars to improve brand authority, develop long-term customer relationships, and demonstrate a product.

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Regardless of what business type you own, you cannot disregard the importance of communication. Communication is not just about educating your audience. It is also about making your staff members aware of specific business-related actions. For example, you can have business meetings at the end of each month. If you have a freelance community with people located in different cities, you can use this feature to interact with each other properly. Strikingly fully believes in online collaboration and provides its users with a “Team Manager” feature.

Tips to Create a Webinar

1) Choose Your Topic Wisely

When you start understanding how to create a webinar, make sure to choose your topic before proceeding any further. Once you clearly understand your niche's expertise, you will be able to convey your message more clearly. Regardless of your knowledge about a particular subject, you must also ensure that your online collaboration tool is relevant in the market. Your online tool must have all the appropriate materials in the trending market.

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If you are using online collaboration tools for the first time, there is no harm in checking other online collaboration tools and see which one best best fits your needs. You can also check out your competitors, and look at how they have organized their presentation or lectures. If you want to look at how the other teachers are using these online tools, you can study their style. Moreover, you can analyze their manner of speaking and their pace. You can analyze how they involve their respective students in the online discussions despite not being present physically.

2) Format

Once you have done your homework on the topic, you concentrate on the presentation. When you create a webinar, content structuring is fundamental. What type of presentation are you planning to give?

The complexity of your presentation and the number of speakers may narrow down your options. For delivering the presentation, you must focus on the following formats:

  • Moderator: The person who guides the debate and asks questions from the panel.
  • Single speaker: Better suited to smaller audiences because only one individual can interact with the entire audience and ask questions from them.
  • Live Questions and Answers (Q/As): They are usually included in the last part of the presentation. The best thing to do is to inform your audience about the Q/A session before you start the presentation. This will give them time to prepare their respective questions.
  • Interviews: Unlike the Q/As, the interviews include pre-planned questions, and they are put forward to the person of interest.

3) Decide on Platform

The decision on the platform is critical for you in understanding how to make a webinar. The selected format will help you determine the best platform for use. As a speaker, you can consider the objectives and demands of your online tool before selecting a platform. You can analyze the size of your target audience, the number of tools you want to integrate into your presentation, and the amount of money you are trying to invest.

Does your platform have the capacity to accommodate multiple speakers and conduct a Q&A session? You cannot invest all your money in an online tool just because it is relevant in the market and has no plans regarding investment. Your selected platform must have all the essential tools to make your presentation successful.

4) Create Content

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Once you have studied the best-suited platform for your presentation, now is the time to create a webinar. You can consider the following pointers while developing your respective presentation:

  • Create a quality script that manages you to stay on track through the entirety of your presentation. The word limit isn’t significant as you have to note down all your points simultaneously. Once you have noted all your issues, you can start organizing your content for the presentation. You should have room for off-the-topic elements to keep the audience interested and well-informed
  • Usually, the most common way of developing a production is in the form of slides. Many students and teachers tend to use Microsoft Powerpoint, and Google slides in the making of their slides. Regardless of your platform, you must understand that you cannot include all your content in the presentation slides. Suppose you include infographics and other forms of graphics. In that case, it may catch your audience's attention

5) Assign Responsibilities

When you choose a particular style for your presentation, you must assign responsibilities accordingly. When we talk about setting up webinars, you must look into the three following characters:

  • Organizers: This is the main character of your presentation. This person is responsible for creating and organizing the materials and promoting the event. The organizer must talk to the registrars before and after the event
  • Presenters: The presenters have complete knowledge about the topic they are targeting. As you can interpret by the term, they are responsible for giving quality presentations and educating the entire audience through their knowledge
  • Assistants: They assist with technical flaws within the presentation. They conduct the SWOT analysis to ensure that everything works at maximum capacity. They also have the responsibility of going through the audience queries and resolving them properly

6) Promote

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If you look at your competitors, you will understand that they don’t neglect the marketing strategies after setting up webinars. Therefore, you must follow the same wavelength and develop high-quality marketing strategies for promotional purposes. This would mean that you would have plenty of audiences happy to listen to you, which is the reward you get for the hard work you have put in. Some of the suggestions regarding marketing strategies are shared below:

  • Sending newsletters to customers
  • Create and add banners to your website
  • Developing a quality landing page
  • Promote content on social media
  • Add a simple blog

If you surf the Internet, you will find numerous website builders that will come to your help in promoting your content.

Integrate Webinar on Your Strikingly Website

Speaking of website builders, you must research them before developing your desired website. If we were to recommend it, we wouldn’t look beyond Strikingly because of the exquisite website features it provides. Once you create a webinar, make sure that you establish a quality website on Strikingly and add your recorded videos to your platform.

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Strikingly helps you develop an effective website design without writing a single line of code, which means that your desired web design will be on your computer screen in no time. The best way of doing things is to upload your recorded video on the YouTube channel and embed it on your Strikingly website. You cannot upload the entire recorded video on your Strikingly website. By attaching your YouTube video on Strikingly, you will ensure that your viewers check out your recorded video without accessing your YouTube channel.


No matter which niche you prefer or which industry you are associated with, you can share your ideas with the rest of the world through webinars. It won’t be easy at the start, but soon after, you will create an experience that will become a benchmark for all your listeners. As a professional worker, you should never hesitate to speak confidently about what you stand for.

Do you want to make your voice heard across multiple audiences? Make sure you create a fully-functional Strikingly website and attach your recorded video to it. If you have any problems developing your professional site, you can contact our Happiness Officers. By attaching quality recorded videos, you can inform worldwide audiences about unique inventions and happenings worldwide.