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Nowadays, the usage of digital media products can be seen everywhere. You may have even seen a master’s degree and certificates associated with it in numerous universities worldwide. However, before we get to see the scope of this new media version, we have to look at its fundamentals and importance in the modern world.

Today, it is safe to say that everything is on the cusp of becoming digitized. People are investing more and more time learning direct marketing as they spend around half a day on the internet. If they are employed at a highly-established company, it is likely that their duration on the internet increases. There may even be a possibility that you interact with your internet browsers more than your relatives daily. We have shared an overview of this new version of media and how it can impact our daily lives for your better understanding.


We must follow the term for those who want to know the digital media definition. The term “digital” is defined as the data defined in the digital output of 0 or 1. On the other hand, “media” is related to broadcasting and communicating information. If we put both of these terms together, it would mean information broadcasted to us via a screen.

This term is strongly associated with client management. Otherwise, it can be found in software packages, apps, e-sports, and much more. You may get the feeling that this term is extremely broad, and you definitely have a strong case about it. Almost everything we access via a digital device can be associated with this term in the practical world.


Whether you are a freelancer or employed at a massive company, there is an increased chance that you will be tackling certain aspects of the digital version of media. If you want to study deeply about it, you need to look at its types and how they play a part in the digital industry. We have shared an overview of all three of these types below for your understanding.

1. Owned Media

Owned media is the kind of asset that is under your control. Unlike the other two types of digital media, owned media has a unique behavior with your brand. If you optimize your brand as per the requirements of SEO, the results will show when your visitors will search for the topics relevant to your offer.

The better your marketing strategies, the more visible your website will be. This will result in an increase in your website rankings in the search engine results. Owned media allows you to control the conversation surrounding your business. If you want to get the best out of owned media, ensure that you provide valuable content.

2. Paid Media

Paid media is one of the most fundamental types of digital media in the world today. You can promote your website content to improve your traffic through this type. This type of media usually includes pay-per-click (PPC), paid search ads, and Facebook ads. As the advertisement is paid, you can expect to see more traffic than your other posts on social media.

paid digital media

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Even though paid advertisements take a lot of investment, it ensures that your content and brand reach a wider audience. If you look at the best marketing agencies globally, they tend to conduct PPC management to ensure that the right customers come to their website. Moreover, paid media can also result in meaningful results within your marketing campaign. Strikingly is a massive advocate of social media advertising. Through this website builder, you can add your social media icons on your website footer so that the visitor easily recognizes them. Once the visitors see your brand across multiple platforms, they will trust it.

3. Earned Media

One of the best brand management strategies is to see your customers speak in favor of you. This is exactly what earned media brings to the table. It is the advertisement generated by your customers. When customers are strong advocates of your brand via social media, newsletters, and shares, it can’t get any better for your online business. Through earned media, you can grow your brand and cut down your acquisition costs simultaneously. However, make sure that you do this regularly because this is one of the types of digital media you don’t have any control over.


1. Graphic Designer

Once you have gone through the types of digital media, you need to look into the opportunities to make a living through it. The biggest positions in this category revolve around graphic designing. Graphic designers create numerous illustrations that provide information and give a message or an indication. They take the help of the best fonts and aesthetic elements in their work.

freelance graphic designer

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People associated with graphic design work collaborate with their clients to understand what they are looking for. After finalizing their targets, they move over to the design process, where they create numerous options and modify them to fit the demands of their respective customers.

2. Web Developer

Once you have gone through the digital media definition, one of the first jobs that will catch your attention is the web developer. They use their graphic designing skills to establish websites and other web-related applications. They have some knowledge related to programming and coding in computer languages such as HTML, Java, and CSS. These developers help their companies establish websites from scratch by using templates, such as Strikingly. They ensure that the newly-established website works on both desktop and mobile.

freelance website designer

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If you want to make a graphic design website of your own, make sure to register yourself on Strikingly right away. We ensure to provide you with the best possible fonts to make your website unique and fitting. Through Strikingly, you will have more control of building up traffic and marketing your content properly. Apart from that, we also provide you with search engine optimization (SEO) tools and social media sharing capabilities so that your content reaches out to a wider audience.

3. Media Specialist

If you want to become a media specialist, you must know all the fundamentals surrounding digital media products. These specialists play a vital role in the job market. They use their graphic designing skills to help companies on social media via branding. They also possess on-camera and writing skills, such as video or audio editing, through which they can create packages for their input in digital marketing campaigns.

audio and video records

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As different projects require different skills and roles to fill, media specialists can fill any void in this regard. However, it is important to not take their capabilities for granted. For example, if your company demands specialists instead of multi-functional ones, make sure that you look at the specialists first. If you cannot hire any top-class specialist in a job, then you look at the media specialists.

Important Examples

Regarding digital media products, there are many examples for you to look into. Audios and videos are ideal examples that we listen to and watch daily. They can either be taken from streaming sites or downloaded from the Internet. We may also hear soundtracks in the video games that we play online.

high-quality blog posts

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Apart from audio and video, there are various content types that we need to get in touch with. There is an ebook that is published in digital format. It could be anything from a 10-page overview on road traffic to a literature work that is sold digitally. The most common content type is blog posts or articles. Usually, they are shorter than ebooks, as you can go through them within 10 minutes. The objective of a blog post is to inform the audience about a particular topic. The topic could be historical or trending recently.


As you have understood that what is digital media, it is important to put all of the things you learned into perspective. If you are interested in finding a job in the digital world, it can be an ideal strategy to narrow down your goals. You must have a clear idea about the aspect of the digital industry that fascinates you. Is it the graphic designs, blog posts, web development, or something else?

If you want to start a freelance web design career, you can rely on a high-quality website builder, such as Strikingly. You don’t need to worry about the budget because this website builder allows you to establish websites without costs. Moreover, you don’t even need a programming degree from a top-class university. All you need is a creative mindset, which enables you to customize our already-made website templates per your niche. The journey can be tiring, but all your efforts will be worth it if you rely on Strikingly.