benefits of facebook advertising
No matter what online business we prefer, we cannot disregard the influence of social media. In today’s day and age, it is almost as if everything connected to our online business goes through social media. Similarly, Facebook advertising is an art that has become extremely popular in the past decade. If you advertise on Facebook, you will find many customers finding the value of your products and services. Nowadays, many online businesses have understood the importance of advertising. Gone are the days when you had to rely on banners to get your word across your neighborhood.

Online businesses has promoted their products and services based on the followers on their social media pages. Soon after, Facebook made life easier for them by launching paid advertisement campaigns. Today, you will find multiple online businesses promoting their brand on Facebook. Business owners are able to allocate their budget properly for advertisement purposes. They can customize their detailed settings through the Facebook ad manager.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

1) Segmentation

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook advertising is that it allows you to run accurately targeted ads. Based on the data received from users, you can implement the process of customer segmentation and divide your audience in terms of preferences or attributes. The social media platforms have developed the ad settings option which allows you to micro-target your audience respectively. Facebook is also one of those social media platforms that have this feature.

creating customer segments
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Facebook ads provide in-depth targeting choices that allow you to narrow down your audience’s demographics to the smallest level. There are numerous attributes that you can use to segment your audience, such as age, color, gender, spoken languages, education, job sector, recent purchases, etc. These multiple options enable businesses to create core audiences for their targeted campaigns. Another good thing to do is to target those users that have interacted with your brand in a positive way. If you reply to the positive customers in a similar manner, there is a chance that they will let their friends and relatives know about it.

2) Design Better Ads

“Audience Insights” is a feature that helps in building of your Facebook ads. With accurate data available from users, you would know exactly the kind of attributes that they would need from your Facebook advertising campaigns. The accurate data also allows you to draw comparisons with your previous advertising campaigns and the way in which you can improve them to create better ads. On the internet, there is a huge range of ad types that you can prioritize. Some of the ad types on Facebook are mentioned below:

  • Photo advertisements that appear in a static image alongside a strong caption.
  • Video advertisements which may change in terms of their limit on your newsfeed, stories, and other streams
  • Story ads that can be personalized and take up your entire display screen
  • Messenger ads that display during a conversation with someone
  • Slideshow advertisements are displayed in the form of short video clips

online ad design

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Once you have customized your ad based on the data received from the users, you can use the ‘Ads Manager’ tool on Facebook and move your custom ads there.

3) Create Ads Easily

Regardless of what business you pursue or analyze on the internet, every single one of them has a Facebook advertising checklist to follow. If you are looking forward to starting a new business or creating a source of income, you can use the ads on Facebook to give an initial boost to your business plans. As Facebook has the capacity to target every customer through their respective ads, whether or not they are aware of the complexities within the Facebook algorithm. It has given users a very simple way to create effective marketing campaigns.

Nowadays, it is not rocket science for any individual to create an advertising campaign on Facebook. Every available field provides you with options to choose from and also gives you a chance to mention a brief description of each selected option. As a marketing person, it can be quite overwhelming to see the number of choices you have for your target audience. However, it is extremely easy for anyone to set up their preferred ads.

4) Remarket Ads

Remarketing or retargeting refers to running Facebook ads that allows you to reach those individuals that have already interacted with your business in one way or the other. The interaction can be with a group of individuals who have previously shown interest in your brand or eCommerce products. Nowadays, Facebook advertising provides you with retargeting options through the Facebook pixel. It is defined as a small snippet of code that you paste on your website so that Facebook can track your visitors comprehensively.

facebook pixel id
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If you have a website established on Strikingly, you can integrate Facebook pixel and check out the data analytics regarding your website traffic through this social media platform. When you open your Strikingly website, make sure that you go through the following steps to complete the procedure:

1. Identify the Facebook pixel ID

2. Copy and past the pixel ID on your Strikingly website

3. Utilize the test events tool to ensure that your pixel is fully functional

Strategies to Conduct Facebook Advertisements

1) Q&A

If you want to save on your Facebook advertising cost, the best option for you is to conduct a live Q&A. It is one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies in the market today because you can anticipate all the questions that your potential customers can ask and can have a proactive approach to resolving them. It is also provides you with honest customer feedback regarding your performance. As the customers are the biggest contributors in the Q&A session, you can generate relatable content quickly without spending too much effort and money.

frequently asked questions
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However, it is important that you talk about those topics that are relatable to your target audience. For example, no one will bother about your Q&A section if you are talking about sports sessions in front of adult females. To improve your audience engagement, you can deliver in-depth insights regarding your products. You can talk about the things that your products can offer to your customers. There is a reason why you should always involve promotional content as part of your advertising campaigns so that your audience pays attention.

2) Tutorials

a video ad
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Facebook advertising provides information that your target audience needs. Everybody will have the opportunity to learn different ways in which certain tasks can be performed as long as it is coincident with their lifestyle and culture. Tutorials have a significant value in the customers’ eyes because they help in getting tasks done in one way or the other. You can also use webinars to engage your audience about your preferences and your product usage. If the tutorial is about your product, you can convert it into a lead generation session for your brand. You can also write blogs to let the world know about your experience in using your products.

3) Explanation of Existing Product

When you advertise on Facebook, you shouldn’t just launch your products and think that you have achieved your destiny. Facebook advertising is also a way of explaining to your audience about the products or services that you have launched. For example, if you have launched a product, you can talk about how to optimize the use of your products by using it the right way. This is beneficial if you are selling or promoting electronic equipment, gadgets, emulators, or consoles.

People would always like to listen to the trending products, which is why they would like to listen to you about your technologically advanced products. Therefore, it is important that you customize your advertising campaign the right way so that you can attract the maximum number of visitors. If you are creating video ads, you must have a strong personality (or maybe get one who can convince your audience) so that visitors are convinced by your way of speaking instantly.

4) Brand Personality

When you look at your Facebook advertising checklist, all the priorities revolve around your brand. The best and the most common way of engaging with your audience is to showcase your brand personality. You must promote these types of videos that promote transparency within your branding activities. Most of your followers would be accustomed to watching the edited versions of your videos.


In today’s day and age, you can attain the benefits of Facebook advertising without much of a struggle. It is a cost-effective strategy because it doesn’t put a huge load on your marketing budget. As you have to create segments for your advertisements, there is a huge chance that people viewing your ad will be interested in proceeding with your sales funnel.

Strikingly fully believes that you must implement relevant advertising strategies to revamp your brand. As a business owner, you must continue to retarget your website visitors through advertisement campaigns until they are converted from visitors into daily customers. The formidable features of Strikingly enable you to create quality websites with a great browsing experience. If you are experiencing troubles in creating your website on Strikingly, you can contact our Happiness Officers right away. Create responsive websites on our platform and make sure that your advertising campaigns on Facebook are in full flow.