Marketing is among the essential weapons entrepreneurs could have. A powerful marketing strategy plays a huge role in securing an online company's future in e-commerce. As a business person, you must know how wisely to use your capabilities as a head of every marketing plan your company is executing for your target audience. You must equip yourself with only the most effective and solid marketing strategy, which will not only help increase your sales but also help you survive the tough competition.

One thing about the digital business world is that you will always have choices regarding your marketing agenda. Many marketing techniques are emerging in the online community today, which every business gets hooked on. Each has different styles and purposes waiting to be noticed by curious entrepreneurs. If you are someone looking for an effective marketing strategy for your business, then learn what is viral marketing is for you.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing or viral campaign can be defined as a business's promotion strategy that primarily relies on a specific target market to generate a brand's message. Successful viral marketing is present if clear marketing advocacy reaches the point where everyone in the online community is talking about it nonstop. The viral marketing definition also states that when a brand's marketing strategy effectively works towards another market niche, it is considered a form of viral marketing. In simple words,


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A viral campaign typically happens on social media. With technology playing a massive role in the advancement of online businesses, it is not surprising that many are grabbing the chance to let everyone know about their brand through viral marketing. These days, entrepreneurs take their time planning and strategizing their viral marketing plan. Once successfully executed, viral marketing examples could spread throughout the online community like a virus. Viral marketing definition includes a primary goal of influencing people to hoard and spread the good word about the brand or company. It seeks to reach new audiences and develop more chances of gaining the recognition they've been wanting.

Viral marketing content gets shared and promoted like crazy by various online users from different niches, instantly recognizing the brand. Every like and share made by the online audience who sees it adds to the power of a business's viral marketing strategy. The more engagements there are, the more successful the viral marketing examples are.

Benefits of Using a Viral Campaign

Learning all about viral marketing definition can bring many benefits to your brand. Here are some of them.


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1. Lower Costs

Funds are essential elements of a successful online business. Despite having no physical store that requires you to pay rent and other company operating fees, running an online store will still cost you money. You have to pay for a subscription for your website hosts, buy supplies or pay wages if you have a few employees. As a wise entrepreneur, you must be careful about your expenses. You must know when to spend money and when to save it for your future needs.

Advertising is one of the business needs requiring you to spend money. And in the reality we have now, making advertisements and other promotional content is quite expensive. This is one of the reasons why learning viral marketing definitions can help you a lot.

As we've mentioned, viral marketing is a technique that is typically made possible by social media platforms. You can create a social media page to post your viral marketing content. Once your audience sees them, they will like and share them, increasing your engagement for your viral campaign. You can spend less money hiring advertising companies. You must craft the best ideas and use them wisely for your viral marketing examples.

2. Fast Growth

Understanding what is viral marketing gives you a chance to showcase your online marketing skills in your way. Especially now that you can almost get every answer you need in just a few clicks, it is a must for you to create eye-captivating social media content for your viral marketing campaign. And if you are truly aspiring to see good results faster, mastering what is viral marketing is the best option for you.

Being viral online is very powerful. People will always get curious about who you are and what you do once they see that you are among the hottest trends. With social media being a widely used platform for viral marketing, faster growth for your brand is highly possible. Almost everyone today owns at least one social media account, making it easier for online companies to reach their target audience.

Online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc., are jam packed with curious online consumers who always want to discover something that'll benefit them. This makes it easier for online entrepreneurs to execute viral marketing examples that could get them noticed and put their brand on a higher hierarchy. Once they post content about their brand and it gets viral, it's only a matter of seconds for them to gain more sales and reach their business goals.

3. Increase Credibility

Trust is an essential ingredient in establishing a robust online presence. Online consumers choose to transact with businesses they see as reliable and trustworthy.

Discovering a viral marketing definition can help you increase your credibility as an online business. When a viral campaign you create gets trending, people will get curious about who you are and how you do what they do. You may not notice it, but online consumers tend to think that businesses that get viral are trustworthy. Many consumers believe that companies that become viral have outstanding performance and superb products to offer. As a wise entrepreneur, you must grab this chance and craft the best viral marketing plan possible.

A well-built viral marketing plan can be one of your trust-building machines which can drive more clients and companies towards your online business. The more popular your viral marketing gets, the greater the trust and acceptance you earn from online consumers. If you are lucky enough, a viral marketing campaign can lead other investors, clients, and potential business partners from outside your niche toward your online company.

Viral Marketing Techniques

Realistically speaking, not all marketing techniques go viral once you post them on your online platform. But one good thing about understanding how viral marketing examples work is that you can always use powerful techniques to succeed. There have been proven ways to execute your viral campaign strategies effectively.


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As a wise businessperson, you must pick the right ideas to do your viral marketing perfectly. Not because a specific viral marketing strategy is working on your competitors means the same method will work for you. You have to be bold and keep trying. After all, long-term success does not happen overnight. You need to be consistent with your viral marketing strategies and follow helpful tips and tricks like these:

1. Set Your Goals

One common mistake many entrepreneurs often commit is skipping the goal-setting process. In a demanding world like digital commerce, competition is everywhere, requiring you to always stay level-headed and focused on what you want to achieve. To outsmart your competitors, you must have a clear path of where you want to be and what steps you take to reach your destination. To do that, you must have a clear set of goals you aspire to fulfill.

Business goals serve as an inspiration for online entrepreneurs when making a marketing plan. A viral marketing campaign will only work if a business has a clear set of goals. Because in the first place, why would you spend money, time, and effort creating a viral marketing plan if you got zero clue about the purpose of its existence?

Before you start planning your viral campaign, you must first write down your goals. What message do you want to tell? How do you want to influence your audience with your viral marketing examples? Ask yourself these kinds of questions to give you a clearer view of your plans for your business. Setting your goals straight can also make finding the right marketing tools and backup plans easier in case things go south.

2. Target Emotions

Now that you're done setting your goals straight, how do you ensure that your viral marketing plan will work?

One fact about viral marketing is that it will only go "viral" if you succeed in hitting something with your target audience's hearts. You must know what they feel and how they react to everything you do online for a viral campaign to happen. The online market is always excited to see something new. Online consumers are heavily affected by how they feel. When businesses create and execute the perfect viral marketing content, a robust emotional response emerges from those who see it. The stronger the emotions are, the higher the engagement you can drive from your online audience.

As someone diving into the digital commerce world, you did see viral marketing content online that imprinted something from you. Whether they are heartwarming or nostalgic, these viral marketing content you saw online used emotions as their main character in crafting the best marketing campaign. The advertising teams who made the viral marketing campaigns online want to capture something from their target audience. They focus on using emotions resulting in an overwhelming response toward their brand.


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To do viral marketing accurately, you must know how your target audience thinks and behaves. You can conduct pre-viral marketing strategies like surveys and background research to see how they react to your product. Doing these steps gives you a more reliable source about your target audience, the things they like, what they avoid, and even what drives audiences to purchase products online.

3. Keep it Simple

If there is one common characteristic of viral marketing strategies, it is simplicity. Viral marketing examples are marketing plans which aim to touch something from an online consumer's mind and heart. It differs from a thesis paper or essay in which you must input many ideas to prove your point. To succeed with your viral campaign, you must make them simple but striking.

When writing your viral marketing content on your business page, it would be best to use a few words or phrases rather than a lengthy paragraph. Adding too many words or continuously beating around the bush will only tire your online audience. The worst-case scenario is that they'll only ignore your viral marketing examples and leave your page.

If you want to make your viral marketing effective, be straightforward. To add more personality, you can add short video clips or high-quality photos related to the message you are trying to tell your audience.

4. Start a Website

Executing a powerful viral marketing campaign takes time. Learning many tips and tricks would be best before getting that captivating viral campaign you've wanted. But, one thing you could do to execute it efficiently is to find the best partner in e-commerce and website-building, like Strikingly.

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More than broad knowledge of what is happening within your online company is needed. If you genuinely seek to outsmart your competitors, you must keep yourself updated on the latest trends in the world of e-commerce. Mastering how to read your online customer's buying behavior must be among your top priority. Understanding how the online market responds to your advocacy can help you quickly figure out the proper marketing techniques you could use to strengthen your brand.

Craving for more e-commerce hacks and powerful website-building tips and tricks? Chat with us today, and we'll get you started.