The word “Enterprise” is often confused with business and other terms of marketing, but what is an enterprise, really? Enterprise is just another term for a business or company. Think of it as a business but much bigger than your typical startups or business that was just started a month ago. It is most often connected with entrepreneurial purposes and ventures, and people or businessmen who have a successful venture with their business are called “enterprising.”

The word enterprise does another meaning, though, which we will discuss further. It may only be another term for business, but as more successful and gifted businessmen arise, the word “Enterprise” has taken another shape. Here is the other enterprise definition:

Enterprise as human skill and talent

As we have said earlier, an individual who is successful with their business ventures is often called “Enterprising.” A person is qualified as this other enterprise meaning when:

  • They have the initiative to make things happen. Nowadays, we often rely on our gadgets and online services to get things done. We even purchase stuff online now. To put it lightly, we have become slightly dependent on technology. It’s not to say that we have run out of creativity, but more like the initiative to do things ourselves. Businessmen who are enterprising are talented individuals who got to do bold things first. They make things happen, move stuff around, and make sure there is no downtime with their business. They are determined to move forward and topple any hurdle they may be. Even big hiccups will not be enough to stop them from their eventual worldwide enterprise overtake.
  • They are willing to take risks. This may or may not come across as something new to risk-takers here, but for people who are afraid to dip their toes in the water, this is your sign to do so now. Be ready and willing to take risks, to do things you have never done before. Any startup or business will have risks and factors of their own that are out of your control. In one way or another, you will always lose money in the first month or so. But don’t let that stop you from reaching your dream enterprise. Don’t let a few letdowns stop you, be courageous, and keep taking risks you know you can afford.
  • They try out new things. This is something we all love or hate. Change is good, and it will eventually come. Enterprises know this, and they take full advantage of it. They try out new things, even if people won’t like them for the first few weeks, since change keeps their business relevant. Adapting to what’s trending and what’s not is key. Be something new every day, well not literally, but figuratively! Try releasing a product line that your company hasn’t covered yet, see how people react, or a new color that may seem odd for your product.
  • Be a creative thinker. Businesses don’t succeed without the touch of creativity. Nothing will ever surpass the importance of creativity. Just from your business’ name, there is already that bit of creativity in there. Be colorful with it, and be imaginative with it. Be something unique, something that will fly and be noticed. Come up with new ideas every now and then, then label them with a name that will stick to the people. Be creative with how people just like it.

Of course, by this time, you might have already figured out which type of people these are. These “enterprising” individuals are the reason why we are all able to connect and interact with each other seamlessly nowadays. Let’s get to know them!

Notable “Enterprising” Individuals

  1. Bill Gates


Image taken from Bill Gates/Twitter

We start off the list strong with none other than Bill Gates himself. The Co-Founder of Microsoft, enterprise magnate, and currently a full-time philanthropist. Bill Gates innovated PCs and software with the introduction of Windows and its services in our lives. Without his innovative mind and passion for software and technology, it may not even be possible for us to be interacting this way! Without Bill Gates, the internet, emails, blogs, and many other world-changing platforms wouldn’t have been made. Bill Gates also extends his massive help to innovating communication and technology with his philanthropic work. Individuals like Bill Gates only come across once in a while. It is the people like him who have the enterprising mindset and business attributes that we should look up to.

  1. Steve Jobs


Image taken from Steve Jobs/Forbes

The legacy of the late Steve Jobs continues to echo in 2021. Steve Jobs’s passion for enterprises, technology, and software has also contributed a lot to where we are right now. Without his innovation for the smartphone and Macs, we wouldn’t be in a world filled with iPhones and Macbooks. His mind for enterprising and attention to detail in hardware-software harmony is what made him a notable man. Not only was he the co-founder of Apple, but he also changed the ways we used smartphones and laptops.

The iPhone 2G, the first iPhone to be unveiled and released back in 2007, was way ahead of its time when it featured a capacitive touchscreen that was also capable of multitouch. Fast forward to 2020, the latest iteration of the iPhone, which is the iPhone 12 lineup, continues to innovate with new technology and features. Steve Jobs will always be remembered as one of the legendary enterprising individuals who had the mind of an enterprise expert.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg


Image taken from Mark Zuckerberg/Forbes

To end the list, we have Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg who changed the world from his dormitory room in Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg revolutionized how we connect with one another with the ever-popular social media platform, Facebook. With Facebook, we are able to share our thoughts and ideas in just one click. His software innovation and seamless connections have changed how we interact with our loved ones who are far away from us. Facebook still finds its stride in 2021 by being a strong platform to start or advertise a business on.

All of these individuals above all have a legacy that falls well within the enterprising criteria, and while you may find it daunting to even try and approach their level, it’s never too late for you to start trying with your own business. Enterprises don’t succeed overnight, so don’t even try to make it that way. It takes a lot of time, passion, and effort to get to a level where your money starts working for you. Enterprises, or businesses as we better know them, are still the safest way to live a life that isn’t tied to a 9-to-5 schedule. It’s a way to live a life that is comfortable and hassle-free. You just need to work a lot in its early stages. Dedicate time to knowing the enterprises’ ins and outs with online research and binging business videos on platforms like YouTube and IGTV.


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The many types of legal enterprises,

Like we have talked about earlier, an Enterprise or enterprises is just another word for “Business.” Here are some of the common types of enterprises you may encounter:

  1. Sole proprietorships - these are enterprises and businesses that are run by a single individual. These businesses are typically for the benefit of the individual, and examples are startups and businesses that even you can get involved in. The business owner(s) are liable for all damages that occur during and as a result of the enterprises’ operations.
  2. Partnership - this business type is a lot like solo proprietorship but instead run by two or more entities or individuals. The ownership, however, may not be equal.


  1. Corporation - a corporation is a for-profit legal entity that is made to shield its owner(s) from any liability that may occur during the business’ operations. There are also different forms of corporations, depending on how many business/enterprises owners there are.
  2. Limited Liability Company (LLC) - An LLC has some similarities to corporations. Still, in essence, LLCs are enterprises that offer the same legal protections of a corporation and treatment of a tax partnership.
  3. Professional Company/Professional Limited Liability Company (PC/PLLC) - These types of enterprises are for licensed professional firms like engineers, doctors, and lawyers. They provide the same liability protection as a corporation.

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