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Back in the old days, people gave each other their business cards as their business portfolios. The limitation that a small card and its contents have did not allow people to present their business services in a self-explanatory form. However, the invention of the internet made it possible for businesses to present nearly everything about their companies through websites. Hence, the birth of the concept of building a consulting website took place.

What is a Consulting Website?

Like any other corporate website, a consulting website is built for a company that offers consulting services. This means businesses offering expert and professional advice create a consultant website to showcase their services. Examples include websites created by an accounting and auditing firm, a law firm, a real estate agency, an insurance company or a travel associate.


The sole purpose of a consultant website is to provide all the information regarding their firm. It primarily contains information about the company’s background, the services, and why they are better. This information is given out as website content and shared with the audience through newsletters, documentation, blog posts, and online banners.

A consulting website acts as an information provider and a platform for active interaction between clients and service providers. Through chatbots and customer feedback forms, one can effectively cater to the needs and complaints of clients instantly.

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6 Steps to Create a Consulting Website

The process to create a consulting website is not as complicated as it might appear at first glance. It is no more about coding and programming in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can simply follow the steps described below and build a consulting website in just a matter of hours. This process does not require you to write a single line of code.

1. Choose a Suitable Website Building Platform and Template

The evolution of technology has provided different frameworks of web programming languages to make our work a lot easier and simpler. One of these popular frameworks is the numerous website building platforms available that allow users to create professional websites without dealing with hard-core programming.

An example of such a website builder rising in popularity over the past couple of years is Strikingly. We offer tons of user-friendly website templates that make it into just a single-click process for you to have your web design ready on your screen.

Once you sign up for an account on Strikingly and verify your email address, you can straight away go to the template selection page and choose a template that best suits your consultant website purpose. Do you need a website to just showcase your services? Do you want to collect payments from your clients through the site? Do you want to publish customer testimonials on your site? Make sure you are clear about the purpose and main objective you want your consulting website to serve.

2. Customize the Template and Page Layout

The programming for your website is fully taken care of at the backend on Strikingly. However, our user-friendly editor does allow you to do minor customization of your selected template. You can, for example, change the color palette to make it match your visual branding elements, such as your brand logo. You might want to rearrange the layout by moving around or replacing the images. Our drag and drop interface turns your page editing job into a convenient and enjoyable experience.

If you are using Strikingly, we have a few designs that are best suited as a consulting website template. If you select one of those like many of our users, you will need to barely spend any time and effort trying to customize the layout.

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3. Add Content to Your Consulting Website

Adding content to a website built on Strikingly is simple. In fact, you won’t have to worry about how to add and have more time figuring out what to add. Your consultant website will serve as the main online source of information about your business for all your prospects. That’s why it is important to think it through and develop a good and impressive copy to publish on your site.

Here are some information elements you can consider including in your website content.

  • Your company’s background and the founder’s profile
  • Details about the services you offer, including the key deliverables of each service category
  • How your services are better than those of your competitors
  • Any customer testimonials you have collected from your past or existing clients
  • Contact details, and preferably a contact form for your site visitors to instantly get in touch with you

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Also, don’t forget to add images, pictures revealing your corporate culture, and videos to make your content more engaging. Using a combination of content elements helps grab and keep the audience's attention on your consulting website for longer periods.

4. Integrate Your Consulting Website With Your Social Media Pages

This is important for maximizing the traffic on all your online marketing platforms. If your website is linked to the social media pages or accounts where you promote your services, the audience can freely move between the two. This will give the impression of a solid online presence for your brand and help increase the overall number of leads that you get from your consulting website.

If you create a consulting website on Strikingly, you can even insert a few of your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts right into your homepage. This can be done by using our social feed feature, which primarily exists to allow you to give a glimpse of your social media content to your site visitors. This way, your site visitors don’t have to leave your website to see the kind of posts you make on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. This is an excellent strategy for keeping the bounce rate of your consulting website at the minimum level.

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5. Work on the SEO of Your Consulting Website

For your prospects to know about your consultant website or discover it in search engines, it needs to be search engine optimized. Strikingly offers several features that help you enhance your on-site SEO. For example, you can key in a precise and catchy site description through your site editor.

Our templates have a responsive layout, which will also contribute to increasing the SEO of your consultant website. The more well-organized your layout and content are, the more your site’s SEO will be. Don’t forget to check how your web pages appear when browsed from different kinds of mobile devices.

6. Promote Your Consulting Website

Once your template is selected, your content is added, and your layout is all set, you can hit the ‘Publish’ button and let your site go live right away. It is time to promote your professional services via your professional consulting website. Let your friends, peers, and colleagues know your website URL, and invite them to visit it and have a look at the information provided on it. They might know somebody looking for that kind of professional consulting service.

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Continuously working on your site’s SEO, as mentioned in the previous point, is also a way of promoting your consulting website. The point of promoting your site is to generate more and more leads, which can eventually convert into paying clients or customers. It is critical for a consulting business to have a large and consistent client base that can provide a continuous stream of income for you to pay your expert consultants.

The Essential Elements to Add to Your Consulting Website

For any business website to look professional and be effective towards its purpose, it is critical to include certain key elements. Most of these elements were covered above when we explained adding content to your site. But we have listed down the essential components again below to better understand each.

1. The Header

This will be present by default in any Strikingly website templates that you choose. But you’ll just need to make sure your header has all the necessary components in it. Upload your brand logo, create a neat and tidy menu, and clearly mention your business slogan or tagline.

3. The Footer

Your website must have a footer that summarizes your company information and include other elements such as a site map, email subscription form, social media icons linking your consulting website to your social media pages, and copyright.

3. The Contact

Don’t forget to give a clear means to your site audience to get in contact with you. The best contacting feature you can provide is a live chat feature, available in Strikingly Audience or VIP plan. A live chat allows your site visitors to get instant responses to their queries about your business.

If you want to build a consulting website on Strikingly, go to our homepage and register with us today. It will make it a lot easier for you to manage at least the online aspect of your business. Our happiness is in the satisfaction of our users, and we are always keen to support your business initiatives by taking care of the websites you choose to build on our platform.