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Content marketing is a massive part of a digital marketing procedure. If you look into every business (regardless of its dimension), it has an established content marketing strategy at its disposal. Content marketing enables you to attract a wide range of customers, retain them and generate positive feedback from them. Moreover, it allows you to evolve your potential leads and convert them into sales.

Copywriting is one of the biggest attributes of content writing. An eCommerce copywriting guide enables you to focus on the content that enables your audience to take a particular action. It involves pragmatic and targeted keywords which will be familiar to the audience. If you own an online store, you will know the importance of promoting your business on social media via copywriting.

Procedure of Copywriting in ECommerce

Copywriting refers to the content you write for your online store. The content can be of several types, such as product descriptions, category pages, about us pages, newsletters, landing pages, etc. As a copywriter, you must make sure that you give your customer a solid reason to buy your selling product. For that to happen, you must go through the entire process of copywriting in eCommerce. For your understanding, we have broken down the process into five simple steps below.

1. Understand your Product

The key to writing high-quality website copies is to have a complete understanding of your selling product. Therefore, the first step of an eCommerce copywriting process is to create an identity of your brand or product.

You should create your unique selling proposition (USP), which will allow your prospects to understand exactly what you are offering. The USP lets you highlight why your prospects must buy that product, how the product will solve the customer’s problems and the attributes that make that product unique.

2. Understand your Targeted Audience

Just like you do for marketing, you must prioritize your targeted audience. By doing this, you can customize your sales copies depending upon the audience’s personal preferences. As a result of eCommerce copywriting 101, you will understand the likings and dislikes, their source of location, and the pain points of your targeted audience.

understand targeted audience

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The best way to understand your audience on a deeper level is by doing customer research. If you have loyal customers at your disposal, you can conduct frequent online surveys to understand their demands deeply. For example, you can conduct a survey that targets approximately 50 customers on your online store.

To make them part of your survey, you can include incentives (such as a free subscription or gift package). Moreover, you can also prioritize social media contests. The majority of your audience will be unaware of the problem unless you make them understand. Therefore, your goal is to inform, educate and think about your audience.

3. Create Good Headlines

Those people who want to know what is eCommerce copywriting, they should be aware of the importance of a headline. Copyblogger claims that 80% of the people only look into the headlines instead of the full details of a product. The headline is the first and the most important thing that your target audience regarding your sales copy. Therefore, you need to make it catchy and attractive. If the headlines are unpleasant, the audience will eventually walk away from your platform.

No matter how great the body structure of your sales copy is, it won’t do any good to your conversion rate if your headline does not match it. For practice purposes, you can generate three random headlines, read all of them out loud and pick the best out of them. Make sure that you specify the problem within the headline. Also, it should correspond with the content you have written in the body structure.

4. FAQ Page

When the clients visit your website, they will use the FAQ page to make sure that they get their questions delivered to you. By having this page, you will address the most common questions that a customer will have regarding your product.

FAQ page

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As part of an eCommerce copywriting process, you are responsible for creating the best FAQ page for your website. Make sure that the answers to the FAQs are brief and to the point. There is no need for long paragraphs, which will put your credibility at risk. The questions of your customers may vary from time to time. However, most of them will have an overlap in terms of questions. Therefore, you must put the most commonly asked questions at the top of your page.

You can rely on a high-quality website builder like Strikingly to create FAQ pages. Make sure that you look into our FAQ templates, which will make it easy for structuring purposes. You don’t need to be a coding expert to create a FAQ page on Strikingly. The editor feature will take care of all the customization processes. As a result, you won’t be spending time hiring coding experts just for the sake of an FAQ page.

5. Be a Storyteller

If you want to know what is eCommerce copywriting, you must also know about the importance of language and control of writing skills. If you are a good storyteller, you must not complicate your words and have transparency within your writing skills. For ideal website content, you must make sure that your sentences are brief. They should be around 14-20 words for ease of understanding.

momentary visual storytelling

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As part of an eCommerce copywriting guide, you are also obliged to not use passive voice. When you write a sentence, make sure that the noun always comes first. For example, you should always write “I play tennis” instead of “tennis is played by me”. Your content should always coincide with your headline. Your target should be to write a minimum of 1000 words. If your sales copy exceeds that word limit, make sure that they are entertaining.

Pages That Require Copywriting

There are different pages of an eCommerce website that require copywriting. As a copywriter, you cannot just build a landing page and feel that your job is done. There are many pages where you can apply copywriting practices. Some of the pages for its application are mentioned below:

1. Product Pages

The product page is one of the most important pages of an online store. This page enables the customer to understand deeply about their prescribed product. On the other hand, it gives you a chance to sell the product which your customer finds interest in. Usually, it is the last page that the customers visualize before heading over to the checkout.

product description page

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As part of the eCommerce copywriting guide, there should be so much more on a product page than a small product description and a product image. You can include the unique selling proposition which your customers care about the most. Moreover, you can prioritize the benefits of your selling product. Be a good storyteller when it comes to describing your product, and identify some of the reasons why customers recommend it.

Strikingly enables you to use innovative features and tools for creating exciting eCommerce product pages. We make it easy for you to create these pages, integrate a call to action (CTA) button, add product prices, and add shipping policy via the site editor.

2. Category Pages

Usually overlooked as part of an eCommerce copywriting guide, category pages bring a huge opportunity for you to showcase your copywriting skills. Based on the design of your eCommerce website, you usually have a little bit of space at the top or bottom of these respective pages. This isn’t just great from an SEO perspective, but it convinces your customer that they are at the right place for shopping.

3. About Us

about us page

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The “About Us” page is not about the product descriptions or the lifestyle of your brand. It enables your customers to understand that why your website is different from the others. For example, if two websites (including yours) are selling a similar product, you should make the customers understand that why they should choose your website instead of the other.

As part of a transparent eCommerce copywriting process, you must tell the audience about your mission. When the customers understand the mission or the objective of your brand, it will make them easy to come back to your store and purchase products again. By involving Stikingly’s website builder in your plans, you can create your website’s “About Us” page within minutes. Take advantage of the hundreds of templates we have at our disposal and get your page ready.


The procedure of doing eCommerce copywriting 101 isn’t a walk in the park for many people. It is just about sticking to the basics, as we have shared in this article. If you stick to the basics, you will find success in copywriting.

Before you start writing your website copy, you must be aware of your targeted audience. You must know what the customers expect from you, and you must ensure that they have a solid reason to read your sales copy till the last word. Don’t feel intimidated by the overview of a sales copy. Make sure that you start writing your first one now. Your audience is looking forward to hearing from you.