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If you want to write a career objective, there are many underlying things that you need to be aware of. Many experts believe that they are of no use. On the other hand, some others believe that an effective recruitment strategy regarding managers would understand your attributes and beliefs. Whether you call it a branding statement, a quick overview, or simply an objective, the objective statement still has some relevance associated with it.

If you have a well-established objective statement, it will help other managers learn about your skills, experiences, and mentality from the first instance. Considering its worth in the market, we can say that your objective statement could be the first and the last impression in the managers’ eyes. Before we look into its features and strategies, it is essential to know what an objective statement stands for.


For those willing to understand a career objective, a brief paragraph summarizes your working experience, skills, and future goals. It is hardly three to four sentences and sits at the top of your CV, below your name. It is one of the most critical aspects for managers to decide whether to hire you or not.

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Your objective statement is one of the first things that a manager scans in your resume before deciding to hire. Therefore, you have to make sure that it is prolific and stands out. There are many ways to do this, such as tailoring the objective to the responsibility you are looking for, adding valuable keywords in the statement, or showcasing required skills. The statement should be brief, pragmatic, and concise. Most importantly, it should coincide with your personality.

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Best Strategies for Writing an Objective of a Career

Your CV is your bread and butter if you are starting your professional career or just starting your freelancing career. The more details you add, the more chances that some high-quality manager will hire you. One of the details you can’t disregard in that CV is your objective statement. To make things easier for you, we have highlighted some of the key strategies through which you can create your objective statement.

1. Understand Job Description

It is easy to copy and paste your objective statement status into your job description. However, when you write a career objective, you must understand the manager’s basis for hiring you. For that, you must showcase your hidden skills that would be best suited for that role. If you cannot, you can research the most in-demand skills required to fulfill that particular role. Usually, this section is referred to as the “Core Responsibilities” or “Required Skills”.

If you want to find the right skills for a particular role, you can cross-reference the list with any of the additional qualities of the organization or position. For example, if you are considering a fast-paced working environment, you must be able to do multitask. If we look at the SEO marketing managers worldwide, they mostly do multi-tasking (audit and analysis).

2. Know your Worth

In pursuit of writing a strong career objective statement, the most important thing to know is that you shouldn’t get ahead of yourself. You should always keep your foot on the ground and take it task by task. You can note down how you can add value to your attributes and skills.

Apart from your degrees and certificates in professional development, you can also point out any of your strong connections. The strong connections could be top-tier clients that you have worked with previously. You must make sure that everything you are noting down coincides with the demands of your company and position. If the managers find some unnecessary details within your statement, it will create a bad reputation for you as a professional.

3. Keep it Concise

If we define it in simple words, a career objective should be three sentences maximum. If you are struggling to summarize your work experience, skills, and hobbies into three sentences, you can create drafts in this regard. Initially, the possibility could be that your paragraph stretches to seven or eight sentences. It is not an issue as you can instantly remove unnecessary words, such as “a” or “the” from your paragraph. If you want to make your skills look unique, you can consider the reliable Strikingly portfolio templates to ensure that your managers regard them highly, just like you.

4. Add Value

When you write a career objective statement, one of the biggest risks involved is that you may focus too much on what you have done in the past or what you want to achieve. Usually, you don’t discuss how you can benefit the company. Although it could be the first day in your new surroundings, you shouldn’t act like a lost kid in the shopping mall. Before writing your objective statement, you should have a little info about your working environment.

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For example, if you want to be a leader of your department, you must have the qualities of online collaboration. You can’t just be doing your own job without knowing what your team members are doing on the other end. You must have the leadership qualities to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength. Therefore, apart from just highlighting your working experiences, make sure that you add how you can add value to your companies. If those companies find your work fitting, it is increasingly likely that they will give a positive review about yourself, which you can display on your resume website.

Alternate Options

There could be a situation where you feel confused about your objective statement. Either you may not know the criteria of writing an objective statement, or your details are too much to be broken into three or four lines. This is where alternate options come into play for your career. We have shared three alternative options that you can consider to better understand instead of writing an objective statement.

1. Summary Statement

One of the alternatives for writing a strong career objective statement is using a resume profile. It can also be referred to as the statement of qualifications, which contains a small summary of your skills, previous roles, and the days you left those jobs. A summary statement is best suited for a specific job opening. Unlike you see with resumes, it doesn’t just tell about your working experiences. It also tells about how you can benefit a particular company.

2. Branding Statement

If you cannot understand that what is a career objective, you don’t need to worry. You will find many alternatives for starting a professional career, and a branding statement is exactly that. You can integrate the branding statement when you build a personal profile website. This is even shorter than a summary statement (hardly 15 to 20 words). In the branding statement, you highlight your skills and working experience briefly.

3. Headline

Lastly, you can simply consider a headline, which sits at the top of your resume website. If you cannot create a strong career objective statement, you can catch your manager’s attention by writing a strong headline about yourself. The headline can be about the role you want or the ones you have had previously. It is even smaller than a branding statement as it has a few phrases about its working experience.

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As the text involved is pretty short, you have to make sure that it catches the eyes of your potential manager. For that, you must experiment with the fonts, and Strikingly is the best website builder in this regard. We provide you with a collection of the most suited templates required for a resume website which you can use to improve your platform.


Even though some people look down on an objective statement, you shouldn’t close your windows regarding it, especially if you are a beginner. By writing a high-quality summary of your working experiences, hobbies, and skills, you can have the best possible start to your professional career. Before knowing how to write a career objective statement, you must understand the importance of building a resume website. Once you have a top-quality resume website, it will be easy to write the best possible objective statement for your career.

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If you rely on a top-class website builder like Strikingly, you will tick all the boxes when building those websites. Strikingly enables you to create a strong online presence through its customization features. Depending on your audience’s preference, you can exploit different color schemes and fonts. Apart from that, Strikingly will also help you establish a strong reputation for your startups. So after building a world-class resume website on Strikingly, write a remarkable objective statement and kickstart your professional career in the best possible manner.