best way to edit photos and fuel your online presence

Visual marketing is gaining popularity in the marketing world and is set to explode across many fields in the future. In today’s day and age, it is not a secret that quality images have a huge impact on website traffic, social media shares, and rankings. To ensure that your marketing plans remain successful, you must prioritize images in some shape or form. If your website doesn’t have a lot of pictures displayed to the audience, it has fewer chances to go viral.

Since everyone doesn’t have the perfect editing or designing skills, it can be time-consuming to identify the best way to edit photos using photo editing programs. However, you need images if you want your website to be noticed. Although learning to edit photos like a pro can be overwhelming, there are always ways to get around it.

When you learn the best way to edit photos online, you will notice the difference between the images you display on your website. Since the viewers are very much addicted to visuals and photography, you must make it a priority. Only some customers will go through your written content from top to bottom.

Tips to Learn the Best Way to Edit Photos

1) Build a Personal Style

When you learn how to edit photos, you must remember there is no ‘right’ way to edit photos professionally. Photo editors tend to maximize their options while editing their photos. For example, some photographers try to go with saturation and vibrance of colors, while others prefer black-and-white photography. Hence, it would help to build a personal style while editing your photos.

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To define your style, you can go through your social media profiles and established photography websites to see what looks attractive. But first, you must ask yourself about the elements you like in those images. For example, you can pick the composition or the general look of the photo.

2) Select a Photo Editing Program

Learning the best way to edit photos has always been challenging, as numerous online photo editing programs exist. Some platforms provide users with the basic features, whereas others are more advanced and enable you to change everything related to an image, whether it is JPEG or PNG.

Most photographers and artists prefer Adobe Photoshop Express or Capture One Pro. You can try the free trial of this software, and if you like it, you can purchase them. But, of course, you have to pay the premium to attain Adobe products, with the photography bundle including Lightroom and Photoshop.

Apart from the best online photo editors, the concept of photo editing has also reached social media platforms. Instagram and Facebook now have photo editing tools to make changes to your image before posting.

3) Use Filters and Presets

When you learn the best way to edit photos online, you must consider the influence of filters. The best photo online editors and social media platforms all include filters. Filters are considered photo editing recipes that build a combination of settings to create a particular look for your photos.

For example, if you open Lightroom and go through different built-in filters, you will realize that your photo changes automatically. You can choose the best filters to suit your photos. If you log into Lightroom, you will find thousands of online filters.

Filters can bring professionalism to your photos without needing technical knowledge.

4) Cropping

Cropping refers to removing unnecessary content or edges, which allows you to make the image smaller and ensure that the main subject of your photo carries the more significant portion of the frame. This is one of the most valued tips when you learn how to edit photos like a pro because amateurs tend to leave too much space around their main subject.

Fortunately, you can easily crop a photo using the best photo editing programs. For example, Wix Photo Studio and Adobe Photoshop allow you to remove unnecessary spaces within your photos. Furthermore, the concept of cropping has also come to mobile devices. Many top-quality mobile phones contain the crop feature in their gallery app. They can choose their photo and crop the unwanted elements by going to settings.

Similarly, social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook contain cropping features. You can upload your photo and crop it before publishing. Cropping is important when you post images on social media because people look at the images on their small mobile screens. Since you are the photographer, you would want your main subject to fill the screen.

Best Online Photo Editors Today

1) Adobe Photoshop Express

Undoubtedly, Adobe Photoshop has been the benchmark of photo editing platforms for years. Since it was created for professional photo editing, many photographers and artists now use it as their go-to tool. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts while learning how to edit photos on Adobe Photoshop. Therefore, it would be best if you went through the walkthrough of this software before learning to use it to its maximum potential.

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To help young photographers and entrepreneurs, Adobe has launched Photoshop Express, the mobile version of the photo editor. It is an excellent place to get involved in photo editing and learn the best way to edit photos on Adobe. Although Photoshop doesn’t possess the complete functionality of Photoshop, it is a great place to make minor adjustments, such as contrast, perspective, and exposure.


After Adobe Photoshop, GIMP is also gaining popularity as the best online photo editor today. It provides a wide range of editing tools that even advanced photo editors appreciate. Here are some of the photo-editing features provided by GIMP:

  • Content-aware resizing
  • Animated GIFs
  • Custom brushes
  • Layer masks

Like Adobe Photoshop Express, you need expertise handling this application before learning to edit photos like a pro. Moreover, since this application is unavailable on mobile phones, you must learn how to handle it on your desktops. Hence, it is unlikely that young entrepreneurs rely on GIMP to learn the best way to edit photos online. However, once you learn the basics, you will realize why it is the best free photo editor online for ambitious photographers.

3) is another version of Microsoft Paint, a software that built the foundation of designing. You must consider this platform to learn the best way to edit photos. It is the best photo editing platform online and is used by many beginners worldwide. It helps inexperienced photographers eliminate the complicated photo editors they want to pursue in the future.

Unlike other platforms where you have to take an online course before using it, keeps things simple. As a result, practicing is the best way to edit photos on this platform. has evolved over the years despite being built on the same user-friendly interface as the previous version. The software has improved and currently includes the following features:

  • Unlimited undo
  • Curves
  • Levels
  • Contrasts
  • Gradients
  • Brightness

How to Edit Photos Like a Pro on Strikingly

strikingly website builder

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We have already discussed the best online photo editors in the market. However, if you use an established website-building platform like Strikingly, you can attain the basic features of the software mentioned above. Most importantly, you don’t need to invest anything in these platforms compared to the software. Strikingly’s photo editor tool provides you with the best way to edit photos, as it allows you to change different aspects of an image, such as size, pixels, color, contrast, etc. We also help you to add special filters that improve the appearance of your image. Therefore, the images you get from Strikingly’s photo editor are similar to what you get from the best online photo editors.

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If you want to learn the best way to edit photos, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. You can start by creating a free account on our platform and start editing your images respectively. Another benefit of Strikingly is that you can create a professional website on our platform to display a collection of your images.

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Strikingly provides you with a user-friendly website editor, which allows you to get your photo website up and running in less than an hour. The best thing about building a website on Strikingly is that you don’t need any technical knowledge related to website development. We provide our users with a drag-and-drop feature, which allows them to assemble their website elements according to their needs.


Nowadays, many professional photographers prefer the best free photo editor online to create distinctive and memorable images. They try to correct the image flaws, such as non-straight lines and unnecessary spots. Learning to edit photos like a pro will give your images a professional appearance and a distinct theme. Quality photos will help you eventually connect your website and social media platforms.

Whenever you need help editing your photos, you must check out the relevant guides on the Internet. While learning the best way to edit photos online, you must highlight your artistic abilities without the need to deal with complicated coding languages.

If you build a photography website on Strikingly to showcase your photo edits, there is nothing better than that for your online presence. You can also include a simple store on your web page to offer digital downloads and photo prints of your work. You can contact our Happiness Officers immediately if you need help integrating any of our quality features on your website. We always ensure that your talent stands out in the digital industry.