Blogging platforms have become massive in a short period without us noticing it. With modern technology continuously evolving, many people are gaining more access to the digital world. If you are someone who wishes to join the digital world and share your skills and thoughts through blogging platforms, this blog will be the best guide you could ever have.

Why You Should Start a Blog

Creating the best blogging websites have more than it can offer to you as a writer and someone who wants a solid online presence. To give you a better view of how it works, we listed below why you need to build your blogging website.


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1. Share Your Thoughts

To some of us, sharing our thoughts isn’t as easy as a snap of our fingers. For some, you were sharing their opinions about something gives them anxiety, specifically in a community where everyone isn’t open-minded to listen to others’ perspectives. In this case, a blogging website can also be an online diary or journal. When you start a blog, you can have the freedom to let your voice be heard. You can share your views and opinions about a topic that interests you. You can even use it as your space to share your experiences and skills about something you know you are very good at.

2. Make Extra Cash

Another incredible benefit you could gain from creating a blogging website is earning extra cash. If you are looking for side hustles, you could do even in the comfort of your own home, starting a blogging website is perfect for you. Many individuals who started a blog have become successful and gained extra revenue by posting consistent content. Blogging is considered a form of passive income which does not require people to work long hours. You can simply start a blogging site, set up your website, schedule your blog posts, and you can start earning some extra cash. The best thing about it? You are earning money and doing something you enjoy the most—writing.

3. Find Your Community

The online world is filled with people. If you are a beginner, finding a community to which your heart belongs is a big help. Finding your community will be much easier by choosing the best blogging platform. Blogging can help you interact with people whom you might not know but who will share the same passion as yours. Creating a blogging website can not just assist you in gaining revenue or a stable online presence, but most importantly, it can help you share your learnings with a community with which you can connect.

Tips on Choosing the Best Blogging Platform

After understanding the benefits of a blogging website, you are now ready to face the next step—choosing the best blogging platforms. To save you from spending your money on the wrong website platform, we list below the characteristics of the best blogging website you can have.


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1. Check Your Budget

The first thing you need to consider when choosing the best blogging platform is your budget. If you are someone just starting in the online world, it is best to consider how much cash your business will gain in a given time and avoid purchasing pricey blogging platforms. Estimate your expenses before buying a blogging website. As soon as you get the data you need, use it as a guide in finding a blogging site that will fit your budget. If you are tight on budget, you don’t have to worry about anything because there are a ton of website-building platforms that are cheap and free to use yet still have fantastic offers. All you need to do is take your time and do your research to find the right one.

2. Think of a Name

The next important element you need to have on your blogging website is a name. Many blogging platforms contain names related to the owner’s name or the company’s brand. A blogging site’s name is essential in imprinting your blog on your target audience. It is what your readers will call and identify you, so having an extraordinary blog site name is an advantage. If you are feeling more creative, you can create a unique name that can immediately grab attention the first moment an online reader reads it.

3. Pick Your Blog Topic

Topic is essential to have the best blogging websites. The content you will post and what it is all about will define how much attention you will get from your target audience. Choosing your blog topic first can make choosing the best blogging platform much easier because you already have a clear goal in mind. Some of the most common topics of blogs you can find on popular blogging platforms are life experiences, a personal blogging website, and a blog site for hobbies and passion.

4. Choose User-Friendly Platforms

The last thing you’d want to consider in choosing the best blogging platform is if it is user-friendly. We must admit that not every one of us is fond of using website-building platforms, especially if it involves coding. A blogging website needs to be functional and practical not just for the website owner itself but, most importantly, for its users. Many online audiences seek a blogging site that they can easily navigate. Before you start a blog, ensure that your platform is easy to understand. Doing these can help you create a website that isn’t just appealing and serves well.

Top 5 Best Blogging Websites You Should Try

Blogging would not be possible without a website-building platform. Choosing the best blogging platform is crucial in ensuring your overall performance as a blogger. There is a lot of blogging website kinds you can find on the internet. Each has different offers, but only a few can help you get that unforgettable blogging website experience. We listed below our top five picks of the best blogging websites to help you start a blog like a pro.

1. Strikingly

Strikingly is among the few website builders offering affordable website designs with awesome features. We have intuitive website functionality and reliable chat support you can rely on when managing your blogging website. Our set of free designer-made templates contains zero coding requirements making it perfect to use even for beginners. You can quickly start a blog with us and get an online presence you can use to rock the world of blogging! Some of our excellent features are as follows:

Add Blog Categories

If you are someone who wants to keep things organized, creating your blog with us is the perfect solution! Our Simple blog offers an option for you to add blog categories to your website. You can easily use this option to set up a quick overview section of your articles for your online readers.

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Enable Commenting on Your Blogs

Another excellent feature you can enjoy in our Simple blog is creating an interactive comment section. By enabling this feature, your online readers can easily interact with your blog and your other readers. As the blog owner, you have the power to manage and filter comments by approving only the ones you’d like to see in the commenting section.


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Google Analytics for Simple Blog

SEO is vital to any blogging website. We have a built-in analytics system and Google Analytics you can set up on your blogging website. By enabling these features, you can freely access your blog website data and get the information you need about your website.

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RSS Feed

An RSS button added to the blogging website allows visitors who use RSS readers to stream blog updates into their RSS feeds directly.

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Blog Email Subscription

Subscription is one awesome feature a blogging website could have. When you start a blog with us, you can easily set up a blog email subscription for your readers. Once enabled, you can collect your email subscribers and send them updates about your blog. You can even change your website language setting for your non-English followers. Just awesome, right?

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2. WordPress

Are you looking for a free blogging site that still has many awesome features to offer? Then, you might want to try WordPress. WordPress is known as one of the kings of free blogging platforms. It is a blogging website that requires you to both create your website and host the software by yourself. Hosting your blog website on WordPress gives you complete control over how you like your homepage to look.

3. Wix

Wix is another free website-building platform that supports blog making. One of its remarkable features is its drag-and-drop functionality, which is perfect for those who like finishing their task efficiently. Their platform is intuitive and modern, even for beginners in website building. Wix has a free hosting offer, allowing you to set up layouts and templates. You can add multiple elements to your blogging website design, like widgets, backgrounds, menus, video boxes, typographies, and forms.

4. Tumblr

Tumblr is one of the original names when it comes to blogging platforms. This platform is perfect for those who want to start a personal blogging website. It has a simple interface with basic customization options you can use. Tumblr differs from other blog websites because it is more on supporting social-media-like content. It has a more playful interface than the others making it easier and more attractive to start a blog. Tumblr also contains a set of post formats for your different kinds of content.

5. Squarespace

Squarespace is a website-building platform equipped with drag-and-drop functionality. Creating your blogging website with Squarespace makes it easier for you to create an online presence. If you want to start a blog for your online business, Squarespace is a good option. This platform is tech-savvy and easy to use, even for starters in website building. Aside from this, they also have beautiful templates and domain offers for your eCommerce stores.

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Create Your Blogging Website With Us!

Blogging became one of the top trending topics online regarding website building. Professionals who have an unmeasurable love for writing have taken such an opportunity to create their own space to share their skills. They grabbed the chance to build a platform where they could connect with the same community as them, share their beautiful works, and even their thoughts about any topic they wanted. Building a blogging website has also been used by companies and online businesses to promote their business to their patrons.

If you are someone who is getting more interested in the world of blogging, chat with us today, and let’s get started with your blogging journey.