Photography Tips

The world of photography has a very basic principle i.e. your photography skills are directly dependent on the hours you put in for practice. However, there are certain photography tips you need to know. If you have a passion for photography, you can easily convert your hobby into a meaningful business. By learning new innovations related to photography from more experienced photographers, you can make money out of your passion, which you would have never thought you would be doing.

In today’s day and age, when the world is struggling with inflation, it is important to have an external source of income, and photography could just be that niche that keeps your revenue afloat. Apart from income, photography is also required for websites and social media. Social media is the biggest platform where the demand for photographers continues to rise. Regardless of how many editing skills you learn, the real photograph is where the standards are checked.

Tips for Improved Photography

1. Handle Camera Properly

Handling the camera is one of the biggest photography tips for beginners. However, it is something that even experienced photographers struggle with at times. Usually, they take their experience for granted and are unable to produce quality photos due to the poor handling of the camera. In the world of photography, your photographs are only as good as the handling of your camera. No one will be impressed by your photography skills if your images are blurry. To improve the quality of your photographs, make sure you integrate the best lens and start using tripods.

Tripods are the best to minimize camera shaking but are not ideal for bright light conditions. The more experience you get, the better you will understand the handling of a camera. You must carry your camera with both hands and use the right hand to have a grip on the camera side. Make sure that your hand is under the camera lens. This will allow you to support the camera weight and keep the camera stable.

2. Top Subject

Your subject and focal point is the biggest feature of your photography. If you want to learn the best photography tips and improve your photography skills, you must also take your time to find an interesting subject. For example, if you are a tourist and want to take photographs of a certain landscape, you must choose the areas which should bring the most interest in your potential photograph.

photograph top subject

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The identification of the focal point is one of the key aspects of improving photography skills. Once you find the subject, it is important not to fill the entire photograph with it. Make sure that you utilize the rule of thirds to make way for the negative space. You can also apply the finishing touches, such as adjusting the texture and brightness or cropping your photograph to make the subject pop. If you are having problems with photography, you can conduct online collaboration with experienced photographers around the world.

3. Focus on Symmetry

For those trying to understand mobile photography tips, symmetry is the heart of knowing how to take better photographs. If you understand all the quality tips of photography, you will know what symmetry is about. It is defined based on three crucial features i.e. balance, proportion, and harmony. Symmetry is a straightforward thing to apply but is also considered one of the most vibrant techniques in photography.

You can think of symmetry when you take a photograph of a tall building. If you take a photograph of that building and split it into two pictures properly, it must be symmetrical, or one picture must mirror the other. If necessary, you can conduct brainstorming about the photographs you want to take to attain symmetry. Make sure you don’t forget the gridlines to get the perfect shot, which will help you find the right balance for your image.

4. Improve Photo Editing Skills

Apart from taking quality photographs, photo editing has also become one of the top photography tips in the digital world today. Regardless of how great photographs you take, you cannot signal the influence of photo editing in today’s day and age. You don't need to produce outstanding images all the time. Sometimes, you would need assistance in improving your photographs; this is where the photo editing software comes into play. When you take photographs, make sure that you also learn how to do photoshop. You can find many Photoshop tools on the Internet.

5. Understand Exposure Triangle

It might be difficult for you to understand the exposure triangle in the beginning. Still, there is a reason why it is considered one of the best photography tips in any sector. It refers to three elements in the exposure of your camera i.e. theISO, aperture, and shutter speed. If you take pictures in manual mode, you have to create a balance for all these three elements so that your images are repositioned and sharp. ISO determines the sensitivity of your camera concerning light.

photograph exposure triangle

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Aperture is defined as the opening of your camera lens. It controls the amount of light entering your camera sensor. If the aperture has enough width, it will result in more light coming through, isolating the photographed subject. If you want to include the entire scene in the photo, use a narrower aperture.

6. Start Shooting in RAW

The shooting of photographs in RAW is one of the photography tips you need to know. Even though the most common image format is a jpeg, you can also look into other formats, such as png. As jpeg isn’t an ideal format for photo compression, you can modify the images taken in RAW and adjust the photograph's contrast, brightness, and color.

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Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to put your mobile photography tips into practice. We enable you to embed your images on your Strikingly website, which will eventually help you market your photographs. There are numerous parts on your Strikingly website in which you can embed your photos, such as big media, gallery, and other media sections. These sections help you in organizing your photos properly. To upload photographs on your Strikingly website, make sure that you go through the following guidelines:

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  1. If you want to add images in the “Big Media” section. You can find this section under “Image & Media”
  2. Click on the “Image” tab from the drop-down menu and transfer the image from your computer. Once your photo is published, you can click on save

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Build Photography Websites on Strikingly

There is no point in taking high-quality photographs when you have got nothing to show for it. In today’s day and age, you must make your expertise count financially; this is where Strikingly comes into play. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to create websites per your niche. Simultaneously, we provide you with all the required features to create a wonderful photography website. Once you have learned all the digital photography tips, practicing them and making money from them is essential.

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Strikingly provides you with a collection of website templates, which you can customize as per your website idea. We help you create a high-quality website design without writing a single line of code. If you have a personal website on Strikingly, you can create a gallery section on your website and add all the wonderful photographs you have taken. However, you mustn’t add all the photographs because some may not meet your visitors' standards.


In the world of photography, it is likely that you are going to face increased competition. After all, every third person in our society is massively attracted to photos. There is a reason why Instagram has become so popular in the last decade. If you can demonstrate your abilities as a photographer, it will only help you in building your credibility.

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