best diy web design builders in 2023

In today's day and age, every professional website has an online presence, and for a good reason. Being an entrepreneur, it is essential to communicate with others and get thoughts on what you do. Many people use social media to connect with others, but what about a website? What if you want more content space to set up blogs, feature your products and services, or build a homepage where viewers can know you better?

Building a website has become a common idea for entrepreneurs in today's digital world. However, many individuals need clarification because they need to gain experience in building one. The good news for them is that many website builders today enable you to build a DIY web design quickly.

Websites are launched by more than just web developers today. Many small business owners selling products launch business websites with the help of DIY website builders.

Best DIY Website Builders in 2023

1) Strikingly

Strikingly sit on top of our list of the best DIY web design builders because it represents everything the users truly need. We provide you with all the cheap and creative solutions to make a professional website. The best thing about building a website on Strikingly is that you can complete the website development process without any investment. Moreover, you don't need any technical expertise in coding or programming to build your website on our platform.

strikingly website builder

Image taken from Strikingly

After registering on our platform for a free account, you can access our compilation of responsive and ready-to-use website templates. However, you can also apply your style by customizing website elements according to your business idea. The drag-and-drop feature on our platform enables you to assemble the website elements according to your needs. The free account allows you to create an essential website with all the fundamental features. However, you can upgrade your subscription plans and enjoy advanced features for your DIY websites.

strikingly website template

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One of the reasons why Strikingly is the best DIY web design builder is because it has a user-friendly interface. Regardless of how experienced you are, you can quickly start building your DIY website today on our platform. We provide our users with the best DIY website features, such as live chat, a collection of website templates, a custom form, a simple store, a simple blog, a gallery, and much more.

2) Shopify

If you want to establish a strong connection with your do it yourself website builder, you will enjoy building your website on Shopify. This DIY web design platform usually helps you to create quality eCommerce websites for small and large businesses.

shopify ecommerce platform

Image taken from Shopify

Shopify provides its users with an exquisite collection of website templates and designs that can be fundamental in building your DIY website. Like Strikingly, you don't need programming or coding experience while building your website on this platform. You can add your website content and relevant details without having web design skills. When we talk about website customization, Shopify is an option that you can consider.

If you build an online presence for selling website products, you can build an eCommerce website on Shopify. It doesn't matter what type of products you want to put on sale because Shopify is for everyone. Additionally, Shopify is equipped with excellent customer service, always ready to help you.

3) Namecheap Site Maker

Namecheap Site Maker's biggest priority is to build websites with quality DIY web designs and establish an online presence. You can showcase your work with an online portfolio or share important information through blogs. Sit Maker enables you to build a DIY website that looks professional and responsive across all devices. Here are the vital website features provided by the Site Maker:

  • SSL certificate for website security
  • 24/7 access to the support team
  • Secure web hosting
  • Unlimited website visitors

Site Maker helps you to organize your website effortlessly by adding or removing blocks from the template. The templates add to your brand personality with the addition of colors and font style, which makes your website an extension of your brand.

4) Squarespace

Squarespace is a DIY web design builder that provides users with various design tools and choices. The level of customization options ensures that the users make their mark on their website without any limitations.

Squarespace is extremely popular among small business owners because it provides innovative eCommerce features without needing plug-ins. Some of Squarespace's notable features include analytics for social media integrations, customer insights, and online store components. Furthermore, you can get involved in email marketing by having reliable partners integrate with your website.

5) Wix

Wix is a reliable website-building platform for beginners because it helps you to build your website at a low cost. Users can choose from a compilation of 500 website templates and customize their DIY web design according to their business needs. Here are the critical DIY website features provided by Wix for your online presence:

If you are building a website of more than 30 web pages, Wix shouldn't be your priority because it doesn't provide an advanced navigation menu. Subscribing to their premium plans will help you to attain advanced design elements and custom domains.

6) GoDaddy

Although GoDaddy is known as a domain registrar, it also offers other DIY web design capabilities. This DIY website builder offers simple website development features for business owners. Since it is an effective tool, technology experts enjoy using it and save their energy for business ideas and blog posting.

GoDaddy is the hub of marketing ideas, including email marketing, social media marketing, and appointment booking features. Although it provides many templates, you need to be more expressive in your customization skills on this platform. Secondly, its subscription cost may increase with time, and its low price point only fits some domains. Furthermore, the external website features may cost you more.

Choose the Best DIY Website Builder for Your Business

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, you will realize that creating the best DIY web design is easier than you think. You cannot choose a DIY website builder without any analysis. The platform must make everything easy for you when looking for the best DIY web design builder.

drag and drop

Image taken from Strikingly

DIY websites will only be effective if you choose a functional website builder. When you create a DIY web design, you must ensure that all the viewers find it enjoyable while going through the web design. When considering your do it yourself website builder, you must choose those that provide you with smooth navigation and access, even if you are inexperienced. Your preferred DIY website builder must have the best features, such as drag-and-drop features, authentic web design tools, and reliable website customization options.

strikingly subscription price

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Pricing is another crucial factor you must prioritize while choosing the best DIY web design builder. The world of website development is highly competitive as every entrepreneur wants a high-quality website to match their business plans and get an edge over their competitors. In the digital world today, you can choose from plenty of website builders. They would have different pricing options, but only some are perfect for you. When identifying the best DIY website builder, you must see which offers the most value at the correct price. The DIY website builders with the highest price can provide the highest quality of services without providing the highest quality of services. Be wise and ask those website building platforms whether they offer a free DIY web design domain, a free SSL for security purposes, DIY web design templates, business emails, and free eCommerce features.

When you build the best DIY web design for your business, customer experience (CX) should be your utmost priority. When you attract customers to your DIY website design, you want to ensure they have the best time accessing it. For example, if your website content is in French, you will only be able to attract customers who know this language. Hence, you must provide your customers with a translator so they can convert the content into English.

Since you are the website owner, you must fulfill this job well, and the only way you can do that is by identifying the best DIY website builder. When choosing your website builder, you must always look for its level of customer support. You must conduct thorough research on how the chosen website builder responds to the users' concerns and queries. They should provide you with an attractive and easy-to-use interface. Moreover, it should respond to your questions in an emergency and never ignore you.


The COVID-19 pandemic has had an everlasting impact on numerous industries. Moreover, it took away some of our primary reasons for living as we were locked up in our own houses. However, this pandemic has allowed many business owners to transform their businesses into the digital industry. They have a professional business website to ensure the continuity of business operations.

You can start by choosing Strikingly as your DIY web design builder and creating a quality design for your company. Relying on Strikingly will enable you to work with freedom, so you can build your DIY websites exactly how you want them. We don't just help you to build the website of your dreams but also help you achieve your goals regardless of how tough they are.

You can contact our Happiness Officers immediately if you want to learn more about building DIY websites on our platform.