Do-it-yourself or simply DIYs are among the most influential activities done today. People are mostly staying in their own houses, not being able to go out and get their needs. They are left with no choice but to learn how to do some errands on their own. Some even go and look through the internet to find video tutorials and easy steps on how they can fix their concerns on their own. Others are lucky enough to have that talent to be artsy and make aesthetic and functional crafts even without help from anyone.

But, do you know that making crafts and DIYs can also be a source of income through making DIY websites? Yes! You heard it right. And if you happen to be wondering how to start your own DIY web design, this blog is going to give the best answers for you.


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Top 5 DIY Website Builders to Help You Get Started

Making DIYs is even more fun if many people could see and appreciate it. Having your own space where you can post and share your crafts is only possible if you got to have your own DIY website. One way to do that is to have your chosen DIY web design builder. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the best ones down below for you.

1. Squarespace

Squarespace is among the well-known DIY web design builders who started as a simple website building service. It has managed to improved and become one of the most trusted DIY website builders when it comes to giving its users the latest and useful website features. Squarespace is among DIY website builders that offer unique website assets which can be utilized and help improve your DIY web design. Their interface is also user-friendly allowing anyone to create their DIY web design with them. Whether you are a designer, a graphic artist, a freelance artist, an online store owner, or a photographer, you have a place in this DIY website builder.

Aside from this, Squarespace also offers striking DIY web design templates and reliable customer support. Their 24/7 chat support can help you keep track of your DIY website audience’s concerns and queries. Squarespace also allows its website users to pick and have their own DIY web design domain to give them the freedom to manage their own DIY website from one location.

2. Weebly

Weebly is a DIY web design builder that is suited for those who seek a quick and straightforward website builder. It is one best example of a DIY website builder that perfectly fits those who have creativity running in their blood. Whether you are creating your site for a business, an online project, or even just for a personal page, you can freely build it with this DIY web design builder.

With a DIY web design builder like Weebly, you can take immediate action now and start moving forward with creating and sharing your crafts with an audience. It is basically all about you and your own style of creating handmade arts and how they will survive in your chosen market. Weebly also practices mobile optimization. With this feature, you and your audience can easily access your DIY website anytime, anywhere.

3. Shopify

If you are someone who is deeply in love with do-it-yourself website content, you will surely enjoy working things out with Shopify. This DIY web design software is mainly created for eCommerce purposes like small and large businesses. Shopify offers a stunning collection of website templates and designs that can greatly help you in building your DIY web design. Even without having extensive knowledge of website building, you can easily make your own DIY web design by simply choosing from their website template collection. You can add your DIY web design contents and other desired details without having expert web design skills. When it comes to DIY website customization, Shopify is surely one great option.

If you happen to desire an online space where you can sell your DIY website products, Shopify is a must-try for you. It does not matter what DIY items you’d like to put on sale because Shopify is for everyone. This DIY web design-builder is also equipped with great customer service that is always ready to help you out.

4. Wix

If you are planning to have your own do it yourself website, Wix is a good place to get it started. This DIY web design builder provides a wide collection of website functionalities and features that can help you make the best DIY website. Wix is perfect for any DIY website owner, either you are an amateur or just a beginner. This DIY web design platform ensures its user a fully functional, responsive, compatible, and flexible interface that can work in any modern website browser.

Wix is a DIY website builder that offers you an option to either start your DIY web design from a blank slate or be bold and try their collection of over five hundred awesome website templates. This DIY web design builder is also known for its amazing features like the use of artificial design intelligence or ADI, advanced website customizers, and a reliable DIY website editor.

5. Strikingly

Strikingly is among DIY web design builders who know what their users truly need. This DIY website builder offers a simple, yet fun and effective way of creating DIY web designs. Working with Strikingly allows you to start your own DIY web design for free. You can just simply choose your desired website template from their massive awesome collection and apply your own style, however you want them to be. You can even upgrade your DIY website to a higher range of plans whenever you want and enjoy more amazing features for your DIY website.

Strikingly is also among the best DIY website that is also user-friendly. Whether you are an expert or not, you can freely start creating your DIY web design with Strikingly. They are also equipped with the best DIY website building features like add custom form, live chats, a wide collection of free website templates, add a simple blog, a simple store, and many more which you can surely enjoy.


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Choosing the Right DIY Web Design Builder for You

Creating a DIY web design is easier if you know how to do it right. Before you could even build one, there are factors you need to consider. You cannot just choose random DIY website builders without thinking through it properly. If you are now curious about what should you look for in a DIY web design builder that will fit you, here are some tips we made just for you.


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• User-Friendly

DIY web design would not be as effective as you want them to be if you do it yourself website builder isn’t that functional. Creating DIY web design, we want to ensure that it is not just us, but most importantly, the DIY website viewers who get to enjoy browsing throughout the whole DIY web design. When choosing your to-do it yourself website builder, seek those who can ensure you smooth navigation and access even if you are just a beginner and even to some non-techy individuals. Your chosen DIY web design builder must come with the best DIY website features like drag-and-drop, powerful DIY web design editing tools, and reliable do it yourself website customization options.

• Pricing

Pricing is another factor you need to consider in finding the best DIY website builder for you. The world of website building, in general, is competitive. There would be a lot of options for the best DIY web design builders waiting for you. Everyone could have different interesting offers but not everyone is perfect for you. When finding the best DIY website builder for you, take high considerations on who can offer the most value for the right price. Pricey offers don’t mean high-quality service. Be wise and ask questions like do they offer free DIY web design domain, a free SSL, do it yourself website templates, DIY web design business emails, free eCommerce website features, and many others more.

Customer Support

Customer experience is our top priority when making our DIY web design. We want every do it yourself website visitor to have the best time of their life when visiting our website. As DIY website owners, we must fulfill this job well. And we can only do that if we have the best DIY website, partner. When choosing your DIY web design partner, always look for its level of customer support. Do thorough research on how your DIY website builder candidate responds to their user’s concerns. The best DIY website builders must offer an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It must always be ready to give answers to your emergencies and will never leave you behind.


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Start Sharing Your DIY Crafts with Us

Being locked up in our own houses is truly boring. With the pandemic still lingering in every part of the planet, going out isn’t as comfortable as they were before. So to keep yourself busy and productive, why not start choosing the best website builder and start creating a DIY web design?


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Strikingly isn’t just like any other website builder. Working with us gives you the freedom to do things the way you want them. We allow our users to go and discover what their hearts truly want. We don’t just help them build DIY web design, rather, we walk with them in achieving their goals no matter how rough the road could be.

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