With the internet revolutionizing in the last decade or so, people have started liking the idea of earning passive income. Most importantly, they have welcome the idea of how to start online marketing. In today’s world, when thousands of countries' economies were destroyed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to have an external source of income to maintain a good financial status. Therefore, people are inclined to this idea as they earn gigantic revenue without leaving their houses.

Whether you want to start a freelance career or build a professional website, the ball is in your court. Both of these strategies have made us understand affiliate marketing programs. If we look at many entrepreneurs today, the positive results show how common this approach has become. In this article, we will be giving you guidelines about how this form of marketing works and the best strategies to promote your order.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we look into the procedure and the best strategies for the promotion, it is important to know what is affiliate marketing. It defines a process associated with three people i.e. the seller, the affiliate, and the customer. You can confirm one sale when a customer purchases an eCommerce product you promoted. The sellers can be defined as the people who create these respective products.

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Sellers are the ones who will be investing in the promotion of their products. If we talk about the affiliate, its responsibility is to market the product or the service. It must represent the targeted product or services in a way that it becomes a source of attraction to the visitors. This marketing strategy is one brilliant way to earn passive income without going to your office. Once you have put up the advertisement, you don’t have to do much, especially if you are driving customers to their target market.

How does Affiliate Marketing Work?

1. Consider the Best Programs

Affiliate marketing programs have recently become extremely popular on the internet. It is totally upon you regarding the marketing program that best fits you and your online business. If necessary, you can talk to the marketing experts about the given choices and the one that you should prefer. Most sellers would like the convenience of hiring affiliate marketers who will implement the best advertising strategies.

Even though it is logical to join as many of them as possible, it is impossible to accommodate all the sellers. You must conduct in-depth research to find the best sellers for partnership purposes. When we talk about the right sellers, we mean those who are associated with your brand and the ones who can connect with the existing market. Make sure that you choose those sellers that are right for your business, and it will only be a matter of time before you see positive results.

2. Show an Ad to Your Seller

After considering your seller, they will provide you with a link or an advertisement link that you must share or publish. You can share it on your website or your social media platforms. Considering the options that you have, it is totally upon you about the way in which you want to share the seller’s link. When you promote your affiliate program, make sure that you have a strategic approach because it will define your business.

If you integrate your advertisements in suitable positions, you will see a sharp rise in your online sales. When we talk about a strategic approach, you must already know where to put your advertisements rather than changing their position time and time again. Once your advertisements work well with the customers, the hard work is done from your end.

3. Customer Clicks

After you have included the ad strategically on your platform, the next step involves your customers falling into them. Many social media platforms, such as Pinterest and YouTube, are also finding ways to increase affiliate sales. For example, if a person creates a YouTube account, they make a homepage that shows an introductory video. In the description of that video, that person includes the affiliate link, which generates customers’ clicks.

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If you want to increase customer clicks, you must promote your social media pages (if it is the case) efficiently. Once the customers click on your link, they will go directly to the seller's site. Usually, your success will depend on the number of clicks you generate. However, a few sellers will credit you for just giving the customers a sense of direction. You are guaranteed to receive the funds once the customers click on your shared link.

Best Strategies to Promote Your Order

1. Review Products

As a business person, you increase your affiliate sales by promoting services and products to your customers. It can be beneficial to know about the products that you are promoting. You shouldn’t end up advertising those products that do not coincide with your niche or brand. For example, you cannot have a food website and talk about IT services.

By promoting relatable products and services, you will build a strong relationship with your audience, and it won’t harm your online business in any way. You will put a strong dent in your marketing career if you think otherwise. If you understand the quality of your products and services, it will help you build the confidence of your customers with the way they interpret your words. As they cannot sense or touch those products, they need a strong presentation from your end.

2. Be Specific

In connection with the previous point, it is also essential to have a specified approach. If you show randomness within your approach, it will harm your affiliate sales. As a businessman, you must tailor the advertisements of your seller to the demands and the necessities of your current target market. If you have too many links in your blog or website content, the customer will find it hard to trust your work.

3. Stay in the Trend

When you go through a tutorial on how to start affiliate marketing, the trend will be discussed. As a business person, you must keep yourself in the trend to maintain your attractiveness within your potential customer’s eye. By staying in the trend, you will be able to communicate with thousands of netizens that you wish to connect with. The most common way of doing that is by starting a blog and including affiliate links.

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As a writer, you must ensure that your website content is associated with the products and services that you are providing. It is not important to just provide the benefits of those products and share your own personal experience with the audience. You can also create tutorial videos to tell the audience how to use the product. You can also remain in the trend through your social media platforms, such as YouTube and Pinterest.

Affiliate Marketing on Strikingly

Strikingly seems to be the website builder that gives you a clear idea about how does affiliate marketing work. Strikingly doesn’t help you grow your business in the online world but also builds a solid online presence, enabling you to attract numerous visitors. We also provide you with a marketing program which you can be a part of today. All you have to ensure is to create an account on Strikingly, and the rest will follow you. Regardless of whether you are a pro, you can consider yourself part of this program and earn a 30% commission upon every referral. We have shared some steps below to get you started:

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  1. Register or log into your Strikingly account
  2. Click on the “yellow trophy” icon, which signifies your marketing program
  3. Click on the option “Get your affiliate link”
  4. You will have a link that you can share anywhere at any time
  5. Check your progress


Regardless of the idea, it is safe to say that people are happy to have an external source of income alongside their profession. In today’s world of challenges, having a single professional job is not enough. With the inflation surrounding so many countries today, you must adapt to these challenges and make life easy for yourself.

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Affiliate programs are extremely important for your online business. If implemented correctly, they will give a new picture to your online sales and build your brand image. By creating a website on Strikingly, you can incorporate referral programs and encourage your website visitors to visualize it. You can create the best web design for your website without writing a single line of code. Once you have published the website, Strikingly will make it live within the next 48 hours. Our staff is here all the time to provide you with all the technical support in this regard.