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Do you want a website? It requires hosting. If you're creating a new website for the first time, you'll need to learn how to host it so that it can be published on the internet. There is an abundance of information about the best free web hosting. The correct method is determined by several factors, including your technical experience, the type of website you want to build, and the size of your website. That was the impetus for writing this guide. We've condensed the web hosting process into five simple steps. If you follow the steps below, you will be able to host a website for free with ease.

What Exactly is to Host a Website for Free?

Hosting a website entails storing your website files on a special computer known as a server. This computer makes your website files publicly available on the internet, allowing anyone to view them. These special computers have a specific set of software called web servers installed for people worldwide to see the website. The basic function of a web server is to receive incoming requests and respond by sending the requested page to the user's browser.

What Does it Mean to Host a Website for Free?

Hosting a website entails storing your website's files on a special computer known as a server. This computer makes your website files publicly available on the internet, so anyone can visit it. These special computers have a specific set of software installed for other people all over the world to see the website. A web server is a name given to this software. A web server's primary function is to receive incoming requests and respond by sending the requested page to the user's browser.

What is Required to Host a Website for Free?

To host a website, you will need the two items listed below.

Web hosting services provides you with ready-to-use web servers to host your website. They handle all technical aspects and provide website owners with simple tools for managing their hosting. How do users get to your self-hosted website now? Domain names come into play here.

A domain name is the address of your website that visitors type into their browser to visit. For example, typing will take you to this page. A domain name is essentially a human-friendly way of connecting user browsers to the website server associated with that domain name. See our guide on what is a domain name and how domains work for more information.

How to Host a Website for Free?

There are five simple steps to host a website. Continue reading to learn about each step. They are as follows:

1. Look into Web Hosting Services

Web hosting is a consumer product or service, just like any other.

You wouldn't walk up to a dealer and buy the first car on the lot if you wanted to buy a new car. To make an informed decision, you would research various types of cars, make, models, and dealerships. The same is true for web hosting. Not every web hosting provider is the same. Some are undeniably superior to others. Here's the deal. On the market today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different web hosting providers. Your research process can help you narrow down your options. You'll be able to remove specific hosts right away. Web hosting services focus on speed, while others focus on customer service. Some service providers are better suited for small business websites, while others are better suited for agencies or enterprises. You don't have to choose a provider just yet. However, as you proceed through each step of this guide, the research process will point you in the right direction on how to host a website for free.

2. Determine the Type of Website You Desire

host a website for free

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There are typically two types of websites:

  1. Websites that are static or basic: Simple websites with one or more web pages are known as static websites (called HTML pages). You can create them on your computer using software such as Dreamweaver, then upload them to your host's server using any FTP software (such as FileZilla). When you need to make changes to your website, you'll have to edit the pages on your computer and upload them again. Such websites are known as static websites because they cannot be changed dynamically. Static websites cost less than dynamic websites, but they have limited functionality and no e-commerce or interactivity options.
  2. Dynamic websites contain information that changes based on the time of day, the viewer, and other factors. To create and update content, they use both client-side and server-side scripts. Client-side scripts are primarily used for presentation and interaction on the user's computer. Server-side scripts, commonly used by e-commerce and social networking sites, allow users to have individual accounts and provide personalized responses for each user. CMS-driven dynamic websites allow you to directly add and edit content (text, design, photos, and videos) and allow visitors to leave comments and start discussions. Dynamic websites are extremely beneficial to businesses and organizations. Blogs, forums, photo galleries, and e-commerce websites all fall under the category of dynamic websites.

3. Select a Web Hosting Company

host a website for free

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After reviewing the top hosting companies, you must choose one that can host a website for free! When selecting a free website hosting company, several factors to consider. In our rankings breakdown above, we've provided an overview of these. Some important factors to consider are as follows:

  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Free domain name
  • Price
  • Bandwidth
  • WordPress integration
  • Money-back guarantees

What features you should prioritize are determined by your priorities. Some are always important, such as uptime and value for money. Others, such as a free domain name, may be unnecessary if you already have one. Different service providers excel in different areas.

4. Choose Your Web Hosting Package

host a website for free

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Web hosting typically offers a variety of services, including

  1. You can share the physical server with other website owners if you use shared hosting. However, you will have your own account (secured with login credentials). Shared hosting is very inexpensive because you and the other website owners share the cost of running the server.
  2. VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting): Every website in VPS hosting is stored on a very powerful server divided into several virtual compartments. The server software is configured separately, allowing each unit to operate independently. If you are concerned about security but do not want to invest in a faster (but more expensive) dedicated server, this should be your first choice when you want to host a website for free.
  3. Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated hosting gives you your own server, making it faster, more secure, and expensive. Larger businesses and high-traffic websites will benefit because it allows for maximum customization, configuration, installation, and flexibility.
  4. Cloud hosting is the collaboration of multiple virtual servers (clouds) to host a website or a group of websites. It has an infinite capacity for dealing with unexpected traffic spikes. A cloud-hosted website is not restricted to a single server, and the resources assigned to it can shrink or expand dynamically based on traffic. It's a great choice for large websites like e-commerce, newsletters, and blogs.

5. Purchase a Domain Name

host a website for free

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Having a plot of internet land is great, but no one will be able to find it without an address! A domain name is exactly that. It's your internet address. Our website address is Google's domain is You get the picture. Your website will also require a domain name. When you want to host a website for free, domain name registration is mostly included as part of the signup process by the web hosting company. It's sometimes included as a bonus with the plan you've chosen. Others will require you to pay for it separately. Alternatively, you can buy your domain from a specialist domain name registrar like and connect it to your hosting account. A good domain is simple, easy to remember, and usually devoid of numbers. Don't feel constrained by convention either. A growing number of websites are experimenting with unusual top-level domains such as .XYZ or .co. You'll be fine as long as it fits with your brand. Simply connect it to your new server if you already have a domain name. Many hosting platforms take care of this for you during the signup process. It is worth noting that changing web hosting companies do not result in losing your domain name. They are distinct services. If you switch web hosts, you can always keep your domain.


That's the end of it. Isn't it simple? If you follow these steps to host a website, you will be signed up to host a website for free that is ready and waiting for your website. Strikingly offers a free plan that is available indefinitely. So, what do you take away from this? Unlimited free sites, a domain ending in "," 5GB monthly bandwidth, one product per site in the Simple Store, and 24/7 support are the answer. If you made your decision with the future in mind, which you should, the plan you selected will have excellent support and be easily scalable. You can now concentrate on what is truly important — your website!