Attentiveness signifies reliability. When someone knows how to listen to your concerns and problems, you tend to feel they care for you. You feel more secure breathing around them because there is a feeling within you that you are safe whatever happens. This also works in the world of online business. Digital companies must showcase their skills and sense of reliability to the market they wish to work together. They must learn to use the right strategies to capture more attention to communicate with their potential clients.

There are a variety of ways how you can perfect the art of responding quickly to your clients. But if you want guaranteed techniques you can apply to your online business, using live chat for website would be the best for you.

What is Live Chat for Website?

A website live chat is a customer-support application online businesses can use for their online stores. One of the best benefits of website live chat is providing an online tool online visitors can use to communicate with companies directly. Adding live chat for your website has the power to let potential clients start real-time, back-and-forth conversations with customer support agents.


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A business's website live chat allows a curious online visitor to throw questions or queries about a product or idea they find interesting. Among these questions could be about the product's price, the remaining stocks for a specific model that caught their eye, shipping policies, promos, and discounts, product quantity, payment method the company is allowing, and even the availability of a physical store along where the client is residing. Once they send their messages, the website live chat support agent will send them the appropriate answer to their concerns, speeding up the marketing advocacy process.

How Does Website Live Chat Work

Conversations inside a website live chat typically happens inside a chat box. One thing you must remember when using live chat for website is that simplicity and functionality are necessary. It would be better if your online visitors will not need to install any other apps to start a conversation with you. Your online clients would love it more if they didn't need to sign up for additional services to chat with you quickly.

A website live chat commonly appears as a widget on a business web page's lower corner. Although the website live chat provides better customer service, you and together with the chat support team you create have more power when managing your website live chat.

When you add live chat to the website, every incoming chat from your online customers land in a queue. This queuing on your chat support dashboard helps your customer support team identify which questions would be prioritized first, assigned to designated team members, and managed by the right people. The website live chat messages can also be marked with identification tags to make the process easier. Depending on the chat message's content, you can manually assign the incoming chats to your chat support agents or departments. You don't have to worry about this part because there are numerous advanced website features you can use to leverage the whole process smoothly.


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Why Add Live Chat to Website

Using live chat for website brings a lot of advantages to online businesses. If you still have doubts, here are the top reasons you should start using live chat for your website.

1. A live chat for website enables convenience for your customers.

One idea you should always consider when running an online business is that real-time conversions are very powerful. Only some online visitors that click on a website are sure of what they want. It may seem not to like it, but most online buyers have yet to decide what to purchase and are just curious about a website.

Two typical online consumers visit a website and use website live chat. The first one is the potential buyers. Under this group, online consumers use the website live chat to know more about a business's product specifications. Using live chat for website allows this group to communicate with companies and get answers immediately. The first group commonly experiences trouble finding a specific item that they want from a website. They want to compare products and are more likely to get affected by their buying decisions through a powerful live chat for your website.

The second group of website live chat users is known as your current customers. The common reasons they use live chat for website are to ask about return policies, check the current status of their orders, report bugs, and give suggestions on improving live chat for your website.

One of the most remarkable benefits of website live chat is no matter what group a client is in; you can easily give aid to them. When you add live chat to website, you can provide outstanding customer service like no other. You can offer a sense of convenience to clients and will help them find the solutions to their queries.

2. Website live chat saves you extra money.

Entering the business world will require you to be smart with money. As a wise entrepreneur, you must know when and where to spend your money. You must value every cent that your business earns from your clients. With this, you must be critical in picking which tools would best fit your needs as an online platform and service provider. By using live chat for websites, saving money is one problem solved.

When you add live chat to website, you increase your company's efficiency. Among the significant benefits of website live chat is that it allows customer support agents to handle multiple website chats simultaneously. With this, you won't need to hire more agents for your team, especially if you are starting your online company. There are tons of website live chat software available online that you can use in your distribution and utilization process.

Among the benefits of website live chat is that it can increase the average order value of a business website. This is because online consumers get only real-time answers to their queries from the chat support team they are currently communicating with. Using live chat for website reduces the company's overall costs by lowering the waiting queue. When you add live chat to the website, you enable fewer work minutes.

3. Using live chat for website is an instant competitive advantage.

Competition is constant in the business world. The number of competitors emerging daily continues to increase, requiring you to become more competitive. Everyone ensures they are one step ahead of the other by planning and strategizing well. Companies spend good enough time researching to get the best results they've been wanting. Slacking off is never an option if you want to succeed.

Using website live chat for your business makes you stand out. As a savvy entrepreneur, you must know how to equip your online business with the best tools to secure conversions and more traffic. Many business websites have been using a website live chat feature to immediately respond to a potential client instead of seeing them leave the platform.

Adding a website live chat on your online store makes you look more reliable than your other competitors who do not have any. Once online visitors spot a website live chat widget on your page, they'll immediately get encouraged to ask questions and connect with you. When you start using a website live chat, it's like you are telling your online consumers, "Hey, I got what you're looking for!". Sounds interesting, right?


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Excellent Tips on Using Live Chat for Website

Sometimes, knowing the bare minimum isn't enough. Yes, understanding what a website live chat is and how it works is impressive, but sometimes you'll need more than ideas. You must equip yourself with additional weapons to execute what you learned well and ace your competitors in a blink of an eye.

To add live chat to website, you must learn the best tips and tricks. Gather the best information about using website live chat effectively, and you'll be a few steps away from rocking the e-commerce world. Here's how you can do that with us here at Strikingly.

1. Manage your website live chat.

Having an organized website live chat setup must be your top priority. Getting a powerful website builder is the first step to creating a well-organized online platform.

Strikingly is among the well-known reliable website-building platforms allowing you to add a website live chat feature to your business website. Using website live chat for your website will make it easier for you to get more leads for your online business platform. You can smoothly grow and manage your online store even without coding experiences. With Strikingly's website live chat, ensuring more engagements and conversions will never be a problem.

Here's how you can manage your website live chat smoothly with Strikingly:

  • Adding Website Live Chat

Before you can finally add website live chat to your online store, it is essential to note that this feature will require you to get an Audience Plan or a VIP Plan. Our Strikingly Audience plan allows you to make changes to your audience. You can also pick the right size for your online business by purchasing this plan.


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Once your Strikingly website can now activate our website live chat feature, go to your website editor, and you're good to go.

  • Enable Mobile Notifications

Accurate, up-to-date notifications are a must to keep you notified of what is happening on your online platform. With Strikingly website live chat, you can enable notifications on your mobile phone apps to keep yourself constantly informed about the latest in your business. One of the benefits of website live chat on your Strikingly website is immediately ringing you up once a visitor wants to reach you. All you need to do is download our Strikingly app, log in to your account, and start receiving notifications!


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  • Setup Email Forms

Strikingly website live chat also allows you to prompt your website visitors to enter their email first before chatting with you. Using this trick helps you to collect email information from your online visitors. The managed email you have can serve as your contact list, which you can use during your marketing campaigns. Also, collecting emails is one way to quickly get back to a potential client, even if they have already left your online platform.

  • Invite Collaborators

Working as a team is never an issue here at Strikingly. By using our website live chat, you can easily invite collaborators to work with you on your online store. You can set up your website live chat and invite your other team members to help send responses on your business website live chat.


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2. Provide straightforward answers.

Live chat is not an online place for lengthy exposition. If you want an effective website live chat, always practice conciseness with every conversation you have with your customers.

Give straightforward answers and avoid putting in wordy sentences that can only confuse your online client. Know your stuff as the owner by having solid product and domain knowledge about your business. Be quick to decide what is more important for the customer you are currently conversing with. As much as you can, stick with using simple language. Do not use internal names, jargon, or other marketing phrases that most customers aren't aware of.


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3. Leave with clear answers and instructions.

The top reason why online visitors reach out on your website live chat is to get an answer. They message you to clarify a specific topic on your business that only you can answer. If you seek an effective live chat for website, always make sure that you make each conversation helpful and clear and have a decent closing point.

Refrain from ghosting your customers by not replying to their last chat. Before you end the conversation, see that you have successfully confirmed with a customer that you have provided them with the necessary answers. Give them clear directions, and remember to thank them for their time. Also, let them know they can always chat with you if they need more.


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In a competitive world like e-commerce, you must prove to your target market how quickly you give them answers. The time frame of your sending your response to their queries will define how quickly you can earn their trust. The faster you give them solutions to their pain points, the higher the chance of turning them into loyal customers.

If you want to know more about digital commerce and website building, chat with us today, and we'll get you started.