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Mastering how to monitor your website stats is one essential skill you should learn in eCommerce. As someone who owns a business website, you must observe everything happening within your own built space. But how do you actually monitor website stats? Why do you need to learn all about website traffic? How can you get positive website statistics? If you are someone looking for answers to these questions, then congratulations! You just happen to find the best ones here with us in Strikingly.

What are Website Stats?

Web statistics, or simply website stats, refer to the number of website users visiting a website. It is often measured through the number of “visits” one business website receives. Understanding website stats has been proven to be one of the most effective online business strategies for knowing how much attention your website gets. Website stats help you understand which specific areas you excel in and which ones still need improvement.

A single web design statistics on a website can already contain many important information about your website. Such data can be all about anything that causes an online viewer to go browse and visit your business website. Website stats could contain the specific page on your website, which is mostly visited by patrons, the amount of time they spend browsing on a website page, and even an online viewer’s overall page visits.

Now, let’s get started in getting to know website stats. For the first stop, let’s learn about the importance of understanding website stats

Benefits of Understanding Website Traffic

1. Helps You Know Your Visitors

Online visitors are essential to every online business. With the right knowledge about website stats, you can have the ability to understand who your visitors are. Are they capable of being loyal customers? Do they visit your business website to buy? Are they giving signs of being interested in transacting with you? These questions can all be answered through the help of understanding what website statistics is. Once you get the answer, that will be the time for you to make decisions that are undeniably more trustworthy because they are products of good website stats.

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Website stats also help ensure that each change you make on your business website does not affect your current customers. Rather, a great understanding of how website traffic helps you enhance their user experience, giving you the chance to capture their hearts.

2. Shows Your Best Content

Contents are one of the main reasons an online visitor clicks on your website. It is among the essential elements which give life to your business website. It helps you communicate with your audience and get insights into how they see your website.

Website statistics play an essential role in showing you what the best within your website is. Each website traffic received by your works helps you understand which of your website contents get more online visits, likes, duration, and even bounce rates. Through this, you can easily monitor which areas your customer enjoys more and the other content that will need some change and improvements. Web design traffic makes you realize how much engagement you can possibly gain by making content that attracts them. Once you see such an area, it will be easier to make more content of the same niche. You can even use that as an opportunity to upgrade your work and make things more exciting!

3. Increases Website SEO

If there is one excellent benefit mastering website stats can give you, it ensures better SEO rankings. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, is one of the most helpful yet crucial elements in eCommerce. Once handled right, it can bring you all the righteousness in digital marketing. If not, then it’ll definitely be a problem for you. SEO helps businesses get known by the market. The more website traffic your online business gets the more leads and possible conversions you can earn.

Mastering website stats helps your website’s SEO by knowing your online visitor’s demographics and buying interests. You can easily formulate relevant content that search engines could easily identify, leading you to your target audience. Adding backlinks and referrals can also be a great help in getting more visible online.

Things You Can Monitor on Your Website

Now that we’re done understanding the basics of website stats, it's now the right time for you to get on another exciting part—getting to know what you can monitor on your website.


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1. Speed and Accessibility

One thing about website traffic is that it helps you monitor your site’s performance speed, and accessibility. Does your website server work properly? Can your audience from other countries smoothly access your page? Website stats monitoring can warn you of possible server problems that can cause serious problems. It can also help you formulate alternative solutions to address accessibility-related issues on your hosting services.

2. Website Traffic

Website traffic is another element you can monitor on your website. This includes who your unique visitors are. This type of web design statistics visitors is extraordinary individuals who visit and browse your website for a specified time frame. Monitoring your website stats gives you data on the number of visits you get from promotions and marketing advertisements you’ve posted. Are they effective? Do they help drive more customers to your page?

3. Entries and Exits

Surprised? Yes, you read that right. Entries and exits on your business website can also be tracked. This is one important element that most business owners tend to disregard. Entries and exits on your website help give you data about the exact page where people choose to enter and leave your page. This makes you understand what content seems off that resulted in them exiting your page. Once you get the data, you can now have the time to review that specific page and identify the areas which need more improvements.

4. Referrals

Referrals are a big help for many businesses. With its existence, potential buyers could easily find your business website. As a business owner, it is not enough that you only know the number of online visitors you are getting through website stats. It is also a must for you to monitor how your referrals are going. Does your set of loyal customers help you get more clients through referrals? Where are your new customers coming from? This element can also help you identify what set of words or phrases people use to search online. This can also earn you more chances to formulate related content.

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Master Web Design Statistics with Us!

Understanding website stats could really get overwhelming, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like numbers (which we totally understand!). But you got nothing to worry about. We got your back here in Strikingly.

Creating a website with us helps you start your own business smoothly. With no coding experience, you can easily run your own website and enjoy our excellent features. You choose from our wide collection of designer-made templates, create mobile-friendly websites, choose from many languages, easily add blogs to your website, create membership websites with password protection, etc. One of these features can help you monitor your web traffic easily—introducing Strikingly’s Analytics.

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Our Strikingly’s Analytics dashboard can give you a better view of how many website visitors you have. Aside from this, it can also tell you where specific countries these viewers are coming from. We help you break down web traffic sources, including social media platforms' stats and direct website traffic.

1. Reading Your Analytics

Another awesome part about Strikingly’s Analytics is that you can easily view the total count of unique website views for the specific period you’ve chosen to see. You can choose from either website stats for the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days, and even last 90 days.

2. Website Analytics Categories

Our built-in analytics also comes with categories to help you learn more about your website stats.

A. Visitors Analytics

This includes all website stats involving website visitors. It gives you helpful data like the most popular pages on your website, your visitor’s country, devices they use, and where your visitors came from before they actually clicked on your business website.

B. Store Analytics

Store analytics showcases valuable web traffic data involving your simple store. This includes the total revenue value of all the orders you got in your chosen time frame, the total count of all your store’s received orders, and which sales funnel drove the highest revenue on your website.

C. Blog Analytics

Showcase the most popular blogs on your blog website.

D. Contacts, Signups, Subscriptions Analytics

Gives website stats, including the total count of all your received responses in your chosen time frame.

E. File Downloads Analytics

Gives your total count of downloads in your chosen time.

For beginners and small business owners, understanding the art of website traffic can be a bit overwhelming. The amount of information their website stats give them can only be taken for granted if they do not have the right amount of knowledge on handling web design statistics. As someone currently living in the digital age, it is only a must for you to know what to do.

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Nervous? Don’t get too overwhelmed because we prepared all the best tips and tricks on how you can handle website statistics just like a pro. And if you want to know more, you can always chat with us, and let’s get you started!