gain more income by creating a great customer experience

If you are a business owner, you know that providing an awesome customer experience greatly benefits your brand image and online sales. When entrepreneurs come up with new marketing strategies, they always make the customers their utmost priority. They train their staff members to the best of their abilities. They prioritize customer relationships more than any other kind of management.

With the changing customer trends, small and large-scale companies have a huge challenge. The last thing they want is to be left behind in today’s competitive world. They keep a close eye on their competitor’s game plans and try to intimidate their prospects before anyone else.

Return on investment (ROI), salary, and capital expenditure are all relatively easy to calculate. But how can the calculation of customer experience influence our business?

What is Customer Experience?

The customer experience (CX) is an the honest perception of your customers and viewers about your brand and your business plans. Customers' experiences can be based on expectations, situations, and feelings. It could even be about the sequence in which the customers tend to purchase from your online store. Customer relationships are built on how the customers interact with your brand products and services. It could even be an interaction with your brand representative spreading your word on the streets.

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The interaction with customers starts when they inquire about your products through your website contact form, emails, and live chat. If you respond to them professionally, they will return the favor by posting positive reviews about your website after completing the purchase. If you provide quality customer experience, your customers will keep coming back to your platform and make further purchases. Most importantly, your happy customers will spread your marketing message to their friends and peers. This will cover all your external advertising costs. You can ask yourself the following questions about your business's potential to offer good customer service:

  • Can your visitors easily identify your products and services?
  • Do you have multiple contact options for your customers?
  • Can you be found in more than one social media platform?

Some brands can go viral on the Internet before they make their first online sale because their advertisements generate an curiosity and inquiries are met with awesome customer experience. People may even share viral advertisements on their social media platforms. When people think about buying a product from your store, they have a set of expectations. Your business will grow if you meet those expectations and go above and beyond in your customer service.

Importance of Customer Experience

1) Customer Loyalty

When you see a large number of customers buying from your online store, your platform has a high customer satisfaction score. As a result, your customers will return to your platform to order more. The more purchases your customers make from your store, the higher your website conversion rate will be.

People will find it easy to trust you over others because of the quality customer experience that you provide. As an ideal customer experience cannot be forgotten, it maintains a high level of brand loyalty. As a business owner, you shouldn’t take the customer’s trust for granted because it is extremely volatile in the business world. If you show negligence in any step of the checkout process, the customers are likely not to make an order from your online store. They may also refuse to come to your platform ever again.

2) Improved Reviews

As we have explained to you before, happy customers will write positive reviews and testimonials on your website. They may even recommend your brand to their friends and peers. Word-of-mouth marketing helps your website stand out in the competitive market. As the world is becoming more and more competitive every day, there is a limit to the number of people you can reach through your advertisements. You can also collaborate with influencers to carry your brand message.

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If your customers are satisfied with your services, how about involving them in your promotional plans? For example, if you promote your products on social media, you can ask them to like, share, and comment on your posts. You will welcome more followers to your social media page by sharing your posts. However, you must first provide existing customers with an awesome experience before and after they purchase your products.

3) Return on Investment

The importance of customer experience can be seen in the fact that it hugely influences your return on investment. If your business has a strong base of happy customers, you will enjoy a high return on investment.

As current customers are always trying to recommend your brand to their peers, their promotional efforts positively impact your business. Their marketing efforts may reach more audiences than what you had initially planned. The higher return on investment eventually leads to a high-profit margin. It ultimately helps your business grow in the same or different fields.

4) Expand Your Business

As stated in the previous point, the base of satisfied customers can pave the way for your long-term business growth. When you measure customer experience, your happy customers will greatly influence its impact. They would share positive reviews about your online store and help you save on marketing costs by spreading brand awareness through their word of mouth.

An awesome customer experience will drive more opportunities for your online business. You can penetrate new markets that provide the same services to larger audiences.

Best Tips to Create an Awesome Customer Experience

1) Provide Multiple Contact Ways

Your customers should be able to get in touch with you whenever they need to. They may want to inquire about your product or submit a complaint about the product's quality. There could be thousands of customers hoping that you clarify their complaints. Therefore, if you just leave one contact number of your store, you will only get to a few of these customers. To provide an awesome customer experience, you can open more channels for your customers for communication purposes.

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You can add a contact form on your website so your customers can contact you directly from your website. You can also include your social media platforms in the contact section. Strikingly enables its users to add social media platforms in the form of icons, which can be used to increase the social media followers of a business.

2) Timely Deliveries

Arguably the biggest reason for customers’ frustration is bad product quality or late delivery. To provide your customers with an ideal customer experience, you must deliver your orders or services on time. If you are managing your products online, you must have a track record of your stock. For example, if a certain product is out of stock, you must inform your customers before they make their order.

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Strikingly provides its users with a built-in order management system that allows you to track all your orders. This feature showcases each order's due date, status, and customer details.

Build a Business Website on Strikingly

If you want to create a quality eCommerce website and catch your customers' attention instantly, you need to rely on an effective website builder like Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that helps you build the website of your dreams with less to no investment of time and energy. Within just a couple of clicks, your desired website would be in front of your computer screen. Your website template is the bread and butter for a quality customer experience. If your template isn’t attractive, the customers may not return to your platform even if they complete a purchase. Strikingly provides its users with mobile-friendly website templates, giving equal importance to mobile and desktop users.

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Strikingly also provides its users with a live chat feature, which is provided for quicker communication. The customers can send their queries on chat and the site owners can respond to them instantly.

If the users have created a website for international customers, they tend to provide the feature of a translator. For example, if a website is created by Chinese users, they cannot limit the content to just the Chinese language. By converting the website into the English language, they will help their international audience to understand the website content clearly. Apart from that, Strikingly also provides its customers with multiple payment gateways for their satisfaction. We provide them with three online transaction gateways i.e. Square, Stripe, and PayPal.


Understanding customer experience is the first step in building a great brand management strategy. After all, your business is only as good as the satisfaction score of your customers. If your customers post negative reviews about your store, your business will go nowhere in the long run. Similarly, if your customers are satisfied, you shouldn’t just make them post positive reviews about your store. You should use them as influencers to spread your brand message.

You can rely on Strikingly and create a fully-functional brand website. We will provide you with all the necessary website features to make your website look attractive. If you experience any troubles in building your website, you can contact our Happiness Officers immediately.