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Are you thinking about choosing a domain name for your website? You must keep in mind that once you choose a domain name, it will give your business an online presence and keep them active in offline engagements. Regardless of it being part of your brand management strategy or for your personal website, you must choose a simple domain name for your website. Understandably, there are many factors involved in finalizing the domain name for a website.

A professional domain name isn’t just there to create a brand identity. It will also bring external qualities to your personal and business deals. You just need to go through a few steps to register your custom domain at Strikingly. The best thing about it is that you don’t even need any programming or networking experience to do this. In this article, we will be covering all the strategies required for you to choose and register your domain name on Strikingly.

Effective Strategies for Selecting a Domain Name

1. Keep the Domain Name Simple

When you are going through how to choose a domain name, you must keep in mind that your domain name must be simple. Even though you have to consider keywords in the domain name, make sure they are not lengthy. You must remember that your brand management strategy aims to keep your brand at the top of the pile.

Furthermore, you have to ensure that your users and customers do not confuse your domain name with typo errors when searching for your website. If they end up landing on the wrong website, it will only result in a bad reputation on your end. Most importantly, you will lose website traffic. The more simplicity you bring to your domain name, the easier it will be for the customers to remember your website.

2. Research Thoroughly

One of the tips for choosing a domain name is to conduct thorough research. Even though it may seem a time-consuming task, it is the right thing to do as part of your brand management strategy. The careful analysis of your domain name may turn out to be the best thing for your business plan. For example, if you have a list of domain names to choose from, make sure that you look at the duplicate domain names first and eradicate them as soon as possible.

According to a statement from WBbeginner, you must conduct a trademark search before registering your domain name. By doing this, you will be able to identify the domain names that are registered and trademarked. When you get registered on Strikingly, you will have a thousand domain names to choose from. When you choose a domain name on Strikingly, we guarantee that your choice will be unique and updated.

3. Get Free Custom Domain and Web Hosting

To choose a domain name and acquire free web hosting are two different tasks. Therefore, you need to rely on an effective website builder, such as Strikingly, to cover everything associated with custom domain and hosting. You should consider Strikingly because it will save you from investing in numerous unnecessary costs.

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Strikingly provides you with attainable yearly plans that involve free unlimited hosting and a free domain name when you purchase a website. Regardless of the premium you choose, we have a free domain name for our users. When you customize your website after selecting one of our templates, it will create a good image in customers' eyes. What makes it phenomenal is that you can guarantee your users smooth online transactions via our web services.

4. Keyword Research

Do you know why keyword research is done when choosing a domain name? It is because it helps in the optimization of your website. You won’t find a single user in the world who doesn’t aim to rank his/her website higher in the Google search engine. Once you choose a domain name, you can rely on Strikingly's search engine optimization (SEO) marketing tools.

By conducting SEO, you will make your business brand presentable to the audience. Otherwise, you will only waste your and everyone else’s time by organizing an invisible website. By doing keyword research regarding your website content, you will do a phenomenal job of getting the best out of your domain name. Understandably, your audience will easily identify you if you have selected the right keywords for your domain name.

5. Avoid Trademark Problems

As discussed above, trademark search is an integral part of a domain name strategy. Once you have gone through naming your website, make sure that you are following the rules and regulations of trademarks. For example, if you live in the United States, you can go to the website ( and conduct the trademark research before registering your domain name.


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When you choose a domain name, it is crucial to do a trademark search to ensure web security for your customers. You will run the risk of potentially killing a great website idea by ignoring the trademark search, and all your hard work will go down the drain. Most importantly, if you want to establish another website, it is likely that the customers will find it difficult to trust you because of your mistakes previously. If you want to integrate some big-name products, such as Facebook and Instagram, ensure that you go through their terms and conditions.

Registering Domain Name on Strikingly

1. Domain Name Search

When you choose a domain name, make sure that it is available before buying it. Numerous websites can come to your help in this regard. On Strikingly, you must go to the domain section and type the domain name, which will help you find if there is anyone else with the same domain or not. If you have acquired a website domain on your new Strikingly account, you can go through the entire process of domain registration before leaving the platform.

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On Strikingly website editor, you need to go through the following steps after choosing a domain name:

  • Go to Settings, followed by Domain
  • Click on “Register New Domain”
  • You will get to another page where you can do domain name research
  • Verify the domain name’s availability

2. Select and Buy Domain Name

After naming your website, there will be a handful of domain extensions for you to choose from. For example, if your domain name is part of the extension you desired, you can revise your extension names, such as .net or .org. Depending on your current location, you can also look for country code top-level domains (ccTLD). If you are in Canada, it will be .ca, or in Singapore, it will be .sg, etc.

When you choose a domain name, you must do everything to justify your selection. Once you enter your personal details and payment information, you will complete the transaction. There is a possibility that the domain registrars may ask for your email address to verify your purchase.

3. Connect Domain Name to Strikingly

When you go through the process of how to choose a domain name, the conclusive part will be the connection of a domain name with a website. If you want a top-class website builder in this regard, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. If you have a free domain from Strikingly when you upgrade to a Yearly Pro account, you can look forward to the customization of your website. We will look after all the heavyweights, such as the domain settings, for connecting your domain to a website.

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If you want to manage your domain settings, you can go to the DNS manager to check the host records. In fact, you can even transfer your domain if you want to in the future. You can also add subdomains for multiple pages on your website. Moreover, you can check out the privacy and security settings for further verification.


Once you have connected your domain name to Strikingly, you must get a professional email address straight after. Promoting a brand doesn’t necessarily mean that you choose the best domain name out there. It must be present on your logo and social media pages. Strikingly ticks the boxes of all your branding and marketing requirements for your website.

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When you choose a domain name, it defines your website comprehensively. It is almost as if you are choosing the name of your child because if you are careless with the choice, your website will be stuck with this domain name for a long time. Strikingly ensures that their users will have an excellent team for backup purposes and efficient product quality that is the best in class. If you want to learn more about our offers, head over to our landing page right now and get yourself registered.